Australian Sharks to Be Killed en Masse by Government
Australian Sharks to Be Killed en Masse by Government

The Australian government is so concerned about shark attacks on humans that it plans to start baiting and trapping the creatures about half a mile off the western coast. The Western Australian government plans to set baited drum lines to catch large sharks along heavily used beaches in metropolitan areas. Boats would then monitor the drum lines, to be set up for 24 hours a day for four months beginning in January.

The government’s tactic is part of a larger approach that includes more aerial surveillance, shark tagging, beach patrols, and a trial shark enclosure. It said in a statement that the drum lines are one more step toward a “long-term shark strategy” to protect people from shark attacks. It also plans to establish a Coastal Shark Management Zone.

The method of killing the sharks in large numbers with the baited drums is known as culling. Conservationists are calling for a halt to the measure.

“While we acknowledge the need to restore public confidence and provide safe swimming areas for the community, we do not support the use of lethal shark population control measures such as nets, drum lines, or targeted fishing of sharks,” said Dr. Ryan Kempster, a shark biologist and founder of Support Our Sharks, in an email. “Such approaches are by their very nature indiscriminate in the animals that are caught and killed, and also likely to be ineffective.”

Kempster said that he and his organization support the use of nonlethal measures and more community education. He also said that more people die from riptide currents in Australia every year (about 21 per year) compared to shark attacks (1 per year).




  • Cindy Springtime

    Many animals in the ocean, are coming close to the shore lines THROUGH- OUT the pacific!
    SOMETHING IS HAPPENING IN THE OCEAN! It very well could be from Fukushima!
    The RADIATION is DEPLETING the OXYGEN & SUFFOCATING the SEA-LIFE! This IS FORCING them to shallow water!
    We shouldn’t be KILLING them, we should be HELPING them!!

    • elderlyfox

      Go help as a shark meal then. Ask the first commenter where the best place is to give your beloved shark his b/f.

  • Cindy Springtime

    NO-ONE has been ALLOWED to comment yet!

  • abinico

    This is evil. The ocean does not belong to us – it is not our playground.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      It belongs to us no less than it does the shark. We didn’t create the planet and we can’t really even figure out exactly how it works. We are as much a part of it as the sharks and if I choose to go in the water and a shark chooses to try and eat me, I will kill it first just because I am not such a pompous twit I think I am somehow better than that and should accept my lot gracefully because I am in it’s territory. Earth is MY territory. However I will certainly toss someone like you to the sharks to save myself or others since you have in essence volunteered already and at least you’ll have the consolation of knowing the sharks are getting a square meal as they tuck into your thighs. That’s where they usually start once they’ve grabbed your leg and ripped you up a bit so you can’t get away. Of course if it’s big enough it will take you in a bite or two.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Well the conservationists tend to have their heads firmly planted up their bums.

    Here in Western Australia we’re averaging half a dozen FATAL shark attacks a year lately.

    Get a clue you armchair “conservationists”, crocodiles and sharks don’t need protection, speaking as someone who does spend time in their environment by necessity and choice my experience suggests it is people who need protection and at the least they deserve a fair chance, as in being able to kill something which is not constrained from killing us by any pompous concern for our survival as a species.

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