Rebecca McBrain, Paul Walker’s Ex-Girlfriend, Wants Some of Walker’s Money: Report
Rebecca McBrain, Paul Walker’s Ex-Girlfriend, Wants Some of Walker’s Money: Report

Rebecca McBrain, one of Paul Walker’s former girlfriends (and mother of Meadow Walker), reportedly wants some of the $45 million fortune Walker left behind after he died in a car crash on November 30.

McBrain, a Hawaii resident, dated Walker in 1998 and 1999. Meadow, born to McBrain and Walker, is 15 and recently moved from Hawaii to California to live with Walker.

The fortune Walker left behind is sparking a fight involving Walker’s parents and McBrain, a source told Star Magazine.

“There’s no way Paul’s family will let Rebecca get her hands on all the money,” the source said. “Paul’s family think they should be the financial caretakers.”

“Paul’s parents want to have control of his assets,” the source added. “They think they know best.”

Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, who dated Walker for seven years up to his death, also wants some of the money, according to the source. 

Walker’s parents want to set up some sort of trust fund for Meadow with some of the money.

“Meadow is too young to handle that much money,” the source said.


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  • Mia003

    Of course the 23 girlfriend year old girlfriend want some of that money, what a surprise, NOT! He was paying for everything for her since 16. Get a job honey

    • deed

      yes time for her to wake up to the real world.

    • wrstlgirl

      He clearly loved her very much and would want her to be cared for. Hopefully his family will respect that to some degree.

  • Debbie Hoskins

    All of Paul’s assets should be put into a trust for Meadow until she is at least 25 or 30 with monthly payouts for her care. There is no way her mother is “entitled” to any of his money other than what it will take to raise Meadow for the next two or three years before she is on her own. Seems like all of the money grabbers come out of the woodwork when someone dies. The only one who is ENTITLED to Paul’s estate is Meadow! Paul would hate that his family is squabbling over his money.

  • Nelly Santiesteban

    Is disgusting how people turn into vulchers over money, especially after someone has passed. The deceased WILL should be what everyone respects, not what people think it should be. The only one entitled to any of the money is his only child and should be monitored by an attorney that specializes in this type of work.

  • scy385

    The ONLY person who has any rights to Walker’s money is his child, or whomever Walker stipulated in his will. She is his only legal heir. He wasn’t married to either of these women. Meadow should get his fortune, but only after she is about 25 and it should be given with some rules attached so that she doesn’t go through it. There should be monitoring done by a third party who knows what they are doing. Unless it is stipulated in Walker’s will his parents should get what he left them and nothing more.

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