‘9-Year-Old Suspended For Saying Merry Christmas To Teacher’ Article is a Fake
‘9-Year-Old Suspended For Saying Merry Christmas To Teacher’ Article is a Fake

An article saying that a 9-year-old student in San Francisco was suspended for saying “Merry Christmas” to an “outspoken Atheist teacher” named Paul Horner is a satire–published on satire news site National Report.

“Timothy Dawson, a 9-year-old student at Argon Elementary School in San Francisco, CA., was in the school cafeteria Monday eating with friends when he was taken to the principal’s office and given a week-long suspension. His punishment was consequence for saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to his homeroom teacher earlier that morning,” the article reads.

The National Report has a disclaimer that has been deleted which reads: “National Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within National Report are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental.”

The disclaimer can be accessed via Archive.org.

On the National Report’s Facebook page earlier this month, the admin of the site responds to a commenter that “you’re not alone on that one … its the ppl who don’t get it that are such a joy to [mess] with. TY.” 

It’s also worth keeping in mind that no mainstream media outlets have covered this story.

Despite the article being a hoax, a large number of people appeared to believe it.

At the bottom of the “Merry Christmas” article, it even offered a Change.org petition, and a fake Gmail account for Horner, asking people to send him a “Merry Christmas” e-mail.

“Sounds like the school may be intimidated by this douchebag teacher. So the children have to live by his lack of beliefs but they can’t have any of there own. He obviously doesn’t care about kids so why be a teacher,” reads one comment.

Another added: “If a 9 year old can offend a teacher with words, then I believe that Teacher needs to find a new occupation. I am not offended by other peoples religious views, I just pray for them.”

The National Report has published a number of satire articles that have gone viral, including one about a fake  “Assam Rape Festival,” that incensed a number of people in the Indian state.

  • Jera

    I appreciate you posting this. It needs to be put to rest and the publishers of National Report, Super Official News and SBYNews need to be held accountable. I personally contacted the Argonne Elementary School in S.F. yesterday afternoon. A parent volunteer there stated they have been receiving threats, complaints, etc. and the local police are protecting the school for fear of someone taking this seriously.
    I’ve also attempted to contact the sites’ publishers -whose contact info may or may not be real- and have received no responses.
    This type of satire goes a bit too far when you identify closely an all too real entity and they are threatened. Very irresponsible.

    • WTF: Sir Craig

      Wait a minute…National Report comes up with a bogus news article that sounds too much like an equally ill-researched Faux News article, a bunch of lazy conservative news sites pick it up without so much as an additional look at the source (which clearly states it’s satire and parody), and it THEIR fault that ignorant mouth-breathers and knuckle-draggers are threatening the school over this nonsense War on Xmas idiocy?

      Way to take responsibility.

  • AviJacobson

    The disclaimer has not been deleted. You access it via a link on the “Staff” tab. Here is the direct URL for the disclaimer. http://nationalreport.net/disclaimer/

  • Audrey Schällibaum-Kuhn

    This is a HOAX!!!! You should be ashamed for posting and spreading this!!!


  • WTF: Sir Craig

    I’m sorry, were we discussing weapon bans? You might have a point IF this were about equal arguments, but this isn’t the case. Weapons bans are serious business, whereas a made-up “War on Xmas” is about as ludicrous as it gets, made more so when people go into vapors over ridiculous news items that only sound real to them because their paranoia and sense of religious privilege DEMANDS it be real.

    You are promoting a tu quoque logical fallacy by assuming because someone else did something that mitigates the previous point. You also engage in a red herring—another logical fallacy—by introducing a completely irrelevant argument (irrelevant because it is clearly NOT the topic being discussed and is merely a means of distracting from the original point), plus you don’t link to anything in order for your claims to be examined.

    In short, this is why I will ignore any further responses from you.

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