Remember This One?—’Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever Made’
Remember This One?—’Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever Made’

How would you react to a child smoking? This Thai anti-smoking ad went viral when it was released last year, sparking a renewed interest worldwide in the effects of smoking. The video was produced by the agency Ogilvy Thailand for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. The foundation had a 40 percent increase in calls from people asking how to quit smoking within a week of the video’s release, according to a Daily News article from that time. 

  • Richard M

    I still like Johnny Smoke.

  • HarukoHaruhara

    What an interesting advertising technique.

  • AskandTell

    What an excellent ad by Ogilvy. Will be interested seeing followups as they determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

    Thailand has similar restrictions as the US as to where people are allowed to smoke and bans on smoking advertisements.

  • rg9rts

    Very difficult addiction to get over.

  • abxnomore

    A great step forward. We need much more of this kind of anti smoking promotion worldwide. American kids are also smoking at an ever increasing rate.

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