Central Connecticut State University: CCSU on Lockdown; Two People Arrested

    A Vine video shows people running for shelter at CCSU on Monday.

    Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) in New Britain was placed on lockdown on Monday. There were reports that a gunman or an “active shooter” was on campus and later, two people were arrested and are in custody.

    UPDATE: The lockdown was lifted at around 3:15 p.m. local time.

    Officials said that they caught at least two suspects in the case. CCSU said that students were questioned by police.

    A shelter in place was declared at the university, which is located just south of Hartford, with students asked to stay inside and told to lock the doors.

    A CCSU official on Twitter confirmed that there was a suspicious person on campus. “Clarifying — info is officially being released that there has been a report of a suspicious person carrying a gun on campus,” it said.

    A police SWAT team was deployed to the campus.

    The front page of the website reads, “Get inside buildings & Stay in place! Stay away from Windows. Police are on the Scene.”

    WSFB-TV reported that the university was locked down due to unknown “emergency.”

    On Twitter, some users commented that there were reports of a gunman on campus, but these have yet to be confirmed.

    Jevan Vittal of Fox Connecticut reported there was a man on “campus armed with knife and a firearm,” but added this has yet to be confirmed. Police told him that it is not exactly an “active shooter” situation.

    Story is developing…

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