Tanauan, Leyte: 1,000 Feared Dead After Typhoon Haiyan

    (Facebook/Roland Romagos Dadizon)

    Tanuan, Leyte Province is one of a number of towns that has still not been reached by rescue workers, but local officials estimate that 1,000 people are dead after Typhoon Haiyan struck.

    The residents are getting desperate for relief goods, as most of them have not eaten for four days, reported ABS-CBN late Monday.

    Officials told the Philippine Sun-Star that there is “a number of casualties,” and photos of the aftermath show numerous destroyed buildings and bodies laying on the streets.

    On Sunday, a group of unidentified men attacked a truckload of relief goods from the Philippine Red Cross in Tanauan.

    The town is very close to Tacloban City, where hundreds if not thousands died after the powerful typhoon. 

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    • tagahuron

      This doesn’t look like Tanauan but San Joaquin which is part of Palo and borders the town of Palo with Tanauan to the south. The Church is the parish of San Joaquin in Palo just after the long bridge.