Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, Paul Walker’s Girlfriend, Was Slated to Get Married: Reports
Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, Paul Walker’s Girlfriend, Was Slated to Get Married: Reports

Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, the girlfriend of killed actor Paul Walker, was to get married to him, a report said this week.

“He had his daughter, Meadow, living with him and his relationship with Jasmine was solid. He was planning to make an honest woman out of her,” a source, who was not named, told Showbiz Spy several days ago.

Walker “had been looking at rings. He wanted to marry her,” the source added.

“There’s no doubt he was planning on marrying her when she was ready. He knew she was young and had her own things she wanted to achieve, but he always said she was worth the wait,” an insider said, according to Hollywood Life.

Pilchard-Gosnell reportedly was involved in Walker’s charity, Reach Out Worldwide.

“She encouraged him down that path, which gave him immense satisfaction,” another source said.

Last week, Pilchard-Gosnell’s uncle, told the Metro: “Paul was a really good guy and Jasmine is broken up by this. I went to Thanksgiving with him, played golf with him. They had their ups and downs but they were together and looking to spend a bright future together.”

He added: “This is horrible news and unexpected. Her mother is with her and she is comforting her.”

Walker and Pilchard-Gosnell got together when he was 33 years old and she was 16 years old, but “their age difference doesn’t scare him. He knows she’s the one,” said the  source to Showbiz Spy.

Last Sunday, several thousand of people attended a memorial for Walker and the driver of the car that crashed, Roger Rodas.

A funeral is slated for Saturday, which will only include close friends and family.

“I work next to his house every week, twice a week. Seeing those candles there, it’s heartbreaking,” he told KABC-TV.

Actor Rick Yune, who co-starred with Walker in “The Fast and the Furious,” also stopped by.

“We mourn his loss but … we can at least remember how great a guy he was and celebrate his life,” Yune told reporters.

Walker was in Santa Clarita for a fundraiser his charity, Reach Out Worldwide, organized for victims of the recent Philippines typhoon. The event took place at Rodas’ shop, and the two stepped away for what was supposed to be a short drive in Rodas’ car.

The limited-edition Porsche was previously owned by IndyCar driver Graham Rahal, who has said it could be difficult to drive.


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  • crystal

    I understand that by all accounts Paul Walker was a great guy but, I am having a hard time not seeing him as a pedophile. Walker started dating Jasmine in 2008, when she was 16 (only 1 yr. older than his daughter Meadow is now). He was 35. I’m sure that Jasmine’s parents had no problem with this because Walker was such a nice man and I’m sure his being rich and famous had nothing to do with their approval (wink)! I can’t help wondering if they would have been as approving if Walker had been just an average 35 yr. old man dating their 16 yr. old. I doubt it! I’m also pretty sure that Paul Walker would not have approved if, in another yr., when Meadow is 16, she gets involved with a 35 year old!!!

    • Kay

      Get over is already and let him R.I.P!!!!

    • devilschild

      You should be sued for slandering Jasmine. FYI…her family is wealthy.

  • TheTruth

    Jasmine is so full of S-ugar H-oney I-ce T-ea. Paul hit it and quit it way back in 2009, and was not even checking for her worn-out, homely-looking a$$….She is just another dumb hoe, trying to get some worker’s comp….

  • Questionable

    Yes they were slated to get married. I got my save the date card after I sent them an invitation to my wedding to Santa Claus. REALLY!! Enough already. If they were going to be married she would have had a ring. No ifs, and, or buts about it. If he wanted it, he would have put a ring on it. AND HE DIDN’T. So, I don’t want to hear about woulda, shoulda, coulda. I am not denying they had a relationship because there is proof of it. There is no proof they were together beyond 2011. No man deeply in love with a woman he plans to marry goes on proclaims his single status. He would have said he was making a home for his daughter with himself and the woman he loves and that he’d be expanding his family. No one would ever deny him happiness. But lets not put words and events into play that may not have been. Miss Pilchard-Gosnell needs to grieve in private and tell her minions to stop tipping off the press to all these stories. It’s not classy to leave the room and make a scene. Don’t go away mad…just go away (with the stories I mean.)

    • TheTruth

      Finally, someone with a brain! THANK YOU! There is NO WAY that ANY of
      JPG’s bs could be true. Paul Walker slayed her, and now she is just
      another EX who is mad because she thought her va-jj was lined with

      • Questionable

        I bet she will be doing the talk show circuit in a few months on what “would have been their wedding day”. This is all to trifling……

        • TheTruth

          Yes,…And you can rest assured that they will STILL be posting the same OLD stale a$$ed pics from way back, too. She is so DUMB.

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