Salinas, CA: Crop Circle Appears in Field, Startling Locals (+Videos)
Salinas, CA: Crop Circle Appears in Field, Startling Locals (+Videos)

An elaborate crop circle appeared suddenly in a field in Salinas, California, prompting locals to wonder how it got there.

Security guards were stationed outside the property about six miles southeast of downtown.

They said they couldn’t identify their client, only that the had been hired so the area wouldn’t “become a circus,” reported the Monterey Herald.

Two videos posted on YouTube show the circle, one from the air and one from the ground.

The Herald claims the circle is some kind of “hoax.”

Julie Belanger, who shot the aerial video, told KSBW that “It was beautiful, quite beautiful.”

“I believe it’s possible that aliens exist, but I don’t know if they would bother making a crop circle to give us a message,” she said.

  • EmpressL

    SOOOOO! What does it represent? This looks like a cell phone in a box with 2 electrons and an escaping neutron orbiting around it. I think it’s a message from the NSA saying, “Life is but a stage and ….we are recording all of it!

  • Gin1234

    I thought that a number of years ago, when circles were in the UK, there were a couple of people who admitted that they made them and showed how they did it. Was that not resolved then? Then again, there are all those ancient places in different parts of the world that can be seen from the air, and not from the ground, that look like airstrips for aliens. Very mysterious.

  • begabug

    my cereal talks to me.

    • RockyFjord

      that’s the new NSA chips in there.

  • lmtdis

    The Herald claims the circle is some kind of “hoax.”
    Well, if it is then it is quite an impressive one and those responsible should step forward to let the world know how it was done and to take credit for such a work of art.
    That is if it is indeed a “hoax”…

    • HeyJude

      They always claim hoax….unfortunately some of them are (not many), but they muddy the waters, so people don’t give them the attention they should. Apparently serious researchers can tell the difference between clumsy hoax attempts and the very specific characteristics found in crop circles that can’t be explained. There have been a few that have stepped forward and said “yes, I made this” but when challenged to recreate it, they can’t. Ever. The circles are endlessly fascinating and mysterious, I find that anyone who believes they are all man made hoaxes has never really delved into it too deeply. There are plenty of questions unanswered here, IMO.

  • RockyFjord

    Pretty obvious to me that powers that be of the universe, are demanding someone off Dick Cheney before they really get pissed. Yes, I can interpret these designs; it’s all very clear to me. Prince Bandar must go too. He’s the one circle orbiting the big circle, which represents the US. Stuff about NSA in there the powers are not happy with either. For a full analysis, send $100 to me via NSA.

  • Bubba Euler Hmmmm!? In descending order, clockwise: One O’clock; Nine O’clock’; Two O’clock. Repeated three times. In Braille, nonetheless. ???? !!!!! ????

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