Jamont Atkins Killed in Massive NJ Bowling Alley Brawl of 250 People: Love Mourns
Jamont Atkins Killed in Massive NJ Bowling Alley Brawl of 250 People: Love Mourns

Jamont Atkins, 23, was injured when a brawl broke out at Stelton Lanes bowling alley in Piscataway, N.J., early Sunday morning. He later died of his injures in hospital. 

The fight involved some 250 people and broke out during a private party at the alley around 1:30 a.m., reports NBC New York. It is not yet clear what started the fight. 

Atkins was found unconscious in a bowling lane, his face badly beaten, reports the Star-Ledger

His long-time love, Shaniqua, tweeted her heartbreak: “Can’t live with no heart.”

“6 years strong, nobody has ever broken that bond and nobody will ever break it.” She posted a photo of her name tattooed on Atkins’s arm, saying “Glad you took a piece of me with you.”

The fighting spilled out of the bowling alley and into the parking lot early Sunday and people scattered when police arrived. No arrests have been made in relation to Atkins’s death, but detective Todd Ritter told the Star-Ledger “there are people of interest we’re looking at.”

“He seemed like a decent kid,” Ritter said of Atkins. “Somebody must have given somebody a look.”

According to his Facebook profile, Atkins worked at FedEx and previously worked at Newark Airport. He studied culinary arts at Malcolm X Shabazz High School and he was from Newark, N.J.

Bowling alley regular Andre Ames told ABC News it is generally a safe place: “I even brought my kids last weekend.” 

Anyone with any information is asked to call Detective Todd Ritter of the Piscataway Police Department at (732) 562-2359 or Investigator Adrian Villegas of the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s office at (732) 745-4428.

  • MichMike

    Where was George Zimmerman? Young black men’s deaths are only important when those who claim to care so, so deeply can use them for racial division and political gains. Otherwise, the 20 or so murdered each day are acceptable

    • tacheles

      You hit the nail on the head. The left is despicable.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    I grew up in Highland Park, and started my education at Stelton School, which was near (then) Hadley Airport. This state has the legacy of Woodrow Wilson, once governor, and also President of Princeton, a historian. Woodie wanted a state founded on progressive principles, and you’re living in it. Congratulations. My family moved to Texas. NJ looks down on Texas and Texans. Enjoy New Jersey, who has earned the sobriquet “the armpit of New York”.

  • wriprodir

    Blacks and Bowling? When did THIS start?

    • Shears_of_Atropos

      when they realized the game was all about black balls knocking down white pins.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Just another young man who was turning his life around, becoming a pillar of NJ society, and who has the tats to prove it. He aspired to become a philanthropic brain surgeon with a law license, you know, right after he got his GED and got his rap sheet sealed. /sarc

    • Meaunkey Snaut

      Article says he worked at FedEx, not exactly matching your lame attempt at a stereotype. And according to you, all people with ink are trash?

  • caligula

    beaten to death at a private party? so everyone there was invited and likely knew each other. with friends like those…

  • cristo52

    “Somebody must have given somebody a look.”

    Happens all the time.

  • MarxistMangler

    Epic bongo party.

  • Millionsix

    I love good news!!!

  • chaproste

    This is just what “they” do…

  • Christine Taggert

    Maybe if he wasnt hanging out with undesirables he would still be alive.

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