How to Heal the Body Using the Mind
How to Heal the Body Using the Mind
Meta-Medicine USA founder explains

Jon Robson gets to the root of symptoms of illness—the patient’s state of mind. 

Robson began studying an integrative system of healthcare called “meta-medicine” in 2008 and founded Meta-Medicine USA in 2012. Compelled and inspired by his mother’s passing at an early age, and having a family history of chronic diseases, Robson set out to find a way to help people with chronic diseases. 

He wanted to find a healthcare system that went beyond just managing symptoms and medicating patients for life.

Robson said in an interview with Epoch Times: “Disease is not a natural state the human body should be in. I believe that health and vitality are the natural states of the body.”


How a Patient Healed Heart Disease With His Mind

Robson had a client who had heart disease. After this client had a heart attack, Jon guided him with meta-medicine, and was able to help him understand the stresses in his life that manifested in his body as heart disease. 

“[The client was able] to dissolve those stresses he was experiencing. He resolved his life stresses and his heart healed.”


Manifestation of Self-Loathing: Body Literally Attacks Itself

Robson also had a client who had Systemic lupus erythematosis. Systemic lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to essentially attack itself. 

It’s underlying cause is not fully known. MedLine Plus explains: “It is where the immune system believes that certain tissues and organs in the body are cancerous and it then attacks itself.”

Robson helped this client by asking deeper questions: “Why is this body attacking itself? What deeper resentment do they have for themselves?”

After careful analysis, he discovered that this client devalued herself. She had put her mother on a pedestal, and felt she was herself unworthy. 

Robson explained, “[The client] grew into systemic lupus. [This] systematically broke down her body because she didn’t feel worthy of love and had deeper anger toward herself.”

Jon taught the client to love and appreciate herself. He helped the client see that the positive characteristics she attributed to her mother she actually had in her own unique form and style within her own personality. This client’s disease went into remission. Her body healed.

“Their outer world changed, purely because they changed from within,” Robson said.


Ancient Wisdom 

When asked how Meta-medicine relates to Buddhism or spiritual disciplines that teach looking within one’s mind and heart to find the root of problems, Robson said his treatment is similar in that, “[it] lets you see the specific moments which are taking you out of truth, and through that coaching process that brings you back to truth, transformation occurs.”

He said: “Your physical body is a perfect reflection of your mind.”

  • abinico

    Pure nonsense. Without nutrition, nothing will heal.

    • LawrenceBady


  • Gordon Blair

    I think it’s extremely irresponsible for any website, in the guise of factual reporting, to promote this pseudoscience without asking even the most basic questions about its validity.

    Animals without a sense of self get sick too–tell me how a rat with an autoimmune disease should learn to love itself in order to get well!?

  • Joanne M Rizzi

    I think it is wonderful to have choices to the autocratic medicine, and Dr.’s we have today!

  • Michael Maitri

    The way I see it a balanced mind leads to a balanced body. In order to balance your mind you need to learn how to meditate. By being mindful of your thoughts and feelings you can determine which thoughts and emotional states put you out of balance. Which thoughts and emotional states burden your mind and prevent your body from healing. Things like worry, stress, anxiety, anger, envy, jealousy, prejudice, conceit, all contribute to an unhealthy mind state. One needs to develop a daily meditation practice to remove these things from their minds in order for the body to heal. Its not enough to just cultivate a balanced and peaceful mind state. you also have to exercise the body and consume the proper foods. Once you have a clear and stable mind you can then be mindful of the effects that different foods have on your body and which ones you should consume and which ones you should not. If all your doing is counseling people this will never work.

  • Jon Robson

    I have just seen these comments so thought I’d reply.

    I agree Michael meditation is an essential practice. Beginning to learn meditation was in many ways the beginning of my journey to healing and I recommend a practice for all clients.
    Sometimes the conflict is so extreme for the individual and in many ways deeply unconscious that it can require some deeper more targeted work on resolving core conflict themes. Having a coach or guide assists with shifting these things.
    I’m not a counsellor. I use an advanced transformative psychology coaching process to help to balance the mind in specific ways which in turn balances the nervous system and all the other systems of the body. This allows the body to heal itself.

    This work is used in conjunction with other medical processes and procedures, not instead of. I have many colleagues that are MD’s that I work in conjunction with to create an integrative solution to the clients health challenge.

    Gordon, do you really think animals do not have a sense of self? There are many videos on the Internet and I have seen with my own animals too that some times they get embarrassed if they fall or trip or get guilty if they do something they know to be wrong. These states require a sense of self to feel. Knowing scientists that regularly experiment using rats in their experiments they report the rats experiencing frustration and a fear of death. If you had no sense of self there would be no reason to fear death as you don’t exist. There are differences from animals and humans though for sure. Minds more complex. Animals do feel and experience conflicts though. Anyone that works with animals will tell you this and those that experience a lot of trauma develop disease more easily and can die at a younger age.

    Abinico I agree nutrition is important. I have a background in exercise physiology and nutrition coaching so I understand the importance of nutrition. I would have completely agreed with you a few years back that nothing heals without nutrition but evidence over the past 5 years has shown me a that it’s not always the case. I have had clients that have had chronic migraines for over 30 years, clients with debilitating digestive problems unable to eat anything but broccoli, chicken and rice have transformations to the point that they no longer have migraines and can now eat what they like through transforming their mind, perception and relationship to emotional experiences.

    Thank you for your questions and challenges. Helps to know where more information is required. I would just say though that scepticism is healthy, ignorance is not. Be sure to know which side of the line you are on. Ask intelligent questions for validation. There are over 1000 practitioners getting results all around the world using this methodology.

    There are many roads to healing. We are free to choose the ones that align with our beliefs and get us results as individuals. Let’s share in our successes rather than fight over our frustrations.

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