Over 900 British Police Have Witnessed UFOs
Over 900 British Police Have Witnessed UFOs

WASHINGTON—British police officers have been personally involved in at least 430 UFOs sightings, including one that was three times the size of a football field, a hearing of six former members of the United States Congress heard on Thursday. 

Gary Heseltine, a serving police officer in the United Kingdom, is the creator of PRUFOS a police database [www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk] he maintains in an unofficial capacity. The database, which he launched in January 2002, caters to serving and retired officers who have been involved in British UFO police sightings. 

“Sightings have been taking place the length and breadth of Britain at all times of the day,” he told the six member committee.

Heseltine said when he started the database 11 years ago he had records of six cases involving 11 police officers. Today he has 430 reported sightings of UFOs involving over 900 police.

Heseltine said about 70 percent of the cases he had on his database involve multiple witnesses. “In one case, 24 police officers observed one object,” he said.

Many police have observed structures or craft “of large proportions” Heseltine said. He described one report in Middlesex in March 1984, where officers described a “silent black object the size of three football fields.” 

In another report, three policemen witnessed a mothership the size of one football field that was accompanied by smaller ships. The mothership was sending a beam to the ground when the ship and all the surrounding smaller objects suddenly disappeared so fast it was “like turning out a light bulb,” Heseltine said.

Heseltine said British police officers were “seeing actual structured craft, physical in nature.”

“Many officers have seen objects that appear to move in ways that defy physics,” he said.

Heseltine said that British authorities followed the same policy of denial as the United States. That left members of the British police unsupported and often distressed, unable to offer the public acceptable explanations.

“The time is now to lift the veil,” on the subject of UFOs he said, adding that was important that people be “able to disclose their experiences without the risk of ridicule.”

Heseltine was speaking at the Congressional-style Citizen Hearing on Disclosure which is taking public testimonies from international researchers and former members of the U.S. military on extra terrestrial encounters, at the National Press Club, April 29- May 3.

The aim of the week long hearing is to pressure the United States government to open its files on documented encounters with extraterrestrial life and UFOs.

  • Alien Hybrid

    There’s soon to be an announcement from the pope telling the world that UFOs are real and ETs are closer to God and are here to show us the way.

    You heard it here first !

  • Bill Fauber

    Regarding the Press Club Hearing, here we see a reasonable account of the truth from a news network, We often see the typical Media tactics, act like it’s a big joke, draw attention from the FACTs by acting like an idiot over the subject matter. We need more investigative reporting on this subject not comic relief. Here we see a fair job of reporting however, a few lines of text for a subject of such importance is a little disappointing. I hope we see more investigative type reports from this news agency.

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