Knockout Game: Did 60-year-old Woman Beulah Montgomery Kill 2 Teens After Getting Punched?
Knockout Game: Did 60-year-old Woman Beulah Montgomery Kill 2 Teens After Getting Punched?

The “knockout game” is spreading across the nation, and stories about new incidents are coming out every day. But one that tells of a 60-year-old woman shooting two teens after one of the teens played the game on her appears to be fake.

The game–which is also described as “point-em-out, knock-em-out”–refers to a new phenomenon where teens try to punch random passersby so hard in an attempt to knock them out. The victims are typically strangers to the punchers.

The story in question claims that a 60-year-old woman in an undisclosed location was walking home when a group of seven teens approached her before one hit her.

The woman, which the article claims is Beulah Montgomery, then grabbed her gun from her purse and shot in the direction where the teens were fleeing. Two of them were hit and later died a result of the gunshot wounds, the story claims.

Montgomery says that she always carries a gun after getting mugged before. “Its a shame you can’t walk through your own neighborhood where you are supposed to feel safe without being assaulted and mistreated,” she said. “I purchased the gun hoping I would never have to use it, but I’m glad to still be in the land of the living.”

There’s several elements that point to this story being a fake. The original source,,  appears to be a site and forum where many stories are shared, some of which appear to be legitimate or semi-legitimate. But there is a lack of any location in this story. There is no street, city, or state listed as to where the purported incident took place.

Second, the person who posted the story on the site is listed as “guy.” Not exactly reassuring.

Third, besides, the story has only appeared on forums and on alternative news sites that mostly aggregate stories–some of which are false.

No legitimate media entities have covered this story. With knockout game stories getting such heavy coverage over the past few weeks, a story of this magnitude would be likely be splashed across mainstream media.

So it appears the story is fake until further notice.

There was a story that came out recently about a teen who tried to knock out a man in Lansing, Michigan as part of the knockout game. But he failed, and the man shot the teen twice. The teen was then sentenced to a year in jail.

There have been at least several deaths because of the game, but they have all been victims of the punchers, not the punchers themselves.

On November 19, Lawrence Hsieh, a Yale University postdoctoral associate in neurosurgery, was hit in the head and suffered a broken nose when teens attempted to knock him out. “The whole ordeal was over in 30 seconds,” he was quoted as saying.


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  • Freddy Scott

    Who cares if it’s fake. Maybe this will make the idiots who play this “game” think about what they’re doing before they do it. Maybe, they’ll find the smallest grain of common human decency and realize what they were about to do is beyond ridiculous and not do it. So yes,. lets please investigate the truthfulness of this article and tear apart the original writer and the media agency which published it, like it’s the first time a bullshit story has ever been published.

    • Guest

      I care if it’s fake. You really don’t care about being lied too, eh?

      • Guest :)

        Its like stories in the bible, learn and live from them. Lie or not, the story has a good point behind it.

  • Freddy Scott

    See, at least one other person beside me realizes what this can do. Doesn’t matter if it’s a bullshit story or not, it has a chance to stop idiots from being idiots.

  • Freddy Scott

    Obviously, you’ve missed the point.

  • NDMA

    Whether true or not, this is just an example of Americans thinking they can do whatever they want in this world which is true… And an example that the real world has consequences…! Wanna guess what yours are for genocide across >70 nations? Give you a hint, you haven’t even seen the beginning of it =]

    • Jono

      KMA, NDMA

      • NDMA

        You think your ignorant genocidal race can beat us? LoL… You people are fighting for profit, we are fighting for the lives of our loved ones: guess who will fight longer and harder! Although your willing to kill gives you a distinct advantage, only a schoolyard bully would think that is superior to having genuine care and compassion.

        You pathetic Americans, there, I just threw a dollar at you: go run for it…

  • Nix_Nightbird

    Here’s the thing. This isn’t a “new” game. We used to call it “getting mugged”, now when kids get caught mugging someone, they claim they weren’t after their wallet and cell phone, but just “playing a game” and thus they aren’t sent up for attempted robbery.

    The only new element here is that some kids are shooting videos of the assault portion of the mugging and posting it online.

    • aaron

      Then what is it called when they just blindside someone and walk away without stealing their property?

      • TotallyRandomName

        It used be called “wilding” and white kids did it.

  • Urinal Gum

    It’s interesting that all sorts of groups are blamed for this phenomenon mentioned in a fake story: blacks, liberals, conservatives, walkers, etc. Isn’t it obvious that teenagers are the only ones to blame? Has anyone ever met a teenager who was not a complete idiot?

    • agb1953 .

      I met one once, but he had graduated from high school at 11 and was attending MIT at the time. Sort of above average I would say.

  • Dave R


  • catswearingsocks

    maybe you should have just focused on the real story and not reporting on a fake one.

    sadder is that you come on the message boards and start posting… never understood why writers do that. to me, it just comes across as pathetic.

    • Guest

      Sure, let’s ignore the fact that a fake story was being read by hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom believed it was real.

      • Terry R

        Yes, they believe it, until they are made to feel like suckers for posting to their FB pages and are humiliated by their friends. That way they will never believe any of the stories, including the ones that are actually true. Being a liar rarely helps anything in the long-run.

  • Reverend Bacon

    The two pieces of legitimate “good” that have come from the knockout game are Deandre Felton and Demetrius Murphy. The former became good when he tried to play the knockout game on a man armed with a knife, and the latter was simply doing his “day job,” which was actually at night, a home invasion robbery. He was shot, and is no longer playing the game.

  • fatboyinde

    Yesterday, while commenting on a similar news article, I said that I hope these people don’t try this nonsense in my neighborhood, because of what I am sure would happen: exactly what happened to these fine youths. I must have mentioned some bad word or phrasing, so my post was rejected. May I say again, please don’t do this where I live, or you won’t. (live)

    • ray nassar

      “fine youths”?????? ok I see you must have been being sarcastic, sorry

    • McTruthin

      ……you didn’t …actually read this article, did you?

      • fatboyinde

        Yes, I did read the article. My comment clearly discussed what happened after I commented on a similar news article, not this one. Did you read my comment, or did you think that a rambling bunch of ellipses would substitute for your lack of erudition? I think I hear your Mommy calling you to come out of the basement for dinner.

  • agb1953 .

    The white pages has 20 women named Beulah Montgomery living in the US and Canada. You might want to buy a new internet because the one you’re using is broken.

    • Joe

      lets get Al Gore on that right away!

    • bsolestis

      Well yeah, the cut-rate internet D. Allard is using apparently has something called “Goggle”.

  • Let’s get serious

    I am surprised that people think it is ok to put fake stories out there like they are real hoping that these stories will discourage the kids from doing it. Do you think that the kids doing this really care?

    It is a sad day when this happens and I am not referring only to the knock out game. It is a sad day when people would rather have fake stories told to them to make themselves feel better rather than to know the truth. Even worse is, when the truth is pointed out to them, they direct their anger to the person who is telling them truth.

    • Lindakl

      Do you think the kids doing this can read?

      • Let’s get serious

        I don’t know if they can read but I certainly don’t think that these stories will change their behavior.

      • Malki Zee

        Doesn’t matter if they can read or not. And I’ll take that as a blatant racist comment. They definitly have ears and when these stories get on the news they will hear about it.

        • Frank Burns

          No, moron, what’s racist is gangs of blacks assaulting women, the elderly, and children because they’re not black. Pointing out that there’s a strong chance that these animals are illiterate is not “racist;” it’s a simple fact.

          • Malki Zee

            Name calling won’t get you anywhere.
            If a certain group can’t read is there no point covering the stories they are a part of?

            Also I never said the assaults were not racist attacks.

      • RD.

        Big racist ——-… I hope you get knocked out for being an airhead

        • Tom_F

          @RD, Re-read the post you replied to. No mention of race. It seems YOU are the racist, seeing things that aren’t there and imagining the kids with a race in your mind.

        • Frank Burns

          So either you acknowledge that the attackers are all black, but don’t see anything racist in their savagery, or you’re assuming they’re black. Either way you’re an idiot and a racist.

    • Terry R

      This reminds me of the idiotic stories about AIDS-infected needles in pay phones. People think things like this are cute but what happens when people no longer believe anything they are reading and ignore a legitimate warning. In this case, the Detroit story offers a true warning to anyone playing the knockout game.

  • Vivian

    What was suspicious to me was there was no location mentioned.

  • SK

    Nowhere in this article does it say that the shooter was thrown in jail. It says that the teen who was shot is in jail, just as the linked article reports.

  • MellyCutie

    If you really want to do a valid service, why don’t you right another piece focusing on the man in Lansing and make it a cautionary tale. Because the truth is that these teens have know idea who they are approaching and what can happen to them as a result. Don’t mess with people you don’t know.

  • Samuel Hain

    THIS is why southern and S. African whites segregated themselves from blacks.

  • Samuel Hain

    The vile, racist, white-hating lib media describes premeditated racist assaults on whites as a “game.”

    • giant slor

      Go hide under the bed. The Negros are coming to get you.

      • Samuel Hain

        Go to the ‘hood and tell them “racists” are bad, but you’re one of the good whites. Watch what happens to you next, pinhead.

  • catswearingsocks

    “Often they can not say everything they wanted to in the article”

    why? run out of paper?

    if they didnt write everything they wanted to in the article and need to clarify, then the article is incomplete.

    • fuckfactory

      the only person who looks pathetic is you. there is nothing pathetic about what the author did. stop trying to sound smart or above others. you’re not.

    • Ryan Garner

      You need to go to college and write a couple of research papers, than you’ll realize why authors sometimes have the need to comment on their own article.

      • catswearingsocks

        been there, done that. no they dont.

        • T. Edward Price

          So you’re saying that a writer should not be extended the same courtesy of free speech as any other idiot? This is the first time I’ve heard that I lose my right to interact with readers, as soon as my article is published.

          • catswearingsocks

            wow, you want to interact with readers? post on facebook instead.

            omission of information in an article only comes across as poorly written.

            this is not about free speech, it’s about the constant decline in journalism online. you make also want to focus on your reading comprehension there as well… i neither stated nor implied you lost your right to free speech. it just comes across as pathetic. and, now your reading comprehension and inference skill do as well.

    • T. Edward Price

      It’s called having an editor.

  • NC77

    Obama is a fake and you have no problem with that do you?

    • eccles11

      Go away.

  • Terry R

    It always matters whether the story is fake. When you perpetrate fraudulent stories, you just create an atmosphere where people won’t believe the true ones, like the one in Detroit.

  • Terry R

    So when people think the Detroit story is fake, because pro-gun people make up fake stories like this one, then what good is really accomplished? Report the truth and let it stand on its own.

  • DLinz

    If it’s fake that’s fine with me. Just a mental model on what to do if it happens to you. For me, I won’t lose any sleep if ALL of those “knockout” animals are shot while having their “fun”.

  • John Dillinger

    why would her lord let that happen in the first place?

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    I do not know if the story is fake, but if it is, it does not help getting out the fact that black teens are playing the knock out game and seriously killing or maiming their victims as a result. I suspect if it is a fake story, that perhaps it is because the potential victim is black and perhaps people will listen more and be compassionate if it were a black on black attack and that is what makes me sad. I do not like the idea that black teens knocking out an older white lady is ignored while hem knocking out a older black lady gets the medis’s attention.

    • Jamalc
    • Robin S Summertown

      What are you talking about? The first video I saw on TV shows a group of white kids knock an elderly black man out. And it got them arrested.

      This business of one or another does nothing to fix the issue. We have gangs of kids that think its funny and need to have their butts kicked and forced to make restitution to their victums.

  • noweareman

    If it was me being attacked -It wouldn’t be a “Fake Story”!!

  • johnsmith9875

    White people need better aim!

  • LibertyDwells

    “Faux”? You must mean MSNBC…

  • davefinucane

    The path to safety is built on a foundation of lies…what a crock. There are plenty of true instances of these crimes being committed. Corny frightened white people consoling themselves with fairy tales of super hero white folk that fought back shows just how pathetic we are.

  • Mme Scherzo

    There is no city police department listed in the story. No location is given. Big giveaway that this is a fake story.

  • Joey

    Why yes, they do release kids names that commit violent crimes. I’m waiting for that link to “Toronto’s leading newspaper”. That would be The Star, correct?

    • Pat Walton
    • Pat Walton

      Young offender act prohibits releasing youth offender names until they get to court.

    • Pat Walton

      Nevermind the Toronto star story doesn’t deal directly with this story my mistake I scanned it and saw old lady after the title was more or less the same. You may be right, but as far as I know youth offender names are never released until it hit’s court.

      • Robin S Summertown

        In the states it depends on the charges in some states. If they are charged as an adult then names are released.

  • illfindyou


  • Terry

    So why are people acting all crazy for snopesing the article?

  • Nate

    Regardless of the “message”, any unsubstantiated story should not be given credence. Words are powerful. People are gullible and can be easily manipulated. We cannot pick and choose which stories we “let got” to influence the world. This story is unprofessional and should not be forwarded or shared.

  • Pat Walton

    That link deal with the general, my mistake, it’s not about the old lady shooting them, I was too busy to do a proper search.

    This could be fake, however it still wouldn’t surprise me if it happened, I would shoot them if they swung at me and missed.

  • RD.

    Many of these people that thought it was real are ignorant hate-mongering, NRA fanatiKKKS. They don’t know how to validate the truth of something. Their emotions guide them through life.

  • robin Grace

    Ok. I will bite. Prove it is fake.

  • boston11

    Too bad it’s fake. Anyone who tries to knockout innocent people for fun deserves to be shot.

  • Tom_F

    The point of this ‘fake story’ is that [email protected] teens will attack a [email protected] woman (who walks to the store, buys a lottery ticket, carries a gun in her purse, and starts praying for the Lord to guide her hands after being struck twice). Intended to take away the “black-on-white” aspect which is what happens in the ‘real stories’.
    Always read these stories with a mind toward WHO’S agenda is being served.

  • Malki Zee

    All the actual attacks that were documented were by teens of a certain race against easy prey of another race. I.e. racist attacks.

    Saying all the attackers cannot read is in effect a racist statement.

    The fire was lit by those attacking innocent people.

  • vigorousatheist

    She shot them while they were fleeing.
    Case closed.
    She’s guilty.

    • Ciara McEvoy

      She didn’t shoot enough of them. Too bad it’s a hoax.

  • Robin S Summertown

    Huh, wonder if HP featured this story? What do you all think?

  • Williemojorisin

    You don’t have a search engine?

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