‘World’s Largest Snake Found In Brazil’ Shocking Video a Facebook Scam

A viral Facebook post that’s being shared offering a “shocking video” of the “world’s largest snake found is Brazil” is nothing more than a scam that tricks users to sharing it even further.

There’s not actually any video.

“[SHOCKING VIDEO] World’s Largest Snake Found In Brazil!!” the post reads. “93% Of People Can’t Watch This For More Than 10 Seconds!”

Clicking on the post will take users to a malicious website that looks like a Facebook page. It then asks the user to complete bogus surveys but first, one has to share or like the post, spreading it further.

“Remember, there is no video and this is a scam. If this post appears on your Facebook Wall/Timeline, please report it to Facebook and tell your Facebook friends that the post appeared to have been sent from, that their Facebook accounts may have been compromised, or they have a malicious Facebook application installed,” says Online Threat Alerts about the fake video.

Other recent Facebook scams claiming to offer a sensationalist video include one about a shark eating a “swimming man” in the ocean.

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