‘Fallout 4’ Release Date Probably Not Happening in 2014, Bethesda Hints
‘Fallout 4’ Release Date Probably Not Happening in 2014, Bethesda Hints

“Fallout 4,” which is rumored to be in development, likely won’t be coming out next year, according to a Christmas card that was recently posted by Bethesda.

Via its blog, the game developer posted a card that included a robotic dog, a vault-looking box, and a Ouroboros–a snake or serpent in a circle eating itself.

But as IGN points out, the vault is referring to the game the “The Evil Within” and the robot dog is referring to “Wolfenstein: The New Order.” The dog is actually a Panzerhund, not something from the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout.

The Ouroboros likely refers to “Elder Scrolls Online,” which is slated to be released next year.

“As tradition, we wanted to share this year’s Bethesda Holiday card. With 2014 already on the brain, this year’s card pays tribute to next year’s lineup,” the company said on the blog.

More than a week ago, game site Kotaku said it obtained a “casting document” from Fallout 4, saying that the game is auditioning for voice actors.

The document included a few tidbits of information, including a DJ character named Travis Miles and another named Sturges–described as a cross between singer Buddy Holly and actor Vin Diesel.

“The casting documents, which I’ve been able to confirm are real, include scripts, character descriptions, and other details about the next Fallout, and although the word Fallout does not appear in these scripts, there are several references to Fallout’s setting and locations,” writes Kotaku’s Jason Schreier.

Last month, a website called Survivor 2299 fooled many members of the Fallout gaming community after it posted a series of cryptic morse code and ciphers before its creator revealed it was an elaborate hoax.

  • M$ $ony

    There is a number “4” on the side of the safe. Look at the left side of the safe and you will see the number “4” written in barbwire.

  • HC

    I was 17 when New Vegas came out I am now 21 so yeah I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG!.

  • FreedomFirst

    Fallout 4, on PC, PS4, and Steam would be awesome!

    Many years have passed since Fallout 3.
    The new GPUs and new software tools will allow things not possible before…

    Most importantly, I hope the NPC AI is greatly improved, that they “live” little lives working, buying, and selling, making friends & families, and surviving.

    It often was too obvious creatures just stood in a hallway waiting for something to come by and kill them.

    People and creatures need food sources, water, safe zones, beds, homes, even communities that make sense – a rational reason they are living in that spot and why they would fight to protect it.

    Players should be able to join factions, like the raiders.

    Combat AI should radically improve, no more guy witha pipe running into full auto fire. Ranged attackers should hide behind cover. Multiple NPCs should work cooperatively for ambush operations.

    Fighting in a town should bring down huge leathal force from multiple guards and snipers and citizens.
    No more one/or/two attackers only – players should need more stealth, such as use a shotgun in a cave and everything in hearing range should react.

    More voice actors please, so “arrow in the knee” comment loops are avoided and people sound different.

    BIG Maps – Exploring the world of Fallout and Elder Scrools has always been my favorite activity.

    Lastly, more music – like 60 songs on 4 CDs.
    Those old songs are perfect. Add even more new original tunes.

    Skyrim is a hard act to follow, but if anyone can do better, they can do it!

    When Fallout 4 comes out, I’ll buy a new system to play it, no doubt. I’m sure they could link into a vast MMO wasteland Earth online, with more adventures to learn.

  • heh

    So december 25th 2014.

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