Siri ‘Opening of Gates of Hades’ on Sunday July 27, 2014, Response Goes Viral
Siri ‘Opening of Gates of Hades’ on Sunday July 27, 2014, Response Goes Viral

Apple’s iPhone assistant Siri sometimes gives an odd response about “opening [the] gates of Hades,” the Greek mythological term for Hell, or the underworld, when one asks what will happen on July 27th, according to reports. Several Epoch Times reporters got the response.

If you ask, “What is July 27,” then Siri will say “It’s Sunday, 27 July 2014 (Opening Gates Of Hades).”

Cult of Mac reported that if you reword the question to when the gates of hell are opening, Siri will say they already opened on May 14, 2005.

As the website notes, the odd apocalyptic responses are glitches in Apple’s Wolfram Alpha, which is the engine that drives Siri.

According to an Apple forum discussion, “Opening Gates of Hades” might be in reference to “Chinese Ghost Month.” But others speculated it has to do with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, where the gates of “heaven open and the gates of hell close.”

Chinese Ghost Month starts on the seventh month of the lunar year, and legends say both the gates of heaven and hell open.

A number of users shared Siri’s “Opening Gates Of Hades” message on Twitter and Facebook.

According to Cult of Mac, the May 14, 2005, response may have had to do with a New York City-area bar or club that opened up in 2005. It has since closed.

Several tests carried out Epoch Times reporters got a Wikipedia page response after asking Siri “what is July 27.” Another time, when it was asked “what is July 27, 2014,” Siri gave the response that it’s “Arbor Day.”

But two other Epoch Times staff members got the “Hades” response.

There were several YouTube videos uploaded about Siri’s response over the past day.


  • Cameron Preyde

    Skynet becomes self aware??

  • Dave Williams

    “Apple’s WolframAlpha”? You may want to research that a little!

  • takawalk

    I know there’s away to work a Dec 10th comment into this somehow, but it evades me. I just purchased two I phones, they have some good features but are way to fragile and do nothing I am aware of that my Galaxy 3 doesn’t, both my son’s made Galaxy 4 their choice, after having tried Apple. My wife had her I phone two days before it fell out of her lap and shattered. It is only my opinion, but I feel they are pieces of junk. It is as if they are designed to break.

    • Clark_Nova

      Everything is designed to break. Welcome to Late Capitalism.

    • ranchero42

      Assuming the original unit remains intact; there will likely come a day they can *patch* up Siri.

      If only HP itself could be rebooted; so that the site could be returned to the point at which -all- can all agree; it still *worked*…

  • Kawaii as Fuck

    lol Siri is evil

  • Harry Muller

    And SIRI is spelled backwards for Iris….the Greek goddesses.

    • Sadly Happy

      Lol, Iris is egyptian

      • Lena

        Isis is the Egyptian Goddess.

  • RichardPTOts

    July 28, 2014 is the 100 year anniversary of the start of the first World War

  • Jason

    it says the same thing if you ask “What is August 7th, 2013..” It pertains to a chinese holiday similar to the day of the dead.

  • matt

    I just got an Ipad mini. The first time I asked Siri July 27 2014, I got the Opening Gates of Hades. When I asked a few more times, she said I don’t have anything scheduled. I turned off Ipad. When I turned back on, I asked Siri, Opening gates of Hades. She says, I don’t have anything scheduled for July 27,2014. Strange

  • Vincent Eagan

    Has anyone thought about the fact that that is exactly 100 years to the day of the start of World War 1?

  • Name

    It’s not chinese nor would it say opening the gates if tied to a holiday where they close. Quit grasping for straws… Also, note, per Siri they close again on 9/3/2014 – Just make sure you have supplies on hand to pray for a month or so… 😉

    • drewski

      actually it say july27th opening gates of hades! Ive seen it with my friends Iphone

      • iceberg simpson

        yeah, and if you ask “what is september 3rd, 2014” it will say it’s when the gates will close.

  • Andrew K. Tran

    Its the Chinese Ghost Festival. July 27th lands on the 15th day of the 7th month in the Lunar Calendar, full moon that night too. In ancient Chinese mythology thats the night when Gate of Hell or in proper terms Gates of the Dead opens for 14 days. Educated yourselves a little, and plus if we die, we die, nothing is gonna change or can prevent it. 😀

    • iceberg simpson

      but how do you explain september 3rd, 2014, which apparently is the date of the closing of the gates of hades?

      • Andrew K. Tran

        Good Question, Im in search in that answer.

        But hey, Im a Christian myself, and I believe in Heaven and Hell. But Can’t let this Artificial Intelligence that was man made mess with our heads. Believe in what you believe in, just don’t over saturate in it.

  • Humba Wumba

    what a coincidence. July 27, 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the largest cult group in the Philippines called Iglesia ni Manalo, and for the first time they will open the gates of the largest indoor arena, the Philippine Arena.

  • sandramonday77

    I think Siri should be thrown into the gates of hades where all Apple products belong; they can be veil as Google these days.

  • Ali

    thats my birthday, wtf.

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