Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, Paul Walker’s Girlfriend, ‘Leaned’ on Family During Actor’s Funeral: Says Report
Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, Paul Walker’s Girlfriend, ‘Leaned’ on Family During Actor’s Funeral: Says Report

Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, the girlfriend of killed actor Paul Walker, leaned on Walker’s family several days ago during his funeral, while on Thursday, an official said that there was no evidence of mechanical issues in the car crash that killed him.

A ceremony for Walker, who starred in the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise, was held over the weekend. His brother, daughter, and other family members were reportedly in attendance.

“The funeral was only attended by those who knew Paul personally. It was very private and was more of a celebration of his life than anything,” a source told ShowbizSpy.

Actors Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez also attended the funeral.

“Nonetheless, everyone was in tears and his girlfriend stayed with his family the whole time. His family and cast members were there, along with those who worked closely with Paul on his many projects and considered him to be a friend,” the source, who was not named, told the website, adding: “Afterwards, his mother had a small reception that was attended by just his immediate family and a few costars from The Fast and The Furious.”

Previous reports suggested that Pilchard-Gosnell was to get married to him.

“There’s no doubt he was planning on marrying her when she was ready. He knew she was young and had her own things she wanted to achieve, but he always said she was worth the wait,” an insider said, according to Hollywood Life.

Pilchard-Gosnell reportedly was also involved in Walker’s charity, Reach Out Worldwide. “She encouraged him down that path, which gave him immense satisfaction,” a source said.

Pilchard-Gosnell’s uncle, told the Metro: “Paul was a really good guy and Jasmine is broken up by this. I went to Thanksgiving with him, played golf with him. They had their ups and downs but they were together and looking to spend a bright future together.” He added: “This is horrible news and unexpected. Her mother is with her and she is comforting her.”

On Thursday, investigators said they found no evidence that the Porsche carrying Walker had mechanical problems before it crashed.

The investigation also has ruled out debris or other roadway conditions as causing the car in which Walker was a passenger to slam into a light pole and tree.

The car, a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, is notoriously hard to handle.

“We’re looking at speed and speed alone,” a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation said. The official was not authorized to speak publicly about the ongoing investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Nov. 30 crash also killed the driver, Walker’s friend and financial adviser Roger Rodas.

Rodas, 38, and Walker, 40, co-owned an auto racing team. Rodas also was a professional driver who competed in 10 Pirelli World Challenge GTS races this year.

Investigators with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have calculated a range of the speed at which they think the car was traveling, but they won’t firm up that number until Porsche engineers come to California next month in the hope of extracting information from onboard data collectors.

The official would not disclose the current speed estimate. It is calculated through a formula that uses factors including the arc of tire marks from the scene and how well the tires would grip the roadway, said Chris Kauderer, chairman of the California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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  • mimi

    I just wanted to say that im glad that the walkers could finally recover from all of this . and Paul could rest in peace . <3

    • M end E

      Rest In Peace Paul. I send my condolences to the Walker’s and his girlfriend. All the rights and wrongs won’t bring Paul back. It’s the holidays and I can speak from experience since I lost my dad back in August of 2013, that It’s hard dealing with the loss of a loved one especially with Christmas coming up. Some of you negative people need to refrain from comments that are upsetting and try to just be a bit more understanding and less judgmental.
      M and E

  • TheTruth

    I just want to say that I hope Ms Pilchard-Gosnell will finally stop talking all of this “he was gonna marry me whenever I was ready” BS, and will just quietly (but QUICKLY) go some damn where and sit down. Thank you.

    • Cynth

      Where is the evidence that this is coming from her and not the tabloids who are ready to exploit this tragedy from every angle?

      • TheTruth

        Where is the evidence that it is not? Do you REALLY think the tabloids are TOTALLY responsible for all of these silly, pathetic, transparent, “love of his life/we were engaged/marital/baby statements/videos/photos”???..hmmmmm???? Nope, if so, then the tabloids can/will be held liable for suit.

        No, “Cynth”….Ms JPG, her friends, family, and all of the ignorant, oblivious-to-The Truth internet sheeple (like you) are the main suspect(s). Ms JPG just needs to accept the fact that Paul Walker was an overall decent guy with an immoral penchant for young girls, and he started having illegal sex with her when she was 16 vs him being 33. Paul was a VERY HANDSOME, VERY ELIGIBLE/WEALTHY 33 yo male, so I sincerely doubt that he forced himself upon Ms. JPG who was/is a VERY PLAIN, HOMELY-LOOKING female. Since he was a nice guy, he probably gave her and her family some thing(s) ($$), but, she got OLDER, (and so did his daughter, Meadow, who is now 15) so he probably lost all initial attraction/interest and dumped her way back in 2009 or 2010. His family DOES NOT even bother to acknowledge/validate her AT ALL, so she should simply SHUT-THE-F–K=UP and stop making all of these lousy videos/incriminating statements that Paul Walker cannot refute.

        With that being said, Ms JPG, her friends, family, and all of the ignorant, oblivious-to-The Truth-internet sheeple like you needs to be ashamed for trying to put her in the limelight in the wake of both Paul Walker’s AND Roger Rodus’s unfortunate deaths.

        • Jeff

          I agree, she is very homely. I read somewhere that he liked earthy, hippie type girls, and she certainly fits the bill.

          • Histotech

            Yes….but, for “long-term, marriage” purposes? Idk, Jeff…he also liked them exotic-looking with dark hair, swarthy complexions, too…(i.e: his daughter’s mother (Rebecca); Cristina Milian; Jordana Brewster; Abrianna Atwell; Penelope Cruz…etc).
            Look at his 15 year old daughter, Meadow…Dark hair…(just like her mom..)
            I honestly think Jasmine was just an unfortunate transitional part of his adolescent life that he eventually outgrew, tried to leave behind (while still remaining FRIENDS)…but now she is trying to see what MORE she can get out of it.
            At the end of the day, it is so sad to see the tragic death of anyone, famous or not, being over-shadowed by another person’s agenda.

          • TheTruth

            I don’t feel sorry for her at all, JPG and her irresponsible parents KNEW who Paul was, and how old he was when she first started seeing him/having sex with him at 16, (I doubt that she was a virgin anyhow…) This is not the same case as with other poor 16 year old girls who are being FORCED against their will into sexual relations with men this age..the Age-of-Consent Laws were instituted to PROTECT THEM and THEIR RESPONSIBLE, NURTURING PARENTS!
            I do not care if a thousand David, Cynth, or whosoever disagrees with me…the sun does not set and rise on their hellos and goodbyes…It all boils down to the Law. If JPG or or parents had bothered to uphold/obey it, then this discussion would be moot.

          • Alexa Morales

            I saw the interview where Paul is talking that Selma Hayek is beautiful women and that he likes girls with dark hair,shy and girls who likes nature…

          • alwaysevolving

            Yes, and he also stated in an earlier interview that he had a HUGE CRUSH on Edie Brickell (dark-haired wife of Paul Simon), so little Miss 4-eyes can go kick rocks…

        • Histotech

          Although I am a Paul Walker fan, and I wished him happiness, I do have to admit that what TheTruth is stating does make sense..hopefully this will all be cleared up soon. RIP, Paul.

          • TheTruth

            Thank you.

          • Popgirl

            The poster is a certifiable nutcase obssessed with Paul. And you find truth in someone carrying on like they are part of his life and sound crazy even in their posts?. Okay then. LOL that’s because you are the same person posting under both names. Anyone can tell.

          • alwaysevolving

            The men in white coats are coming for you.

    • David

      Are you actually for real?? Not once has this girl made any public statement , grow the hell up. And how on earth would you know this is BS

      • TheTruth

        Maybe, it is YOU who needs to “grow the hell up/get a grip on REALITY”…

        • Popgirl

          What a nut. Stalking Paul Walker posts over his girlfriend. Get a life.

          • alwaysevolving

            Why so hostile?? Did your feelings get hurt?
            Stalking negative comments about one of Paul Walkers’ Exes from absolute strangers on the internet who have just as much right to their opinion as you do….is even sadder, love.
            You need some GhostBusters for that head, and some new comebacks

          • TheTruth

            Excuse me, but last time I checked this still a free country with freedom of speech. Who are you? The “Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell-better-not-get-any-negative-comments-Monitor”? I will say what I want, when I want, as much as I want, and if you do not like it, then mute me. You have some nerve trying to call someone out about a damn comment on a damn blog. Take your own advice.

        • Alexa Morales

          @TheTruth you are right!I don’t have idea do any of these people did know anything about Paul before his death!Paul left Jasmine long time ago,in summer of 2011(that was the-end)and even then,they had on/off relationship..well that is not even relationship…Totally agree about the house,there must be a reason why anyone didn’t call her inside…Paul left her with a good reason….

          • TheTruth

            @Alexa Morales:
            Of course he left her, do you blame him??!
            Paul Walker openly admitted that he was an unconventional personality type who slept around, so Jasmine was NOTHING more than a 16 yo wh-re who was getting drive-by boned by him whenever he was in Santa Barbara with a little free time to waste…okay? She was STALKING Paul Walker, too..did you know that? Yep, she sure was.
            Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell is just obsessed, bitter & looking for $$, and “PopTartgirl”, “Child of the Devil”, and all of the others defending her on here are either Jasmine or some of her equally immoral friends/family. They are all SO FULL OF S–T, I can smell them thru my laptop…

          • TheTruth

            @Alexa Morales:
            Furthermore, Paul was a whole lot smarter than they
            thought he was, because he MADE SURE that he dissociated himself AND his family from her simple a$$ YEARS before (he died). Just look at her, (that second picture should be titled “THREE DOGS”). You KNOW she had to be OBSESSED with him, because what DECENT 16 yo girl in her right mind with RESPONSIBLE parents is going to lay up and screw a 33 yo GROWN MAN for YEARS, (while he is sleeping with other females, too, mind you..) and NEVER EVEN GET A RING/ or MARRIED? Then have the NERVE to pop up out of NOWHERE (after he dies) making all of these “claims”????

            Jasmine is definitely a FATAL ATTRACTION type who did not want to let go.

          • TheTruth

            @Alexa Morales:
            Another thing:
            You can pretty much tell what’s really going on, because each and every time a negative comment is left on one of these sites that has all of these OLD A$$ pics of Jasmine and/or Paul, someone will conveniently “come to her defense” and start attacking the commenter, accusing them of being “jealous of Paul Walker’s girlfriend” or “his true love of his life” or some other horse sh-t of that nature….Now, I ask you: IS THAT PURE DE CRAZY OR WHAT?! Damn, I guess (according to Jasmine) Paul was just lying thru his teeth when he said he was single and available, huh?

  • Jeff

    Something tells me he completely supported her financially, and if he didn’t leave her anything in his will, we won’t hear the last of her.

    • Histotech

      Yes, Jeff, I will agree with you on that point. There HAS to be a reason that she has resurfaced in public with all of these SENSATIONAL CLAIMS of being “THE SIGNIFICANT ONE” following his horrific death, and I sincerely doubt that he left her ANYTHING in his will since it was reported that the relationship ended several years ago…Now that he has passed, perhaps she is trying to get some post-mortal compensation based upon slandering him because of her having been with him at 16? Just saying…

  • TheTruth

    Once Ms Pilchard-Gosnell finds out that she is NOT entitled to anything from Paul Walkers’ estate, she will be prowling around for another older man to “lean” on….

  • mimi

    for me my personal comment would be to say that again I will say in time the walkers family will recover from all of this and his daughter too remember in time I said . R.I.P.Paul <3

  • TheTruth

    Ms Pilchard-Gosnell is undoubtedly trying to play all of her pity cards to see if she can get a hand-out from Paul’s estate, but, luckily for Meadow that will never occur.

  • Jim Simmons

    No doubt with the way he felt about her that he left her a large part of his estate (maybe the house) to her plus the wish that she continue her step mother role to the daughter. What a waste for two grown men to drive like this on a regular basis and risk all that is near and dear to them. I am just glad they did not kill or hurt anyone else.

    • Cathy Creswell

      Agreed. I know someone will down vote, but as a mother I must agree. Driving fast is dancing with death.

  • Guest

    no doubt with the way he felt about her he left her large part of his estate (maybe the house) and his wishes she continue her step mom role for the child. Cannot believe two men would risk everything near and dear to them and drive like that on a regular basis. what a waste

  • devilschild

    Jasmine if you ever read the comments on this page just ignore them. They are obviously written by a bunch of kooks.

  • Alexa Morales

    I am a Paul’s fan by years and i know a little more than a lots of people who never heard for him and they trying to be smart…u know how it is when you are a fan-love to go on fan pages,love to read everything and people love to talk,especially when you know who to ask 😉
    Because of that i was shocked about story of “true love and sad end”?! So even though they did not know anything about Paul and his life, why they not use the logic?!?!Everything is so clear…
    Second, I’ve probably got the most disgusting insults when I said that she is making a circus and giving old photos to the medias just to make victim of herself….u just don’t know…horrible…
    I really don’t know did she stalking him,but i read,few years ago,that he had a big problems with her,when he left her…
    Yes,he was much smarted than people think,but i can’t believe that she is doing all this,when he can’t defend from her anymore!!!!
    But,hey,he didn’t left her any money,she is desperate,must try with something….Lots of his friends talker about Paul and his plans,give us a private photos from parties…where is she there?NOWHERE..oh,maybe she was making photos every time or hiding somewhere(because she don’t want to be famous) ;))))) Anyway i hope that she will stop soon….

    • TheTruth

      Yes, The Truth is SO CLEAR, but ONLY for those who want to accept/embrace it. Unfortunately, that is NOT the case w/this little gold digging tramp and her crew. They have been running all over the media/internet, leaving a slimy trail of LIES about poor Paul still being involved with her, and even calling her his fiancee. She wasted her teen years away, he LEFT HER and moved on years ago, but she just REFUSES to accept those FACTS. As for the insults: Please realize that they are ALL undoubtedly coming from that girl and her friends/family, and that is WHY they are DEFENDING HER SO FIERCELY! ! Who else would have any reason to launch PERSONAL ATTACKS on/at people they don’t even know on PUBLIC BLOG(S)/VIDEO(s) just for making negative, (but legitimate) comments about her ??? Well, I guess now we know what poor Paul had to put up with from her, don’t we? Nope, Paul did not leave her a DIME, so, instead of running around acting like a “grieving groupie”, she better start hunting for another older man to wh-re herself out to because she already looks like a HARD 38 yo at 23. I seriously doubt that she will stop this foolishness on her own because this was/is her only sick/twisted way of staying relevant and “connected” to Paul. Someone will probably need to kick her in the forehead ;))

      • Alexa Morales

        I answered you,but my comment is DELETED!!Can you believe????Anyway i answered that i remember when came out the news about their engagement and that Paul denied all as soon as possible.Soon after that,he left her,probably realizing that she is the main SOURCE of the medias…I hope that my comment will stay now!

        • TheTruth

          @Alexa Morales

          Hell NO, Paul was NEVER going to marry that THING. Actually, there is a video on YouTube with him openly denying any form of engagement/marriage to Jasmine, and saying that it was an outright rumor that SOMEONE (JASMINE) had started, too. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFzw8zfwGgI

          She may have also put a story out that she was going to have a baby for him way back then, too, then, she also posted some pics of herself on FaceBook with something stuffed under her blouse to make her look pregnant…Yep, Uh huh…She sure did.

          Jasmine, the Psycho.

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