Dale Smith and Family Presumed Missing in Idaho Plane Crash

Dale Smith, president of Serialtek in Silicon Valley, has gone missing along with two of his children, Amber and Daniel, and their partners.

The plane registered to Smith went missing in central Idaho backcountry on Sunday, and rescuers haven’t been able to find Smith and his family.

Smith’s business partner Rand Kriech said Smith was in the plane, reported the San Jose Mercury News.

Kriech said colleagues at the company are very concerned.

“We’re hopeful,” Kriech said. “Today is the first day they’ll have a good clean search and have a good chance of finding them. I think today is going to be a good day.”

On Sunday and Monday, poor weather derailed rescuers from extensive searching. 

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  • czentner

    Dale is a good friend of mine… fellow member of my ward, and did some work for his business a number of years ago. He’s meticulous about everything, and incredibly smart and determined. If anyone can help his family out of the situation, it would be him. My prayers are with him.