MSNBC ‘Forced’ Into Apology Over Biden Speech

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MSNBC ‘forced’ apology: MSNBC apologized to its viewers after taking quotes from Vice President Joe Biden out of context.

Biden was giving a speech dedicated to Americans who died in the Benghazi, Libya attack last year, according to MSNBC.

But as the National Review pointed out, MSNBC used the segment to make an argument about gun control in the United States.

“No child should predecease their parents and noone should have to suffer the loss of their spouse, it’s not easy,” he said in the edited segment.

The network’s Thomas Roberts then said Biden was “children as the victims of gun violence” when he made the remark.

However, on Friday’s edition of “The Cycle,” the network issued an apology for apparently taking the vice president’s quote out of context.

A co-host on the show, Toure, said, “Quick note, earlier today on MSNBC, we played a soundbite from the Vice President in which we stated he was speaking about gun control. The Vice President was actually speaking about Benghazi. It was a producer error. MSNBC regrets the error,” according to the Huffington Post.

Conservative website The Blaze claimed the network was “forced” to apologize, suggesting MSNBC was trying to mislead. However, MSNBC did not specify that in its apology.

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  • Curtis Goodnight

    If MSNBC had to spend its time apologizing every time they got it wrong that wouldnt have much time to report things.

  • James Ziolkowski

    Shame on MSNBC. Again.

  • SalemWitch65

    Good thing it wasn’t Faux Fox News then because they would NEVER be on the air to lie! But then they don’t ever apologize for lying and spewing hate!

    • pootypoo

      Can you give a specific expample of the “hate” they “spew”? I can now give at least one specific expample of NBC lying, and your comment as an example of “hate”.

      • SalemWitch65

        Yeah, how about O’LIEelly spewing hate about Dr. George Tiller..and hw was killed by a Faux Fox news watcher..of course you’d never hear that on Fox Lies….

    • Adam Pearson

      You must be one of the 13 people that watch NBC.

  • Robert Blohm

    MSNBC doesn’t report the news, they make it up.

    • Matthew Hancock

      You are thinking of Fox. Honest mistake.

      • graaaawk

        And *you* are living in an imaginary world, my friend. MSNBC is 85% opinion, 15% news. Fox and CNN are more like 50/50. Seriously, in terms of its new reporting Fox is no more (and in most cases less) biased than just about every other broadcast and cable news network. The reason they get a bad rap is because their opinion stuff doesn’t toe the media party line of “all leftist, all the time!”

      • WhoIs_IsThis?

        Matt: Please wake up poor brainwashed Progressive sheep. Obama hates you and you’re nothing but a vote to him.

  • larrytxn

    I am sure that the dozens that watch MSNBC were saddened. so it goes

  • pootypoo

    Cool, NBC targets an employee for blame, doesn’t accept responsibility, and pushes an article saying it was “forced” to “apologize”. Forced? Where was the apology?

  • Lucy

    Not like I turn to MSNBC for news thank God…..

  • Paul Braasch

    MSNBC is a liberal toilet theater with the parts of the turds played by maddow, harris-perry, bashir, brzezinski, matthews, scarborough and sharpton.

    The question is…will the toilet ever be flushed?

    It truly is amazing. I tune in occasionally just to see if they will actually report news…nope, it is a constant parade of repub bashing.

    And before some of you pathetic libs bash me for being a neo-con…I am neither dem nor repub. I just see through all the [...] and lies the libs constantly spew.

  • Michael Eckel

    At least MSNBC made an apology, something that FOX would NEVER do. Some of the MSNBC anchors have taken self-imposed Leaves-of-Absences for misspeaking, or making derogatory comments. FOX selectively edits speeches to make them conform to their view, or to discredit someone they are against, and when they are caught they do not make corrections, apologies, or show the un-edited speech (Sherry Sherrod’s governmental career was destroyed by Hannity, he has yet to apologize). Anne Coulter spews forth venomous speech almost every time she appears on FOX, and is never confronted about it.. When something she has said creates a public backlash all she says is “I was JOKING! Can’t they even take a joke?”

    • 7962

      Fox has made corrections on-air in the past. And the Sherrod recording was by brietbart, not fox, although it was played on fox. Oreilly has made corrections many times on air. MSNBC, on the other hand, rarely does. Ed Schultz blatantly edited a tape of Neal Boortz and never apologized. The worst example I’d ever seen. And he did it with Romney too as well as others. If you think fox is worse than msnbc, then obviously you never watch fox.

  • Thomas A Rodgers

    This happened because they are so quick to jump on any subject which gives them a chance to slander gun rights and gun owners. MSNBC can piss off, pathetic excuse for a news agency.

  • TMan62

    Doubt anyone actually saw either show anyway. What’s their viewership now, like 6?

  • Adam Pearson

    Retracting stories and doctoring tapes……..just another day for the [...] at msnbc.

  • jbozarth

    I’d like to know who’s behind this apology because MSNBC cuts, edits, lies, and makes false references all the time and they never apologize – why now?

  • Red Wine

    Oh good grief. Of COURSE they were trying to mislead. It’s the BSNBC way.