Mysterious Box Contains Detailed Drawings of Winged Aliens; WWII Vet Presumed Owner
Mysterious Box Contains Detailed Drawings of Winged Aliens; WWII Vet Presumed Owner

A box has been found containing detailed drawings of alien beings, an unidentified flying object, and transcripts exploring the link between alien encounters and ancient religions.

A user on the social media platform Imgur posted a series of photos  showing the contents of an old wooden box, roughly 29 inches by 38 inches, that his friend found in the garbage. The post had more than 250,000 views as of Monday morning, about 20 hours after the user uploaded it. It has not been independently verified.

The musty box contains clues, but also raises many questions—it’s a mystery.

It appears to have belonged to a man named Daniel J. Christainsen who lived in Florida but was a native of the Netherlands. He may have been a WWII veteran—the box contained a blank paper with the Veterans Administration Medical Center header. He may have been an engineer, or at least was technically inclined—the box contained technical drawings of roller bearing designs. His documents suggest he may have had an alien encounter, though the references to a direct experience are vague and open to interpretation.

He writes of “an apparition or the Tampa Bay Obscuration” on July 7, 1977. 

Daniel Christiansen’s writing, part of one of the papers found in the box. (Screenshot/

He draws alien beings and describes them: “Every one had four faces and every one had four wings.”

One of the faces appears humanoid, while the other three appear animal-like—a cow-like creature and bird-like creature are among them. The humanoid figure has hoofs for feet.

Christiansen recalls biblical references he feels refer to alien encounters. It is unclear whether his drawings relate to his own experience or whether they depict historical accounts. He also references a sighting in Brazil in 1967 by an American tourist. 

He writes in reference to the biblical account by Ezekiel: “The fire that had the colour of amber had to await the day when electric lights were available on earth before it would allow a literal interpretation; so would the eyes of the creatures and … the wheels need to await the day of electronics and television before a reasonable interpretation would be possible.

“It would in fact be necessary to await the many technological inventions before interpreting the 2,500 years old experience, which Ezekiel found expedient to call visions.”

The figures with the animal heads recall figures from ancient paintings and sculptures.

Vajimukha (horse-headed deity), late 10th century, sandstone, Cambodia. Musée Guimet, Paris. (Wikimedia Commons)

In Tibet and some other regions, deities were sometimes depicted with the head of a horse or other animal. Sometimes the animal head was the main head, but sometimes the deity would have multiple heads, one or more of which would be animal heads. The drawings also recall the Greek minotaur (man-bull figure referenced in Greek mythology) and similar figures.






  • ShawnCohen

    If you are an Astrologer, like I am than you can see by these drawings his image of the “alien” with the animal heads are exactly the archetypes of the 4 fixed signs of the Zodiac which also are in many churches and also used to depict the apostles: They are: Leo, the Lion, and its opposite: Aquarius, the man who pours water, also sometimes depicted as an Angel, then Taurus the Bull and finally its opposite, Scorpio the Eagle which is known as the “higher element of Scorpio then the scorpion. That then clears up the idea that this is what an “alien” really looks like! If you go to any old church in Rome or Italy, including the Vatican, you will see this figures in paint or sculpture covering the 4 corners of the church. The Church will say they are symbolic of John, Mark, Luke and Mathew but again, these are as old as Astrology itself which refers to the building blocks of life, the 4 fixed signs of the Zodiac. Fire-Leo, Water-Scorpio, Air-Aquarius, Taurus-Earth, the 4 elements make for life on earth. Mystery over!

    • Psych3d

      Therefor also the use of symmetry/Cardinal points etc… of course, that doesn’t take away the “why” us, as a people depict the “gods/stars from the heavens” in such a way. and since there isn’t much “written” evidence before the period where we supposedly had writing, we can’t tell for sure what went on in the minds n souls of those that precede us by thousands of years… still, referring to the zodiac is being a bit on the right track 😉

      • Psych3d

        oh and those “machines” can also be found in ezekiel’s words (for all those religious peepz out there)

    • Angelina Satarose

      Yah, I was thinking the same thing, they look more like mythological beings, not aliens. lol

  • ThatsWhack

    Alias: “Nesna-It-Sirhc” is Chris-ti-ansen in reverse. 😉

  • Jordan JeloRoc Croff

    The drawings are straight from the story of Ezekiel’s wheel. I don’t see how this article fails to make that connection? Very interesting stuff though!

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