Ted Cruz President 2016: Republican Going to Run for President, US Rep Says
Ted Cruz President 2016: Republican Going to Run for President, US Rep Says

Ted Cruz for president in 2016?


There’s no doubt, said U.S. Rep Elijah Cummings

“It’s clear to me he’s running for president — I don’t have any doubt about it,” Cummings told the Baltimore Sun.

Cummings said he and other Democrats spent the trip to South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s memorial debating with Cruz. “He got an earful from many of us — I mean it was a very good conversation, nothing negative,” he said. “I just reminded him that I’m concerned about the many people in my state and his state who have no health insurance.”

Added Cummings: “I know he got an earful for 20 hours out and he’s going to get another earful for 20 hours on the way back.”

The U.S. elected officials went to South Africa together as an official delegation.

Cruz made a name for himself when he spoke for 21 hours on the Senate floor, working to get people opposed to a government funding bill that included funding for the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Cruz, a senator out of Texas, is aligned with the Tea Party movement, and was born in Canada.






  • Canukistani

    After all the noise they made about the supposed possibility that Obama wasn’t born on US soil? This clearly shows that they believe that when the rules get in the way they don’t apply to Republicans. It’ll be interesting when they’re challenged on it. Surely they will be.

  • cal haughtly

    Ted, you are about as constitutionally eligible to become President of the United States as Napoleon….and take your hand out of your shirt.

  • Zibop

    He’s eligible to run for President of Canada, having been born there; more power to him on that. The US? Not after the stink his tea party followers made of the AMERICAN born, albeit black (as if that is a disqualifier), Pres. Obama.

  • HeyJude

    Well, the next slate of GOP presidential candidates is starting off promising to be as mind boggling as the last! Just submit your birth certificate, Ted, no problem there, eh? LOL Keep them coming…. Todd Akin, want to give it a go? Gov. McDonnell? Sarah, you up for it? Rick Santorum, c’mon, you know you want to. 😉

    • Robin S Summertown

      If I was a Republican voter I would have left the Party several years ago. I don’t like extremes of any kind and the I’m not sure the Republican Party could get any more extreme. He runs, the Dems have themselves another Pres.

      • HeyJude

        I agree. It is surely the result of the Tea Party, any reasonable and moderate republican who would like to run does not stand a chance getting passed their own party challenges. Look how quickly the Tim Pawlenty’s et al were sunk in favor of the likes of Santorum and Herman Cain. (They thought Romney was “moderate”, but actually he had no core, he was whatever they needed him to be at the time.) I believe that McCain would probably have won had he not chosen Palin as his running mate. But there seems to be a doubling down on the “we need to be MORE conservative to win” instead of acknowledging the gaurenteed loss in that stance.

        • Robin S Summertown

          The Tea Party certainly blew it up but the religious right creeping deeper and deeper in to the Republican Party was the beginning of the slide.

          I gave the moderate McCain a serious look when he ran the first time. Before he picked Palin I was already asking where did McCain go? So, Palin wasn’t his only challenge. The thinking of being more conservative is the insurance they have no chance of winning with the majority of the country.

          Romney was a joke. There was one pic that kept popping up of him looking so self satisfied standing up on stage. I think that frightened me more than any of the negative things that kept popping up.

      • Canukistani

        After years of the Republicans purging moderates or bullying them into submission it’s very hard to see how they could find any presidential candidate that would be acceptable to themselves and to the rest of the country at the same time.

        Whether they manage to perform the necessary political sleight-of-hand to justify claiming Cruz is eligible, after caterwauling about Obama not being born on American soil, or they choose someone else. Their pick pretty much has to be someone on the fringe. They’ve gone a long way out there to the land of extremes and it’s a long way back to sanity.

  • rosiecat

    Now, if Cruz’s parents are both citizens of the US, he is as well, regardless of place of birth, I believe. Same goes for Romney and McCain, who were born in Mexico and Panama, respectively. (Actually, after a cursory web search, there is apparently a bit of legal indeterminacy to the matter; natural-born citizenship, which the Constitution calls for, may need to be disambiguated from citizenship in general. Obviously, though, these and other candidates have ultimately been considered eligible to run/preside by a sufficient number of The Powers That Be, so….)

    • epazote

      Rafael Eduardo Cruz was born in Canada
      his father, a Cuban national
      his mother a citizen of the USA
      Rafael’s mother needed to register his birth at a US Consulate in Canada in order to legitimize his status as “natural born US Citizen” born in a foreign country. That would’ve granted him dual citizenship. Absent her having done so, any claim to his being “natural born USA citizen” is illegitimate.
      I’m uncertain when the family returned to the USA, but Rafael’s father didn’t become a naturalized USA citizen until 2006-2006. When did Rafael renounce his Canadian citizenship?

  • earth_dweller

    hoo boy, here we go as the “republicans” search for the absolute poster child of “greater evil” to counter the “democrats” “lesser evil” and make the sheeple feel they would even crawl n.a.k.ed over broken glass to vote against the “greater evil,” in perfect synchronicity with the plans of the imperial war machine to make itself look humanitarian and good with its “democratic” front person.
    Jill Stein 2016 — or whoever YOU want to vote for — since we’re going to get whoever they want us to get — AGAIN — anyway …

  • gop lies in harmony

    Go ahead Ted. I’m 100% certain you will never be our President.

  • DJ

    Can’t wait for the crash and burn…this guy is scarey

  • Devey Elise

    How can he run for pres if he was born in Canada? How can he even hold office now??? Good lawd.

  • Algebra Palin

    i hope he does.

    i want to get in on the birther-fun.

    • epazote

      I think it’s better we get ahead of all that with facts about his “Dominionist/Christian Reconstruction” beliefs, and his having been *anointed* by several fundamentalist preachers, including his own father, to lead the way forward.
      In a nutshell, their goal is to remove the “ungodly” US Government and usher in a fundamentalist, old testament based theocracy. If anyone’s not informed about this movement, you’d best start researching

  • imamouse

    He’s such a classy guy. At the Mandela memorial when Castro got up to speak. Cruz walks out. How many other leaders or even potential leaders walked out. Only Cruz. What a phony.
    After all that the interpreter stole the show.

    • AskandTell

      Cruz is so self-absorbed he doesn’t get that he went to the funeral as an ambassador of the US which is why his trip was paid for. After his unprofessional behavior, Cruz should not be allowed to attend any future events in which he’s representing this country.

    • miket

      Walking out was the appropriate thing for an American to do. Castro has blood on his hands; he is a dictator. Anyone who is serious about liberty would have done exactly what Cruz did.

  • Gin1234

    Was it ever solved whether or not he can run for president having been born in Canada? I think I am going to have to examine his birth certificate from Canada and his birth certificate from the US, before I decide if he is a legitimate candidate worthy of my vote.

  • Robin S Summertown

    If he does, it will be deja vu all over again.

    Someone mentioned self absorbed, that’s got to be right especially if you look at the results from the last race.

  • Jrlh

    Sorry, this guy works for me as a counter weight ONLY….

  • VietVet67

    When does the birther fun start?

    • tracey marie

      they are already protecting him

  • Julia Oceania

    Conservatives might like him for a Senator, but he is the wrong shade to be the nominee of their party.

    • New Old Gnu

      Thanx, Julia..: ) n Backachya..: )

  • miket

    If Cruz does run for President, the left should treat his citizenship issue in exactly the same way they treated Barack Obama’s citizenship issue. But I’m sure it won’t.

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