2,000 Netflix Movies to Disappear in Near Future: Reports
2,000 Netflix Movies to Disappear in Near Future: Reports

2,000 Netflix movies to disappear: Netflix is going to eliminate almost 2,000 movies from its streaming service, according to reports.

The titles, according to Mashable, belong to MGM, Universal, and Warner Bros. They will be eliminated due to licensing issues. These films will be included on the Warner Archive Instant service.

Mashable notes that the titles are “inconsequential” and users can view the entire list at InstantWatcher.com. Most of the films are relatively older titles.

Joris Evers, the director of global corporate communications with Netflix, told Mashable: “Netflix is a dynamic service, we constantly update the TV shows and movies that are available to our members. We will add more than 500 titles May 1, but we also have titles expiring, this ebb and flow happens all the time.”

He added to PC Magazine: “The vast majority of the titles that expire on Wednesday are older features that were aggregated by Epix. We recently added many great, more recent titles such as ParaNorman (Universal), Hunger Games (Epix), Safe (Epix) and Bachelorette (Weinstein). Tomorrow we will also add MI:2, among many other titles.”

  • Emily Kolk

    This is going to be the reason that netflix will go broke…

  • disqus_okcrKFuGdH

    need to update on the walking dead and sons of anarchy. They do need to update a lot of movies and shows and get rid of the super old movies. No need for the lame stupid reality shows.

  • http://twitter.com/DynaMoChen Mo Fei Chen

    I do worry that with nearly all video stores gone, smaller movies and older movies will be really hard to find.

  • James Reed

    Unfortunately you can’t view the “list” because it mysteriously isn’t available

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