CIA Official Breaks Silence on Extraterrestrials (+Video)
CIA Official Breaks Silence on Extraterrestrials (+Video)

WASHINGTON—In a gripping testimonial, an ailing former member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has talked via video for the first time publicly about his experience dealing with extraterrestrials, their craft and a cover-up.

The 15 minute prerecorded video of an anonymous former senior CIA officer was broadcast May 3 on the final day of the week long Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. The 77-year-old man, though he was articulate, and sitting up as he spoke, was obviously in a poor state of health. He worked for the CIA under President Dwight Eisenhower in 1958 and had chosen to break his long-held silence as he approached the end of his life.

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Organizer of the Citizen Hearing, Steve Bassett, introduced the video saying it offered an insight into the suffering of many military and government officials who are forced to live a world of secrecy and fear in what he calls the “truth embargo” about extraterrestrial encounters.

“In a sense, this video represents the many individuals out there who could not come before a committee like this, who want to talk, but it’s difficult. The vast majority of individuals who have interacted with this issue while working for the government, going back to the 40s, took the information that they had to their grave and did not talk if they were told not to talk.

“This gentleman has received numerous threats from his government not to talk, but he wanted this testimony to be presented and we agreed. He has only been interviewed by two researchers who are here today, Linda Moulton Howe and Richard Dolan,” he said.

After the screening Linda Moulton Howe authenticated the former CIA official’s credentials and his account, telling the hearing she had spent three days with him in which she had recorded eleven 90 minute audio tapes in 1994. She said on her return to her home after the three days she had received a phone call from him saying he and his wife had been threatened with retaliation if they went public and she could not release the tapes.

Richard Dolan, who is visible in the video, also authenticated the man’s position.

The former CIA official had been involved with the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book study of UFOs, which was initiated soon after the crash of a large object at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

  • MrMano

    God bless the Member’s Only Jackets.

  • Karen Davis

    The crafts are our own advanced technology with the Roswell crash being staged!

  • Maria Tilburg

    This man looks exactly like a ufo filmmaker in the us. I thought his name was something like Trumble, saw him on Nat Geo channel.

    • Maria Tilburg

      yes it is the same guy! He has the same line on forehead going up vertically above left eyebrow, check it out Sueychop! For Real!

  • Anon

    Karen Davis another dead brain skeptic..

    • Blahable

      Yay another gullible child. with absolutely no proof. Willing to accept all stories they want to hear.

      • Mr Universe <- the size of the known universe.

        just look at the size of the universe, too big to be just us. not saying the guys story is true, just pointing out that the universe is BIG. and we are very small.
        There is a theory that if there are other races's in are galaxy, just in our local area alone they could be billions of years old. now imagine how old some of the race's our out on the edge of the universe.

  • wj s

    Sorry little sis ! There real as im in space, and they’re just cruising space as our own satilite units are. There is nooo question about where God came from. I feel sorry for people that can’t see or witness what is really out there. Good luck! but there’s no such thing as luck, only chance and success.

  • Blahable

    All these gullible people…Sad

  • Columbina Artisan

    Let me get this straight…..after talking to LM Howe, who “authenticated” the man’s position but neglects to tell us how (oooh a pun!) , the anonymous retired “official” calls her up and says he was threatened. So they threaten him, but they don’t threaten LM Howe, or her compatriot, Richard Dolan who also claims to have “authenticated” this man’s “position”.

    Question number 1: Exactly what is this “authentication” process?

    Question number 2: Why is this man being threatened and with what, exactly?

    Question number 3: If he is being threatened, why isn’t Shirley McLaine being threatened? Or Whitley Strieber? Or anyone else?

    As an aside, I grew up inside CIA. My dad worked for them. And NOBODY, and I do mean NOBODY I ever knew, or talked to, believed any of this crap. Firstly, a cover up of this magnitude is next to impossible to acheive primarily for one reason: the human tendency to blab. And I assure you that CIA is full of human beings, imperfect and just as likely to blab as anybody else.

    If there are aliens operating on Earth, I assure you that CIA is NOT in cahoots with them, in contact with them, or having bbq’s with them out at Area 51. It’s just absurd.

    And by the way, the first question anyone should ask a “retired CIA officer”
    (or any other “retired CIA employee”) is: Where do you do your banking?

    The correct answer should be: Northwest Federal Credit Union.

    Good grief.

  • Seed

    who cares about the aliens, i want that 3 by 5 card with the math formula on it…

  • Darth Retic

    why is this guy anonymous? there are a couple of older gentlemen who give their names and ranks before giving testimony, and they’re not severely ailing. this guy has little to lose, and yet, no name, no place. this could all be a cleverly orchestrated tale, because there’s no way to fact-check this. skeptical? sure. not calling it a lie… leaving a possibility. what reasons can you think of that would require him to remain anonymous where others have not? and does his requiring continued anonymity cast doubt on those who aren’t?

    • Aluenvey Weaver

      Take a moment and think about it. He would be assassinated.

  • Westcoastliberal

    I’m acquainted with Rich Dolan and if he says he authenticated this Man’s credentials that’s good enough for me. If you disagree read his books and you’ll see he doesn’t bring forth info without tons of research; his books are heavily footnoted and Rich Dolan is highly regarded by serious UFO researchers.

    This Man’s account pretty much agrees with what others coming forward have said and I believe him.

  • believer77canada

    It kind funny reading comments. The close minded that think ” mankind” is the only being in the universe that is so special. Cheers to the old fella for throwing it on the line like that. I live in Canada up north and have seen things at night that don’t add up. Y is it so hard to believe? All the sceptices make it for everything to be dissmissed because their numbers seem to outnumber the believers. Just because they are not privy to classified info they feel the need to fill in the blanks and make wind to sound important and all knowing. I’m no scientist or researcher but believe common sence is a virtue. One day …at some point a strong nonbeliever will see something and have to hang their head in shame. And we will just sit back and quietly smile.

    • Rowdy

      You live in Canada up north? Glad you cleared that up for us. We thought you lived in the Canada down south.

  • Joe Diangelo

    After reading your comment I realized that even articulate people that can form intelligent sentences yet can make silly and stupid comments. Your way of thinking doesn’t fly with people anymore…sorry to dissapoint…but I agree with you…the old man was a weather balloon operator…lol…and you and your ‘Dada’ can spend time laughing about that cause after all you guys are an expert on how the CIA and FBI functions,,,Poor Fools wake up!

  • Tom Shaver

    Some people can’t handle the truth! Do your own homework. People are finding lots of matians on Google earth-mars. UFOs have been photographed on earth ,mars and the moon.

  • Prophetess Deedee

    I have been interested in space and extra terrestrial life since childhood. I met Carl Sagan in hs and went to Brown, making my major exobiology, after meeting him. Exobiology is the science of the origin of life. I worked in Sagan’s office one summer in college.

    I became a Christian in l990 at age 33. When I read this stuff or anything else, I pray to God to tell me what is true – there is no way to know unless you have direct experiences. HE has told me that Roswell did happen .

    I was a planetary geology major at Brown for 3 years -working with guys who worked on Apollo and Viking.

    I have to say – I believe Sagan was lying thru his teeth. He KNEW aliens were real – that was his whole life’s work, but the CIA or whoever had told them not to admit it. He finally wrote CONTACT in fictional form, describing the truth. Kissinger was on the alien study group which decided NOT to tell the truth to the public SO they have conditioned people to accept it eventually thru tv movies etc. Star Trek, ET, etc. It doesn’t seem that unreasonable to me that they felt telling the truth in general would cause too much panic. That is what happened when War of the Worlds was broadcast on the radio – people jumped out windows thinking it was true and not fiction.

    • marvin nubwaxer

      if you believe in the magic and myth of religion then you are predisposed to irrational thought that leads to crackpot conspiracy theories.

  • vapesquad

    So, “high-ranking CIA officer.” In full view, on video. Details given about where he worked, who he worked for, and when. But no name?

    Aliens or no aliens, this story’s such a steaming crock of bull I can smell it from here.

  • Nick Thorsch

    The Mathematical code for reversing gravity?! Reveal that!!!

  • bluskiff

    I went down the ufo rabbit hole for almost a year blew my mind If even 5% is true its the biggest story in history. funny HP put they stories in the weird news section.

  • marvin nubwaxer


  • Shades shady

    Ok some food for your thoughts? yes maybe this guy is truthful or lying through his dentures, that is beside the point. I believe it was Eienstien who said time travel was possible if you can travel faster than the speed of light. Yes it sounds looney tunes right?
    Early Human/Neanderthal remains have been found believed to be 8-10,000 years old. With ancient civ’s we know we have been keeping track of time for the last 2500-3000 years. With in the last 200 years human’s have discovered the world was round to traveling to the moon and live in a world where everyone with access to a smart phone or computer can contact and have a discussion with anyone in the world.

    Let us imagine your the first person to time travel? Don’t laugh. Imagine telling Steve Jobs or Bill Gates when they were working in garages in the early 1980’s. One day you were going to have a wireless computer phone that had a 2 gigahertz processor with 64 gigabytes of flash/solid state memory, a touch screen with a graphic user interface operating system that was able to use and connect to a world wide network. First thing they would be laughing at you like crazy, second they would think your Idea would have be be the size of a huge building. Then you decide to tell both of them that it will come in a 3 inch x 4.5 inch and only 1/4 inch thick. That is when they now think your off your rocker and commit you to a mental hospital.

    Or for a simpler expression go to the 13th-15th century with a Bic pen and lighter. And show some people how you can write endless without a ink well, and with a flick of your thumb you can summon a flame at your finger tip’s. You would be tied to a stake so fast and burnt as witch.

    My point is we don’t have a clue what our future holds. We don’t know how advanced a alien civ can be. What if they are 5 000 – 500 000 years ahead of humans are today? We can not be so closed minded that we think we are the only life form. We have not even traveled past our moon with people yet. Or explored outside our own galaxy yet.

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