Paul Walker Conspiracies Go Viral: Was Walker ‘Murdered for Digging Too Deep?’
Paul Walker Conspiracies Go Viral: Was Walker ‘Murdered for Digging Too Deep?’

Paul Walker is dead after a horrific car crash, but some people on conspiracy websites are positing that the famed actor was murdered for “digging too deep.”

Alternative news site Before It’s News has written a story about the theories, which has gotten over 128,000 views and thousands of Facebook “likes” and shares in the past two days. And on Twitter, a number of users speculated that Walker, 40, may have been murdered. 

The Before It’s News “report” cites several theories from the popular conspiracy forum Godlikeproductions:

1. Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were killed “shortly after they discovered a conspiracy to supply victims of Typhon Haiyan with a prototype permanent birth control drug hidden in medicinal supplies and food aid,” claimed an anonymous user on the website. The pair supposedly had “a damning recording” and “they were on their way to rendezvous with an ally who would have helped them get in touch with the right people.

“Turns out they were betrayed and someone rigged their car’s breaks to malfunction after a certain speed,” the user said. “Now that the loose end has been tied up, and the recording destroyed, the people responsible have nothing to fear as this will become another ‘conspiracy theory’ no one will take seriously.”

However, no evidence to support this claim has appeared yet, and the origin of this theory is from Godlikeproductions. No credible, mainstream media entities have covered this.

Keep in mind that GodlikeProductions has numerous threads about the U.S. research program HAARP causing earthquakes and storms in other countries, conspiracies about Comet ISON, and various posts about the Illuminati–a purported secret society that controls the world’s governments and large corporations. Anonymous users can post–without registering–anything they want.

It’s also worth noting that after every major event–including school shootings, the Boston bombing, or a plane crash–there’s almost always a conspiracy theory about a cause, usually with users alleging there was a “false flag” involved. But there’s usually little-to-no evidence to support such claims.

News Photo: actor Paul Walker arrives at the world premiere…

Paul Walker in London in May. (Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

The other theory from Godlikeproductions is as follows:

2. Referring again to Walker’s work for victims of Typhoon Haiyan, also known as Typhoon Yolanda, the other theory on the forum is that Walker discovered “dirty money” in the Philippines disaster relief. “That would make sense because he owned a company that specialized in rapid disaster relief,” the poster said.

Several others are supporting this argument. One user on Twitter said: “I believe Paul Walker was murdered for knowing down deep the evil plans of the global elite in regards to the Philippine typhoons.”

Again, there is no evidence to support this claim that has appeared as of yet.

In the story “Paul Walker: Murdered for Digging Too Deep?” the author speculates that the massive damage done to the vehicle Walker and Rodas were in appears to point to a murder of some sort.

Several other theories circulating are:

-The crash was caused by an “Obama drone strike.”
-The crash was foretold in the Family Guy episode where the dog Brian dies, because Walker’s character in “Fast & Furious” was named Brian
-Walker spoke “prophetic” words in his 2000 film “The Skulls,” when he said “If you keep digging you will dig your own grave.”

Another associated theory is that the lack of skid marks helps prove a murder, as well as the fire that consumed much of the car and rendered the two bodies so far unidentifiable (officials are using dental records to confirm the bodies are Walker and Rodas).

Sources at Always Evolving, the auto shop co-owned by Walker and Rodas, told TMZ that they saw evidence of a steering fluid leak, including a burst and subsequent trail.

The lack of skid marks before the point of impact–a tree–appear to align with the steering fluid leak, the sources said. Flames would typically be expected where the engine is in the rear of the car, but the fire in the front reinforces the theory of a fluid leak. However, officials later said that there was no evidence of a fluid leak.

Another theory–one put forward by some officials–is that Rodas was speeding, which may have contributed to the crash. But one source said that the idea Rodas lost control, even if he was speeding, is preposterous.

“Roger was a world class driver,” the source said.

News Photo: picture of actor Paul Walker stands among flowers…

A picture of Paul Walker among flowers at the crash site, where hundreds of friends and fans paid their respects on December 1, 2013. (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

Another theory is that Rodas was drag racing, because the neighborhood where the crash happened is known to attract street racers. 

The crash happened on a street that forms an approximately 1-mile loop amid industrial office parks and is rimmed by hills and isolated from traffic, especially on weekends.

“It’s well-known out here that that’s a hot spot for street racers,” California Highway Patrol Sgt. Rick Miler. “It’s a long stretch where, weekends, businesses are all closed and they feel like nobody’s going to bother them up there.”

Officials later said that Rodas wasn’t drag racing but that speed was a factor. The posted limit was 45 mph.

Investigators are trying to determine how fast the car was traveling and what caused it to go out of control, including whether the driver was distracted or something in the road prompted him to swerve.

Another point of contention is what the car actually hit, and in what order it hit the tree, trees, or light pole that it ran into.

The AP cited officials saying the Porsche crashed into a light pole then a tree. Jim Torp with Always Evolving, the auto shop Rodas and Walker co-owned, told Hollywood Life that the car hit one tree, then hit four other trees and a light pole. CNN reported that the car hit trees and knocked over the light pole, citing video it obtained. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  • Stephen Shellen

    Good try.

  • nick.james

    Theres no way that a tree that small would have did that to a car..even if he wrecked and fliped the car in to the tree..i mean it looked like a train hit the car..come on!!!

    • Anthony DaMario

      This is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard, a family guy reference just made the article a complete joke btw lmao. I’m kind of into conspiracies, they’re interesting, and I’m very open minded, but this is absurd, there are also other conspiracies saying he was hit by a drone. Plus a tree 6 inches in diameter is pretty damn sturdy, not to mention it’s rooted into the ground, not going anywhere. It’s science and pretty much common sense. Cars are heavy but delicate pieces of equipment, get into a small car accident and you will realize how easily they can be damaged, a tiny sturdy tree rooted into the ground would destroy and hunk of metal

      • Desperado

        BS. If you grew up around fields with plenty of trees you would know trees are EASILY run over by cars, trucks, etc. I used to take a old hunker truck in the field and run over trees BIGGER than the one Walker hit. The reason for this was firewood but you add the so called “speed” into the equation and the tree would have been EASILY dislodged. This “accident” is way too fishy

      • RamenRider

        That is some dumb a## logic, not saying you are but your logic is really blocked by something, perhaps your emotion.

        Go take some physics classes first and compare the impact of a porcheGT to a f—– 6inch tree.

        • Blake Rizzo

          Reading is important kids. The car hit a street light first and then the tree. Knocking over a light post takes a serious impact and it takes a lot of momentum out of the vehicle in the process. The tree that the vehicle came to rest on was not the first object they hit. There’s even video of the impacts from across the street. I get it, it’s super fun to pretend like you know something that “everyone else is too dumb to figure out” and it’s endearing to think that you are one of the only people “smart” enough to figure out what REALLY happened in a circumstance that you were not there there for; but if you really think this is a conspiracy, simply provide evidence of it. A little rock solid evidence (not hearsay, internet stories and rumors) is all you need to convince even the most skeptical person.

          Sometimes in life, people make mistakes, not matter how good of a driver or how rich a movie star. It must be a truly self-important world to live in when you assume that everything is some conspiracy that only you and a select few “Brilliant Thinkers”know about. Any story can be turned into a conspiracy by simply making any unsubstantiated claim you want about it. If there’s no evidence for it, someone will believe you because they are convinced that everyone in the world is lying to them about everything and the “Mainstream opinion” is always a lie that was put out there to “distract everyone from learning the secret truth!”

          Yes, there’s way more quotation marks in there than I ever should have used, but these conspiracy theories are like Saturday morning cartoons and deserve only the most animated of responses.

  • Frank Castle

    JFK, MLK Jr., and now Paul Walker?? Nigga’ you just went full conspiracy.

  • The Disciple

    i believe he was murdered for what i dont know but the signs show it all.

    none of it makes any sense. a top of the line supercar having such a weak ass “malfunction” car smoking before they even hit the pole smoke in front not back where engine is no skid marks before impact. prolly cause driver couldnt even see before impact cause the smoke.

    so many more inconsistanncies.

  • Freedom

    Michael Hastings all over again. Nice how the author of the article Adds that “no credible” media sources have corroborated the theories. Which is the “credible” media source? Is it the one that said on 9/11 that a third building had collapsed when in the same shot of the reporter the background shows the building still standing. Is that the credible media. The media that wouldn’t investigate Michael Hasting’s 3-explosion car crash? how many gas tanks do these cars have nowadays? If you, the author, are protecting the Luciferian child-rapers, then you can be no better than one. And you do know what is going on. Anyone that doesn’t is frozen in fear Or part of the goat-f*****.

    • Traci Frost

      Here here. Freedom! Standing by and watching murder is nearly as bad as committing it.

    • Triple OG Pimp C

      I thought that was pretty funny too. Maybe people wouldn’t read Godlikeproductions if a ‘credible, mainstream media entity’ existed.

  • tomasiepants

    I’d much rather believe Godlikeproductions than the Epoch Times. A Chinese publication that pretty much publishes status quo mainstream news stories.

    • Ben_Chasteen

      The Epoch Times was founded by Chinese Americans who came over to the US after witnessing the Tienanmen Square Massacre first hand. In the nineties after the Chinese government started to suppress many spiritual practices like Tibet, Falun Gong and underground Christians, they realized that all media over seas were only reporting what the CCP was saying, so they decided to make their own media based on the true situation of what you don’t hear. Most of all of their reports about China is not what you would read in mainstream news, since Epoch Times is an independent company they can report the truth while others hold back out of fear of political and economic interest with China.

      The English version is a general interest news, but the focus is on China and Local NYC.

    • Apollo B

      Actually GLP has its own set of conspiracies: that is it is ran by the
      US government. Don’t believe me check this out:

  • Stephen Shellen

    Happy to see that we are taking it to the shills and the phony articles that suggest anyone asking questions is immediately a tin hat in in their mommy’s basement. The accident was weird.So what,people have questions.By the way mainstream media,you have lied about almost everything else sot tell me, why should we believe you here??Oh sorry, that’s right. You did tell the truth about what Kim Kardashian wore last week. Some points…
    1) Motive you ask
    Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas were involved in helping disaster victims. As a celebrity whatever Paul stumbled across to do with Agenda 21, charity fraud, contaminated medicine or food, child trafficking , someone could have been afraid he would go public. He had a voice due to his celebrity.
    2) Faulty car, could be but take into account new weapons, directed free energy weapons, lasers or a simply bomb. The car was toasted. Toasted!!!!!! Robert Duncan writes about energies like this and no,it is not new technology. Tesla was working on this stuff back in the 1920.s 1930’s.
    3) The maliciousness on these comments and any others about this accident are EXTREME to say the least.
    4) They both had children so I too am guilty of not being respectful towards the families involved and I apologize.But others referring to Paul as a s**t actor,a B actor, and other much worse insults….why?? Where does this anger come from?? Shill behavior for sure. Mean and insulting has worked so well for so long to discourage people from critical thinking.Not true anymore.

    • Stephen Shellen

      Guess all the crappy comments were taken off. Good!!

    • Michael Scoffield

      I’ve encountered these types of commenters also. I just don’t know where all this hate is coming from. Every article about Paul and Roger has like 20 hate comments. Just blind and pure hate. They say he was a bad, B actor yet he was the lead of a billion dollar movie series. He was also one of the nicest and kindest celebrities Hollywood ever had so I really can’t image what’s with all the hate.

  • Susan Littleton

    Paul Walker was a good man and real human being. He was uncovering and in the process of revealing atrocities against humanity. He was assassinated, and no amount of false propaganda or fascist shill talk can make the reality of that go away. Rest in peace, Paul. We know the truth, and we are on watch now.

  • Susan Littleton
  • Traci Frost

    Absolutely! Nick.james and lets face it even if there was evidence to support a special interest murder. The mainstream would cover the evidence not report it! They’re the opposite of news.

  • Stephen Shellen

    Interesting, the crummy hateful comments are gone. What happened, got exposed?

  • nosnoozenewz

    What a way to cover up and try to ‘dis-repute’ information.
    Totally disregard, bring up what so many are told are ‘conspiracy theories’, WHICH ARE REAL AND TRUE. I see you are selling your Soul to the highest bidder?
    Just wait, you have no place with these Archon-elite psychopaths. Enjoy your fun while you have it.
    (BTW PW was 40? I am sure he had some maturity, geez. How old was the driver?) Have we heard anything about the DRIVER or the technology that can now TAKE OVER YOUR CAR!)
    Remember Michael Hastings? There are drones out there that you CAN’T SEE! They are there.

  • nosnoozenewz

    Wow, looking at these comment no wonder they are trying to shut down or massively censor the internet through TPP the secret ‘Trans Pacific Partnership’ …
    we can see thru the lies.
    Wow pretty quick to put an article out that ‘discounts’ the possible foul play.

  • silvermaran

    Wonder if the 7000 vaccine induced Haitian’s deaths had anything to do with it after the criminals knew in 1985 what really caused AIDS immune suppression?

  • Robert Griffiths

    Hey guys. There was news just released of a male contraceptive that has been proven successful on mice and has plans on being released within a few years.

    Could this be in connection with the conspiracy theory to get it tested on humans quicker. I find it odd that the info is released so closely to this conspiracy theory.

  • nick

    Paul Walker owned 40 mil in Bit Coin currency. Enough said. Look up Bit Coin and then figure something out.

  • Sovereignty Soldier

    Remember Randy Quaid running scared to Canada because of the “star whackers.” Did you recently see the evidence of Briitany Murphy being poisoned? The illuminati in entertainment, politics, finance, and even religion, are very real and very evil. They do indeed tie up loose ends which is why there is never much evidence left except one”s use of common sense coupled with any remaining trace evidence as well as using discernment. Seriously, what makes more sense, bin Laden who was very sick even in 2001, died due to either his kidney
    issues or was killed back in 2001 and kept on ice until he was needed as a political victory. Or, he was killed in Pakistan in 2011 and his body was disposed of in the sea before any
    photographic proof could be attained. Also most of the people involved in the Pakistan mission have since passed on.
    The excuse? It was in keeping with muslim tradition…which is non-existant! There is no tradition of burial at sea in Islam.
    You gotta stop giving passes to known and obvious liars!

  • Adam Baum

    I’m looking for motive. What was he into specifically that they wanted to murder him over? He knew about some secrets? what?

    • Adam Baum

      I’m not buying it. I need specifics

  • Nick Hayhurst

    Did the author of this article seriously say “credible, mainstream media entities”? I believe Zachary Stieber just earned himself the “Oxymoron of the Century” award.

  • coalminds

    “their car’s breaks”

    This is hilarious.

  • Stephen Shellen

    You are all hilarious and I don’r think one person here, even myself included, can form their own opinion about this. We are all sheeple whether we want to admit it or not. Stand alone and look at all the information, check out Paul Walker interviews, see what kind of man you think he was. I am not trying to be cruel but honestly, forget what anyone else says, grab your truth with your balls and hang onto it and then, if you change your opinion, fuc it, go with it. Don’t be afraid of changing your opinion!! Not one single one of us is obliged to be right about anything and in this ridiculous crazy world that should come as a relief. By the way, the spin on this article sucks, don’t listen to that either.

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