What Does it Mean When a Flight Attendant ‘Dusts Crops’?
What Does it Mean When a Flight Attendant ‘Dusts Crops’?

Flight attendant Danielle Lindsay told Epoch Times she was trained in “crop dusting”—this is a figurative term.

Basically, flight attendants are told to pass gas while walking up and down the aisles. This allows it to disperse a little more instead of being condensed in one spot.

Due to pressure change as airplanes increase altitude, intestines expand and flatulence results. Health officials recommend flyers pass the gas instead of holding it in, and flight attendants are no exception.

Registered nurse Jennifer Budd wrote in an article for Yahoo News that she recommends passing gas while on an airplane, but doing it as discreetly as possible. She suggests activated charcoal underwear liners to absorb the odor.

Cutting down on foods that cause flatulence is also a good idea.


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*Image of a flight attendant via shutterstock

  • Rockyj3

    I really don’t know what to say…Happy Farting?

    • HeyJude

      Uhhhmm… LOL!! Forget the charcoal panties…when they learn the basics of “crop dusting” I think I’d like to see them incorporate sky writing into it with full power capabilities. Just me? hahahaha Fly the friendly skies, my friend!

      • Rockyj3

        So is it Fly the Friendly Skies of Farting or what?

        • HeyJude

          Must be…still shaking my head that this is actually a topic of training.
          How’d you like to be that instructor? I majored in Airline studies, and have an MA in Crop dusting. LMAO!

          • flyjet787

            We (Flight Crew) are NOT trained to pass gas in any manner. I don’t know where these “journalists” get their information but it is simply not true.

          • HeyJude

            Awww, now that’s disappointing to hear. It was a great story and I enjoyed it immensely. :-) At least you now know the Urban Legend is out there, and will not be blindsided when you get your first crop dusting comment. Just tell them all crew decrease their personal cabin pressure in their seats everyone else! LOL Love your dog, btw. What a cutie.

  • aquarius2

    Dang, the guy sitting next to me on my last flight should have read this article. I think I will print it and distribute as a handout.

  • Jrlh

    Whoa….I really did not need that…..Now I am going to have to ask one, how her charcoal liners are working….

  • Danielle Hugh

    I am a flight attendant and we do use the term ‘crop dusting’, but I don’t remember ever being trained to do it!

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