China Uncensored: China Stealing American GMO Seeds
China Uncensored: China Stealing American GMO Seeds

China Uncensored is a weekly satire show produced by NTD Television. The views expressed do not necessarily represent those of Epoch Times.

The FBI has been investigating two separate cases of involving theft of genetically modified wheat and rice seeds from American companies by China. The United States loses billions in intellectual property theft to China. Of course, since many people seem to be afraid of GMO food and seeds because of the unknown consequences to the environment and health, you got wonder, would anyone really want Chinese knockoff GMO franken food?

  • Devey Elise



      Yeah, that was my initial reaction, too, Devey!….8-)

  • EmpressL

    They will only prosecute Americans – China can do whatever it likes cause we owe them so much money!

    • birddogs II

      Sadly true. So many American made products in a country that doesn’t respect patents.

      • EmpressL

        Especially seeing the US taxpayer has subsidized all the Research and Development through tax deduction and free education of all the people who work in all the companies.

        We paid for it – IT’S OURS!!!!

    • Peegan

      We can’t prosecute them, a different country you know. But we can try trade pressures.

      • EmpressL

        I don’t understand why we haven’t done that. Someone should stand in the ports and inspect cargo and any US Copyright infringement should be taken by the government and given to the company that invented it.

        BUT all our ports have been sold to the Saudis. So we would have to ASK them first! When they kill the JONES ACT, all the ferry systems will be bought by JAPAN!

        A good sign we are at the end of our 1st World Status.

  • RockyFjord

    Fine by me. I don’t think Monsanto et al should own seeds once they have reproduced. And if they don’t want people replanting the reproduced seeds, they merely have to develop hybrids that can’t reproduce, but maybe that would impinge upon their profit margin.

    • Peegan

      They have, they are called Terminator seeds. These plants produce a sterile pollen. Monsanto loves them, the people that own fields of conventional crops where the Monsanto plants “accidentally” contaminate/pollinate them are less then thrilled.

  • Ken5745

    China allegedly want poison seeds from America? That is a howler. China has just rejected 55 tons of GM corn imports from the US.

  • abinico

    People are not afraid of GMO – people know that GMO is just plain unhealthy and causes health problems.

  • valkyrie17

    Why would they WANT to?

  • First Officer

    “…because of the unknown consequences to the environment and health”
    If they’re unkown, how do YOU know about them?

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