Bronx: Explosion Felt Across Scarsdale, Pelham Bay on Monday Night
Bronx: Explosion Felt Across Scarsdale, Pelham Bay on Monday Night

An explosion in the Bronx borough of New York City rocked houses on Monday night, prompting residents to wonder what caused the vibrations across Scarsdale, Pelham Bay, Country Club and other areas, as well as Westchester.

A Fire Department of New York spokesperson told the New York Post that the explosion was from a box of fireworks detonating in Pelham Bay Park at about 11:15 p.m. However, some people who felt the explosion said that it happened as early as 10:57 p.m.

An NYPD source told the Post that the explosives were in a garbage pail left on a pitcher’s mound on a baseball field in the park.

“These were high grade professional fireworks, very strong fireworks,” the source said.

Maria Castro, a Bronx resident, said that the explosion shook her brick house.

“Those were definitely not fireworks!” she said via Twitter. “Every single house in Country Club shook.”

Castro described the impact as “terrifying” and “a huge explosion.”

“It felt like a car crashed into my house!”

Added Kelly MCormick: “This whole ‘large box of fireworks was detonated’ excuse seems thin. You don’t feel an explosion in Westchester from fireworks in the Bronx.”

Others on Twitter said that they believed it was an earthquake or a homemade bomb.

One Twitter user said that someone who lives nearby said that there were 6 to 8 mortars tied together on the pitcher’s mound on one of the baseball fields at the park. Another said a family member who is an EMT said that it wasn’t fireworks. Yet another claimed that sources told him that it was “commercial grade explosives of some sort.”

People also heard the explosion or whatever it was in Yonkers, Bergen County in New Jersey, and as far away as Glen Cove on Long Island.

Many people ran into the streets to see what happened.

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  • samjo

    no way that was fireworks!! my building shook like hell!! Thought a plane crashed.

  • lmtdis

    Has the FDNY confirmed it was “box of fireworks” with evidence e.g. remnants of explosion, etc? Even if the FDNY did “produce” such evidence difficult to believe fireworks could be felt all the way in Yonkers and Long Island.

    Such a flimsy excuse is what raises all kinds of flags (mostly false) for me. Usually such flimsy excuses are used to silence further questions and as a cover-up. Definitely a news story to follow-up on.

  • bunnyswanson

    Hope everyone is okay. The cloud in the one picture has a shape of a muscle cloud man flexing one arm. How appropriate, eh?

  • Will

    When will white people please stop committing these acts of terrorism. Setting off explosions every New Years Eve and 4th of July. Its too much. White people, please top oppressing us with your terrorsplosions.

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