Marvell Weaver: Teen Fails ‘Knockout Game,’ Gets Shot by Intended Victim (+Photos)
Marvell Weaver: Teen Fails ‘Knockout Game,’ Gets Shot by Intended Victim (+Photos)

Marvell Weaver, a 17-year-old Lansing, MI resident, recently failed at the so-called knockout game and got shot and arrested.

The infamous game is where young people try to knock out random people with one punch.

Weaver hopped out of a van with two of his friends, and tried to attack an unidentified man with a taser.

But the taser didn’t work, and the would-be victim was conceal-carrying a .40 caliber pistol, reported WILX.

The man then shot Weaver twice, in the leg and near his spine, and Weaver was later arrested.

Weaver said that the one-year jail sentence he received was getting off easy.

A homeless man is punched as part of the “knockout game” in Chicago. (Screenshot/WILX)

“It was just a lesson learned,” Weaver said. “I wish I hadn’t played the game at all.”

Weaver said that he’s played the game with his friends six or seven times before.

“It wouldn’t be an every day game, just a certain game to be played on certain days,” he said. “You don’t even try to rob them or anything. That’s the game.”

He said they played it because he was dared, and he and his friends were usually high.

Weaver’s Facebook profile shows him drinking with friends, and in one picture he’s holding a shotgun.

On Twitter, he posted earlier in the year that he would “blow your mouth back.”

Regarding the game, Robert Merritt, a police officer in Lansing, said that there’s a price to pay.

“A good example is Marvell Weaver,” he said.

And the man who was almost a victim–who was waiting for his six-year-old daughter to be dropped off from school–said the game is no joke.

If Weaver had succeeded in knocking him out, “My child would’ve been left with the aftermath of seeing her father in any type of way I would’ve been left,” the man said.


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  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    Is anyone else disturbed by the one-year sentence? The kid jumped out with a taser in his hand…armed. And then claimed it was the knockout game. Uhm….tasers aren’t fists.
    This is a felonious assault with a deadly weapon. Stop playing into the hands of the media who want you to think this is ‘trending’ with a smattering of K-O Game incidents.

    Sensationalizing this as if we have to worry about this game more than being shot by a cop, groped by a TSA agent, or spied on by our own government, is just one more distraction.

  • TechCrazy

    Why not just shoot the kid in the head on the spot. We are suffering a population explosion. I am sure the game would stop quite fast. If your legally allowed to kill anyone playing the game.

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    And how is jumping somebody back in February with a taser related to the this new Fox-craze? I think the “knock-out” game is as common as that thing a few years back that If you blinked your lights at another car at night (who’s lights were off, but they were driving), then that meant you were going to be chased down and killed as part of a gang initiation. That story never panned out, and neither did that Central Park “wilding” story from the 80s.

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    And the man who was almost a victim–who was waiting for his six-year-old
    daughter to be dropped off from school.

    Nice game – leave a six-year-old with a knocked out dad.

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