Is the Moon Man-Made? Hollow?
Is the Moon Man-Made? Hollow?

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Is the moon hollow? Was it man-made, with a thick layer of dust simply covering its metal frame over billions of years?

Of course, this supposes that advanced human civilizations existed billions of years ago, a theory which has also gained some attention as artifacts are found that call into question the conventional understanding of history.  (See Epoch Times special topic Reconsidering History)

Such theories remain of interest to many as scientists continue to study the moon and learn about its composition and workings.

Here’s a look at some moon oddities sometimes cited by proponents of the theory that the moon is hollow or man-made.

1. Reverberations: Hollow Moon?

NASA created an impact on the moon in 1969 so Apollo 12 astronauts could measure the resulting seismic waves. The shock waves shocked scientists.

Very different from any seismic phenomena recorded on Earth, the vibrations continued for about an hour and started out as small waves that gained in strength.

Dr. Ross Taylor’s explanation is quoted in the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal on the NASA website. Taylor is a lunar scientist who helped examine samples gathered by Apollo 11.

He said: “This was one of those extraordinary things. When you had the impact of these things on the moon, unlike a terrestrial earthquake, which dies away quickly, the shock waves continued to reverberate around the moon for a period of an hour or more, and this is attributed to the extremely dry nature of the lunar rock.

“As far as we know there is no moisture on the moon, nothing to damp out these vibrations. The moon’s surface is covered with rubble and this just transmits these waves without them being damped out in any way as they are on Earth. Basically, it’s a consequence of the moon being extremely dry.”

Some scientists say the gravitational force around the moon shows that it must have a certain mass, that it could not be hollow. 

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2. Anomalous Orbit

Image of the “moon orbiting the Earth” via Shutterstock

Italian physicist Lorenzo Iorio published an article in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society in 2011 discussing the “anomalous behavior” of the moon.

He said a slight change over time in the lunar orbit could not be explained within the current paradigm. The moon’s orbit is increasing in eccentricity.

Eccentricity is a measure that describes how much an orbit deviates from a perfect circle.

Iorio concludes in the study abstract, “The issue of finding a … [satisfactory] explanation for the anomalous behavior of the moon’s eccentricity remains open.”

3. Convex Moon Craters

Webb crater (NASA)

Some craters on the moon have convex bottoms (with a surface that is curved or rounded outward) instead of concave (curved inward, or hollowed), which some say is evidence of a rigid (man-made) shell below the surface layer. When meteors hit the moon, one would expect them to make concave craters.

Charles A. Wood, of the Department of Geological Sciences at Brown University, wrote in a 1978 paper that these convex craters were likely created by lava. He said the lava seeped up through fractures to the surface.

He noted: “For the lava to form rings rather than ponds … requires a higher viscosity or a lower extrusion rate than normal mare lavas [“Mare” refers to large, dark plains on the moon formed by volcanic eruptions once thought to be seas]. The magma may have been mare basalts erupted under unusual conditions, or mare basalt that differentiated within pockets, or in some cases, a non-mare magma type.”

4. Moon Stabilizes the Earth’s Axis

Whether intentionally made to serve some function or not, the moon provides a service to the Earth.

“The moon stabilizes Earth’s wobble, which has led to more stable climate,” according to NASA

NASA scientist Dr. Eric Christian and NASA education outreach specialist Beth Barbier explain more in post on NASA’s website: “[The moon adds] drag to the Earth’s rotation in the form of tides, both oceanic and internal. This added drag tends to stabilize the rotation. It is also gradually slowing down the rotation of the Earth, which gradually lengthens Earth days.”

5. Size Coincidences

Image of the “sun, moon, and Earth” via Shutterstock

The same numbers come up in looking at measurements related to the moon, sun, and Earth. The diameter of the sun is about 400 times the diameter of the moon; the moon is also about 400 times closer to Earth than the sun. 

The diameter of the sun is about 108 times the diameter of the Earth; the distance between the Earth and the sun is about 108 times the diameter of the sun.

Moon diameter: 2,100 miles (3,400 kilometers)
Sun diameter: 864,000 miles (1,391,000 kilometers)
Earth diameter: 7,900 miles (12,756 kilometers)
Distance from moon to Earth: 225,700 miles (360,000 kilometers)
Mean distance from sun to Earth (it is sometimes closer, sometimes further): 92,900,000 miles (149,600,000 kilometers)


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*Image of the “moon” via Shutterstock

  • Fattonecat

    Maybe there isn’t a damping effect because the Moon doesn’t have a molten core.

  • An Anarchist’s Voice

    Some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are much larger than our Moon. Ganymede and Titan are bigger than the planet Mercury. They seem to even have a denser atmosphere than Earth.
    The Greek gods were said to come from Jupiter and such. Europa(Europe) is also a moon of Jupiter.
    The Nazis were flying in UFOs in WW2. Then WW2 ends and Germany becomes the biggest economy in Europe and Japan the second biggest economy in the world! Coincidence?

    • Major Bumtickle

      Um, yeah. Ever heard of the Marshall Plan?

      • An Anarchist’s Voice

        So are you incinuating that the U.S. is anti-aliens, or allied with different aliens than communism is, …
        What do you know?

        • Major Bumtickle

          I have no firsthand knowledge concerning aliens from outer space. What I do have knowledge of is why Germany and Japan survived then flourished after the second world war. It all started with the Marshall Plan.

          Question: Have aliens from outer space visited the Earth?

          Answer: I don’t know.

          Unless someone has firsthand knowledge of the existence of aliens from outer space visiting this planet their answer has to be, I don’t know, as well. And it doesn’t matter what the odds are, or what they’ve heard about.

          Is there anything about what I wrote that you disagree with?

          • An Anarchist’s Voice

            We got our technology mostly from ETs.

            Have you heard of project paperclip?

            UBS bank in Switzerland is responsible for $900 trillion in banking scams. The US debt is $17 trillion. I think it’s naive to think that the US helped Germany. Switzerland is German.

            Roosevelt created the Federal Reserve to make us in debt to Switzerland, stole all American’s gold, and made war machines that Hitler used.

            Karl Marx was German. The German currency was the Marx. Hitler was a complete anti-capitalist socialist, now he’s painted as history’s extreme rightist!?

            (I’ve seen UFOs and aliens personally. Basically all in Montreal, Canada.)

            By the way, Switzerland is also largely French and one company in France, Eutelsat, has 60% of America’s Satellite contracts!? Why would one company in France have 60% of the U.S.’s satellite contracts?

            Have you ever heard of the company Clonaid?

          • Major Bumtickle

            That’s a lot of topics to tackle all in one go, so allow me to just to address the one of aliens in our midst.

            It’s fascinating that you’ve actually seen alien spacecrafts. I would imagine that would be a life altering event. Several people that I respect have as well, so I take your claim seriously, and in no way intend to simply be argumentative, or insulting with you.

            However, I still have a problem with the idea. To me, there are several problems associated with this, but I’ll just mention the one that I just can not get past, and that’s the issue with time. In a, so far, almost fourteen billion year old universe, to have two advanced civilizations occupying the same place in time, so as to meet, is, I dare say astronomical, and it really doesn’t matter the frequency of the rise of civilizations. Fourteen billion years is a very long time. A million years is a very long time as well. Humans have come into their own, and have been around for a fraction of that time. and the likely hood of an extensive survival time to me is far fetched considering the nature of things. So in short; we’re around for x many of years. The alien civilization is around for x many of years. But to have them both around at the same time, in relatively the same place, that’s difficult for me to statistically believe. I could go on, but I hope this is enough so that you can at least understand my skepticism to a degree. I think that it’s fair.

            Best Regards.

          • An Anarchist’s Voice

            Fair? You mean like Fox’s “Fair(skinned) and Balanced” media, or “Fairtrade” worldwide?
            Now you’re just tickling my bum to see if I’ll scratch it.

          • Major Bumtickle

            hahahaaaa. No, not their version of fair. I’m just expressing my view. I have been highly influenced by people like Carl Sagen. One of his best quotes is,”Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” That’s what I mean when I use the word fair.

        • realness29


  • undsoweiter

    Yes it is, and unless the governments of the world give me one million dollars………

  • Major Bumtickle

    They forgot to mention the ‘Moon-Bats’.

  • idoo2013

    If the asteroid belt was the remains of a planet so called as Maldek, then some kind of war could have happened and the moon must have took part in it. The ages of earth, moon and the asteroid belt can lend credence to this theory. Also, the composition of the moon seemed to be closer to those of the asteroid.

    Underneath the crust material must be the hollowed planetoid or ship (can be partially disabled) that was plowed around the asteroid to gain enough cover layer and mass before towing for earth stabilization.

    • realness29

      The asteroid belt is no destroyed planet, in fact, all the astroids in the solar system wouldnt even accrete into a small terrestrial planet like our Earth or Mercury….I understand you are simply using imagination but that just isnt the reality of the situtation.

      • idoo2013

        Your point is precisely my supposition: that much of the asteroid and debri from an imploded Maldek has already been accreted into the moon and other space objects in our solar system including Earth. The Enuma Elish is one tradition that implies that the Earth is at least made from much of materials from Tiamat!

  • An Anarchist’s Voice

    Well said.

  • Afshin Nejat

    What a joke.

    The gravity exerted by the moon may well be itself a discrepancy, or perhaps there are forces involved which are also “man made” (or intelligently designed) so as to produce more gravity than can be accounted for by the mass alone, or even better, THE DENSITY IS FOUND IN SUBSTRATA which are made of material which is different than THE SURFACE DEBRIS AND DUST… Yet which does not preclude the hollow structure of the moon…

    As for the anomalous orbit, throw in the fact that it has synchronized its orbit to be of such a sort that it rotates at a speed that keeps one side facing the planet at all times, while holding a distance making its apparent size exactly the same as that of the sun, even though their relative size and relative distance from the earth (and to each other) are of such staggering quantities as to make such a coincidence nearly impossible, especially when multiplied by each other as to probability.

    As to stabilizing the Earth’s axis, it seems no less probable that it DESTABALIZED the Earth’s axis at one point in time, ruining its normal environment, and then has since sustained a pseudo-stable relationship which mitigates and regulates some of those initial instabilities which the moon itself inflicted. It also threatens to revert the world back into such chaos should it suddenly change its relationship to the Earth again… Not a stable situation at all.

    As to the convex craters, I’m as likely to believe a pseudo-scientists fantasies about what made those features as I am to believe that NASA is an objectively scientific, genuine and sincere organization which seeks Truth and transparently reveals all that it knows about the moon, other celestial objects, Truth in physics, Truth in technology, and Truth about intelligent life other than human life. I’m just as likely to believe that story about volcanic activity, or find it credible to entertain, as I am that NASA can life up to the fantasy most uneducated and morally decrepit peasants have about this organization.

  • paulrevere

    This is the best you can do for moon anomalies? Go to youtube you disinfo freaks.

  • Adam Evenson

    Here’s what’s interesting: nobody knows what’s going on anywhere in the world. Everybody assumes to know. However, assuming to know, and actually knowing, are whole worlds from one another. The conditions are related, but only relative to the word “know,” wherein, in hard reality, they are nowhere close to the same thing, as knowing leads always to hard realities where one may go in any direction one wants toward truth along the whole spectra, whereas, only assuming to know is absolutely impotent concerning the actual truth. Thus, one should never believe that only assuming to know anything has any potency. I’d like to meet anybody, for instance, that could prove to me that he or she knows anything at all about anything at all that lies just on the other side of one’s physical vision. Can any human being claim to know absolutely that any proposition is true or false just beyond the horizon on the curvature of the earth that is blocking one’s physical vision? One may truly, and only, know the truth about something that one can detect directly with one’s physical senses, otherwise, it is mere faith, and whilst faith is related to knowledge in a potent manner, still, it is not knowledge. Only knowledge is knowledge. Thus, all anybody on earth is doing is entertaining themselves and one another doing head games, where just about nobody actually knows anything about anything. I laugh constantly at these foibles. I like head games (surely one can tell), as much as any other, but I require a higher bar regarding the games I’m willing to play, than the strictly ordinary, of which such elements the whole of humankind’s cranial capacity is constructed, in which mere assumptions are treated as knowledge even by those that hold themselves forth as “wise.” Bring me something real, please.

    • Adam Evenson

      P.S. This is a post script to the above comment from the author of it. By the above, I am not knocking the article. I liked it in a certain way. I like stuff like this, because it is an attempt to strike a pick at illusions of which humankind’s world’s are primarily constructed and knock little chunks out so that some ray of actual reality can shine in. All you doubters that doubt the doubters should try to peek at the rays of light coming through tiny pinpricks in your illusion filled existence. It really feels great to let go of delusions a tiny bit in this way.

    • richard

      2+2=4 That is real.

      • Adam Evenson

        Ayuh, it’s a tautological mental construct that coincides with realty.

        • imusintheevening

          OR as Kant would argue, it is a priori knowledge.

          • Adam Evenson

            Ayuh. Mathematical tautologies carry their own proofs within statements that can be demonstrated with real objects, so that both coincide.

          • imusintheevening


    • Giovanni Pizzarotti

      Ancient cultivation practices, as Buddhism and Taoism, actually were real and concrete sciences, even more advanced than modern science. They aimed to know the Universe through one’s own body and mind. Enlightenment.
      Maybe this other article of The Epoch Times will bring you something real :)

      • Adam Evenson

        Thank you for the reference, Giovanni. I agree about the ancients. Falon Gong seems to be similar to Hatha Yoga, another ancient discipline, which I’ve been practicing (and made amazing strides within), since 1967. I’m 74 right now. It’s been a while. Since that time, I also attained black belt level in a martial art, where a grounding in the Tao was valuable. No doubt there were ancient systems that were and still are on to something real. The main thrust of my comment here was primarily on the strictly “modern” within humanity, in which it appears that the farther along in history humankind gets, the stupider it becomes, not the least of which is probably due to over population, which is mindless, also. By this, I don’t intend to endorse or encourage “culling” humankind unnaturally, as any culling would be effected by morons that awoke one morning from a typical slumber to discover that ‘something’ or ‘somebody” (as a Santa Claus figure in the night) had secreted potent weapons in their hands and put them in charge of the teeming masses to do their will unimpeded, which is ought but the schoolyard bully syndrome in operation that accrues to nothing short of constant murder and mayhem.

    • imusintheevening

      You should read Kan’ts Critique of Pure Reason. It fits with your a posteriori limitations.

  • abinico

    WHAT! No mention that the moon is made of cheese!

    • CatrionaMacA

      Looks like brie to me.

      Cate, in France

  • Jonathan Garlow

    Forgot to mention anything about the Mascons and the empirical data for the transient lunar phenomenon.

  • disqusaurus_rex

    The “size in the sky” coincidence is just that – coincidence, and it is unique to the current period in the solar system’s history. When the moon formed 4.4 billion years ago, it was much closer to Earth, and much different sized in the sky than the sun (it was much, much bigger.)

  • Defiant


  • idoo2013

    The uneven gravitational forces around the moon and it being locked towards Earth consistently with one section facing our planet

    – these are supporting my idea that the moon is a decommissioned planetoid that was plowed into the asteroid belt to gain mass and towed to stabilized Earth.

    One face of the moon accreted a large chunk of the crustal materials blown off from Tiamat or Maldek (the debri of which became the asteroid belt). This caused a gravitational lock so that only one face is constantly facing our planet.

    Also, the uneven distribution of debri accretion can explain what they termed as mascon or mass concentrations. These mascon change the gravity field and can either pull a spacecraft in or push it off course. –

  • 12Gd34

    “The diameter of the moon is about 400 times the diameter of the sun”…learn somethin every day :-)

  • imusintheevening

    Without a molten core to dampen vibration, of course it will ring like a bell.

  • Json

    Pretty weak ‘evidence’ for such an extraordinary claim.

  • Private Joker

    I am now dumber for reading this. Take it your dropped out after 8th grade?

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