Dark Side of Duck Dynasty: Phil Cheating on Kay, Si Struggling with Alcoholism

The dark side of Duck Dynasty–the family now famous from their reality television series–includes Phil and Kay’s marraige going through some tough times, and Si nearly killing people for basically no reason while in stupors during his service in Vietnam.

Here’s 10 dark facts about the Duck Dynasty family, from Si’s book Si-cology: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncle, and an interview Phil and Kay did with I am Second.

1. Si and Phil’s mother had a nervous breakdown when they were small children, and she spent a lot of time in mental institutions

2. Si struggled with alcoholism throughout much of his early life, especially while serving in Vietnam

3. During his struggle, Si nearly killed two people for hardly any reason at all, he wrote in his book. “You could find a drink and a girl whenever you wanted for the right price,” he said. “I was largely drinking to forget where I was. When you’re in a place like Vietnam, you get to a point where you don’t care anymore.”

4. Phil married Kay when she was 16.

5. Phil also struggled with alcoholism, and taking other drugs. “He would be mad and just be in and out like a flash,” Kay said in an interview by I am Second. “He would become more and more mean, and mean-spirited, and I would tell my boys, that’s not your daddy, that’s the devil in your daddy.”


Phil and Kay are now happily married after going through some tough times. (A&E TV)

6. After Phil was cheating on Kay, Phil accused Kay of cheating on him. She said she briefly considered taking her own life, because she felt like she could’ve save the marriage or him.

7. Phil left the family and lived in the woods for months, wanted by law enforcement for injuring one of the owners of a bar in Arkansas that he co-owned.

8. Jep, one of Phil’s sons, has also struggled with drug and alcohol use, which led to an intervention by the family.

9. Scott, Si’s son, tried jumping out of a second-story window when he was 11. He was later diagnosed with Asperger’s and lives a happy life.

10. Reed Robertson,the eldest son of Jase and Missy, considered suicide.

Despite all the struggles the family went through, they appear to be pretty happy–and pretty well-off–now.


From left, Phil Robertson, Si Robertson, and Jase Robertson in “Duck Dynasty.” (AP Photo/A&E, Art Streiber)

Phil and Kay are happily married and everyone else is enjoying the fame that has come with the reality television series, and the wealth from the expanded business because of the series, which follows the family as they live daily life, and manage the family business. Their business sells duck calls all over the world, as well as related gear and tools.

The family-friendly show has very little sex, violence, and bad language, and is very popular, with 12 million people watching this season’s premiere on A&E.