UFO Appears From Thin Air Over a Farm in Spain
UFO Appears From Thin Air Over a Farm in Spain

This amazing footage shows a UFO flying over Spain somewhere near the border with Portugal. According to Italian website Segnidalcielo, it was taken from a farm in July 2013, but only came to light when it was posted on Nov. 2, by YouTube user “UFODI.”

The film shows is a disc-shaped object then two cigar-shaped objects that seem to appear and disappear from behind a curtain of sky.

The latest sighting adds to the growing body of flying objects that have no official explanation.


  • Ken

    If you watch close you will notice the round “craft” at the bottom just over the roof below the 2 cigar shapes is of the same material. The problem with this video is that when the birds fly by, they fly BEHIND the round craft above the roof. This would mean that the supposed craft are LESS than 80 yards out approx. Sorry, but this looks to be a CLEAR hoax. I would bet that the images have been added AFTER the video was taken. They don’t look consistent with the rest of the video.

    I am all for people believing we are not alone but I call BS on this one.

  • Guest

    Laaaame. I post a comment and it is nowhere to be found.
    What, you didn’t want me to pop your sensationalism ballon?

  • orreman

    How about a daylight formation of ten UFOs one of which has provided a pattern linking UFOs to each other as well as countless ancient artifacts winning front page coverage in every newspaper in San Diego and a CBS special…Google “Mike Orrell” and click on http://www.BestUFOphotoever.html dont miss my youtube link at the top of my homepage…cheers

  • Fattonecat

    The bird flies behind the dot……nice try though, it was fun.

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