Bantayan Island: Hundreds May be Dead After Typhoon Yolanda Hits
Bantayan Island: Hundreds May be Dead After Typhoon Yolanda Hits

Hundreds of people may be dead after Typhoon Yolanda landed on Bantayan Island.

After the landing, the island was left “cut-off” for several days after power went out and communication lines went down, and nearly all of the buildings on the island are destroyed.

Cebu Province Governor Junjun Davide said that 95 to 98 percent of homes in Bantayan were destroyed, reported journalist Leo Lastimosa.

Officials said that there are at least 19 people dead as of Sunday afternoon, and that count was before a complete survey of the island.

“Scores of dead” are reportedly on the island, the Philippine Information Agency said. Some estimates have been in the hundreds. For instance, Henk Kammeraad, who has family members there, said that he reached them and they are safe but that 300 people died on the island. There hasn’t been an updated official count since Sunday. 

At the same time, Edwin Lopez of Lipayran, an islet in Bantayan, told GMA News that no more than 25 people died.

Mayor Ian Escario said it would take two to three months for them to recover.







“I commend the people of Bantayan. We will help one another and we will not surrender. We will rise,” he told Cebu Gov. Hilario Davide III, whose team reached the island on Saturday afternoon, reported the Sun Star.

Escario said 90 percent of the island was hit by the typhoon, wrecking nearly all the houses, schools, infrastructure, the poultry and piggery farms, and the biggest feed mill.

The mayor reportedly said that the city looks like a war zone. The typhoon landed on the island at 10:40 a.m. on Friday

Richard Go Batiquin, who is on the island, said via Facebook that Bantayan and Sta. Fe town “are badly hit and destroyed by Yolanda’s gruesome force.”

“It is total chaos,” he added, calling Santa Fe in particular “unrecognizable” after the damage.







Phone service has been restored to the island as of Sunday night, Smart Communication said.

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  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    I have been watching this storm out my back window, all morning. Surprised at how fast it has passed through the Philippines, I expected a lot more damage, but fortunately, I am pretty far south of the eye, and it looks like we dodged a bullet. Can’t say the same thing for Leyte/Samar, which probably got the worst of it. Since Ormoc was my home, until a few months ago, I am interested to see how that city held up. Only a few photos so far, and it does not look good, especially down by the waterfront, near the Don Filipe hotel, how ever you spell it.

    • Shawna Maddox

      My dad lives in Bantayan, Capt. Ronnie Metcalf……….Pray hes ok!!

      • Dennis Mobraten

        I know your dad Shawna. Have been to his house in Madridejos many times. Also I am good friends with Sam & Jeneath. I too hope all is well there in Bantayan Island and also Panglao, Bohol where Sam is.

  • Voxel Jorz

    Is this at Bantayan Island or Daanbantayan? Sta. Fe is in Bantayan Island.

    #YolandaPH Video Update: Sta. Fe Port in Daanbantayan Cebu

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