Amira Willighagen, 9, Amazes Again Singing ‘Ave Maria’ on ‘Holland’s Got Talent’ (Video)

Amira Willighagen, the 9-year-old Dutch girl who astounded first the judges, and then the world with her opera singing during her first appearance on “Holland’s Got Talent” has done it again. She was the runaway winner at the Dec. 22 semi-finals with her soul-stirring rendition of Ave Maria. 

Many have likened her to the pure voice of American-born, Greek opera legend Maria Callas, whom at least some seem think she may have been in a past life. 

Next week the opera prodigy will sing three songs in the finals. 

  • Roosmarijn

    Watch better quality here:

  • tense641

    Such a beautiful voice!

  • John Culley

    Amira is a real trooper for singing like this in a tough competition against three other opera singers after having a cold. Her Master Class with Andre Reiu certainly helped.

  • Adryahn Hawkins

    AWESOME !!! A little goddess (or a great one?)!!! I don’t think you can detect a little kid singing if you only hear her voice and not see her.

    • AskandTell

      I agree; usually a child’s vocal cords are not strong enough to hold the notes and have the range of this cutie pie.

  • fumes

    with Emily Bear on keyboard?