Anderson Silva Injury: Breaks Leg Against Chris Weidman; Appears to Have Broken Shin in Half in UFC 168
Anderson Silva Injury: Breaks Leg Against Chris Weidman; Appears to Have Broken Shin in Half in UFC 168

Anderson Silva, the longtime former UFC Middleweight champion, lost against current Middleweight champion Chris Weidman on Saturday night during UFC 168 via a horrific ankle injury. He appeared to fracture his shin in half, leading to a TKO loss.

Silva went in for a kick during the second round but then immediately collapsed on the ground in agony holding his leg.

Silva’s leg kick was checked by what appeared to be Weidman’s knee and the bone appeared to fracture in a horrific manner–his shin noticeably bent in half when it struck.

With the injury, Weidman retains the Middlewelt belt.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan speculated that the leg break would spell the end of Silva’s career as such injuries are notoriously difficult to come back from. 

“Anderson is yelling at the top of his lungs on the stretcher backstage. I’ve never heard anything like that. A horrible sound,” tweeted Fox Sports MMA reporter Ariel Helwani.  “I’m going to remember that Anderson scream forever. You try not to get emotional here but it was truly heart-breaking. A cruel end.”

In the first round, Silva was knocked down by a punch from Weidman before Weidman landed some punches and elbows while in Silva’s guard. Silva wasn’t able to get up to his feet for the remainder of the round. In round two, both fighters were still feeling each other out with feints and leg kicks before Silva suffered the gruesome leg injury

Silva, 38, had the longest UFC title reign in the organization’s history before he lost to Weidman earlier this year. He carried out 10 consecutive title defenses, and he won 16 consecutive times inside the octagon

In his victory speech, Weidman praised Silva’s title run and career.

“He’s still the greatest of all-time,” Weidman said, adding that he wishes Silva the best in his recovery.

Weidman (11-0) quietly celebrated his victory while medical personnel tended to Silva (33-6), whose left shin bent grotesquely while landing a kick on Weidman’s left leg 1:16 into the round.

Weidman, who earned his belt with an upset victory over the long-reigning champion in July, also dominated the first round of the rematch.

“I did work on checking kicks,” Weidman said. “I figured if I (caught) him on my knee, it could really hurt him. Crazy how this happened.”

Silva left the octagon with a brace on his leg. Weidman paid tribute to the injured ex-champion, calling him the greatest fighter in the sport’s history.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Several websites got different angles of the Silva injury (WARNING – VERY GRAPHIC)

A video of Silva being carted off can be seen here.

  • R1486

    Jesus Christ that was nasty to see. Hope Silva recovers and can have a good life after MMA.

    • W0W77 .

      I was cringing my teeth. Silva should of REALLY retired after the 1st fight.. Now he’s got years of rehabbing. And his training school business back in Brazil will be put on hold too.

  • CrumpetsNTae

    I wish Anderson a speedy recovery, prayers and shout-outs to his family and friends.

  • Kratos

    Thats just so sad. Tough loss for Anderson Silva.

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    We know one person to half blame for this, that would be dana white, eff you .

    • MariusB333

      you could be right,,, but why?

  • Irenaeus of New York

    Eeeek… that was horrible. Hope he recovers well.

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    OMG that was horrible to watch COMPLETELY snapped in half. Hope to see a good recovery and a Start on Anderson Silvia Retirement shame…

  • Sherman Durr

    It’s been a crazy year for injuries in sports…This has been the saddest year I can remember no matter what sport you watch. I’m sad to see Anderson go down like that…So was Weidman. Good luck to Silva and here’s hoping to a healthy recovery. A substancial lose to MMA and the UFC.

    • mick l

      this is very likely his career at 38 this could take a year or 2 and still no guarantee he would be 100 % no matter what one of the greatest fighters ever,

    • Andrea

      It sucks ! I know ! Im still waiting for Stamkos recovery!!

  • mick l

    probably the end to one of the greatest fighters ever thank you silva for all the great fights

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    I’m sad to see Anderson go down like that…fack! i feel soo bad man….

    • MariusB333

      thank you silva for all the great fights…. i will miss you

      • MariusB333

        i wish him and his children the best, how facking sad,,,,,,,fack me! damn it!

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    I hope youll get well soon, Anderson spider silva.

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    I hope you get well soon, Anderson spider silva.

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  • Esa

    Hi, idiotic sport.

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    Appears to have broken his shin? Lol… did the author even view this before writing the piece?

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