US Is the Enemy, Says Chinese Military Documentary
US Is the Enemy, Says Chinese Military Documentary

A documentary film produced by top personnel in the Chinese military says that the United States has for decades been attempting to subvert China and bring down the Communist Party.

The film, which runs for 92 minutes and was produced by the National Defense University, first appeared on Chinese video websites in late October, and was taken down several days later. Titled Silent Battle, it sounds a somber warning bell against what it says are American designs to attack the ideology and culture of China’s communist system, through such nefarious means as “economic infiltration.”

The chief producers of the film, which was made in June, are two senior generals of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA): Liu Yazhou, a general and the political commissar of the PLA’s National Defense University, and Wang Xibin, also a general.

Many of the views in the documentary are not new inside the hawkish ideological factions of the Chinese military; but it is unusual for them to be presented in such a public manner. Analysts said that leftist forces in the Chinese military may be attempting to put pressure on the Communist Party leadership, to have it adopt more hard-line policies, or to send a warning signal to liberal intellectuals inside China who wish to see the Communist Party play less of a central role in Chinese economic and political life.

Struggle Inevitable

“Conflict and struggle with the American hegemonic system is inevitable on the path of China’s national rejuvenation,” the film declared in its opening. “It is a century-long battle that does not depend on one’s will.”

The documentary argues that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was China that fell into the United State’s crosshairs. A grim-faced eagle stares into the camera.

In this view, even United States attempts to engage with China have the underhanded purpose of trying to undo the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, something that U.S. policymakers deny.

The video quotes President Bill Clinton’s Berlin Wall theory to show America’s purported real intentions: “I don’t think there is any way that anyone who disagrees with that in China can hold back that [liberty], just as eventually the Berlin Wall fell. I just think it’s inevitable.”

In the United States, this was taken to mean that Clinton was adopting policies that avoided confrontation with China.

The documentary, however, takes them as damning evidence of the underhanded U.S. plot.

The Hard-Line

“The people that produced this documentary are the most representative of the orthodox communist ideology in the Party,” said Shi Cangshan, an independent analyst of Party affairs based in Washington, D.C.

He noted that similar noises had been made in the 1980s during the Anti-Spiritual Pollution Campaign, another leftist reaction to the forces of economic modernization.

“I don’t think these views are too representative of those of the central leadership, but more the people in the military.” Shi said that they may have deliberately leaked the video in order to publicly pressure the leadership, and at the same time put some of the more well-known liberal voices in China on notice.

The documentary names certain newspapers, such as the Southern Metropolis Daily, and individuals, like He Weifang, as being tools for hostile Western forces. This, Shi said, indicates that it may have been more about domestic, rather than foreign, propaganda.

The National Defense University does not appear to have its own website, so it was not possible to contact it to verify whether it indeed produced the documentary. The interviews with senior military personnel, which had not been previously public, and the official narration, however, left little doubt of its origins.

Online Reaction

Many of the inhabitants of China’s online world were not impressed with the arguments floated in the film, or the style of its delivery.

He Weifang, one of the scholars named and attacked as a tool for U.S. subversion, responded in a post online: “This Silent Battle is full of cold war mentality and language of incitement. It demonizes the pursuit of freedom and democracy in other countries, and even blames a U.S. conspiracy for its own corruption and lack of democracy and rule of law. It’s extremely ridiculous.”

Internet users said it was a “brain damaged” and “brainwashing film.” Chiqingxiangqu Zuonongfu remarked: “It’s a garbage feature film. The tone of the film is just like the Cultural Revolution. It’s not even worth arguing against. But I’m surprised that it’s produced by the National Defense University, which means there are a lot of people there that are remnants of the Cultural Revolution. They don’t do research on military affairs but make films about politics. What’s their goal?”

  • gordonehil

    Of course the United States is China’s number one enemy. The Americans have wrecked many countries. These scholars are either stupid or they are traitors. I was a spy once and I know all about destroying countries. I’ve done it! Remember, a fish rots from the head.

  • Sooriamoorthy

    Practically all US Administrations and many US citizens themselves have always treated the rest of the world, especially those parts of the world which are neither White not fascist-minded as inferior countries and people that are enemies that only deserve to used like slaves, when they are not simply to be murdered by millions.
    So can anybody blame China? even if there is so much to be feared from China.

    • Calabash

      Not in the history of the world has there ever been another country like the United States that provides aide and assistance to other peoples of the earth, regardless of race or religion or social status or any other qualification other than to be in need of help on a grand scale. Not only does the United States government pay out billions of dollars annually, the American people, through various charities, donate just as much financially and personally by visiting countries in distress and working side by side with the people to help rebuild their lives.

      • Sooriamoorthy

        Aid is not help. It is perverse and pernicious.

  • evoval


  • How Not To Play The Game

    Smoke and mirrors to keep the people spellbound. The governments have merged. The people have not figured it out yet.

  • BillClinton

    The Chinese generals are absolutely correct. China isn’t the only country that the US is seeking to undermine. Countries that don’t have WMD face direct military action from the US (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.) It’s not propaganda if it is true. When the Berlin Wall fell the US immediately implemented plans to subvert and overthrow several governments. They saw the fall of the wall not as an opportunity for world peace but an opportunity for world war now that their major enemy was out of the way. They could then proceed with their plan for total world domination. Part of this plan is the take down of Russia. The US is expanding NATO into more countries bordering Russia when in promised not to do so. It is surrounding Russia with antiballistic missile systems which violates strategic arms treaties. The goal is to reduce the amount of nuclear weapons Russia has while increasing the defense against any remaining nuclear weapons. Ultimately the US wants to be able to attack Russia while being immune to any nuclear response.

    • Calabash

      Do America a favor and move permanently to Russia.

  • Stanley Crawford

    The same could be said about the snitch and pedophile rapist (when president of the Film Actors Guild), multi-adulterous/engaged in pre-martial sex (to marry a 3 month pregnant Nancy, Treason fomenting (Iran Contra weapons for cocaine scandal), War Criminal (supporting Death Squads in El Salvador and Guatemala), wife and political party swapping Ronald Reagan.

    The most unpatriotic, immoral and unethical president and the most convicted Felons and others who were a part of the Reagan administration.

    • Calabash

      You and the other three people in America who agree with you are all disgusting.

      • Stanley Crawford

        What’s the matter Calabash? Does the truth about your idol Ronnie hurt? How would you like it if a man over twice the age of your daughter ply’s her with alcohol in order to have sex with her; like Ronald Reagan did with Elizabeth Taylor and other aspiring, adolescent Hollywood actresses who were raped by him.

        If the media had done its job and exposed his pervasive ways, the country would have been spared his nearly tripling of the deficit which took the country from being the #1 creditor nation in the world to the #1 debtor on in less than 8 years. 187 Marines would not have lost their lives from a William Casey inspired truck bomb in Beirut and 12 Navy Seals from the “liberation” of Grenada, from a handful of Cuban manual laborers.

        There is nothing to be proud of the unpatriotic, immoral and unethical Ronald Reagan, or the most convicted Felons and others who were a part of his administration.


    The United States of Perpetual War Profiteering is the enemy? A lot of Amerikans would agree.

  • Theloz2013

    Wow I did not know that! Huh?

  • stevelaudig

    Those controlling the USG actively seeks to make enemies around the world in order to assure their masters [the military industrial complex] an income stream. Americans, if left to decide policy, wouldn’t but they aren’t so this will continue to happen.

  • stevelaudig

    Comparing the number of countries invaded or warred upon over the last century, and those it spies on not for security but for corporations, the USG is every countries enemy.

  • Greg Burton

    Meanwhile, in a little question fact, US jobs and manufacturing are being out-sourced to China, leaving the United States completely vulnerable to being over-whelmed, if attacked.

  • john white

    Truth be told as an American Nationalist, The USA as it exists today is the enemy of all it’s citizens and the entire world! But people have to understand that America is run by ZOG not by Americans, why else would they flood our nation with immigrants and force all of us native Americans to pay for the invaders benefits? One nation under ZOG, with liberty and justice for none.

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