Information Surfaces on ‘Hollywood Stuntz’ Biker Gang
Information Surfaces on ‘Hollywood Stuntz’ Biker Gang

NEW YORK—More information is surfacing about the group of motorcyclists who were involved in the assault of an SUV driver on Sept. 30.

Hollywood Stuntz has been described by police as a loosely organized gang of motorcyclists that recently organized a rally in Times Square without a permit.

The group had website, blog, YouTube, and Facebook accounts, all of which have been deleted in the days following the incident. Media reports suggest that a New York City-based stunt biker started the group.

The only thing that remains of Hollywood Stuntz’s Internet presence is its Twitter account, @Hollywoodstuntz, but only its 931 confirmed followers can access its more than 8,000 tweets.

At a press conference held at Mamajuana Café in Inwood on Oct. 3 state Sen. Adriano Espaillat released footage shot by a diner at the café on Sept. 30. The footage shows members of Hollywood Stuntz gathered outside a gas station, riding on the sidewalks, and parked on the pavement with exhaust fumes and engine noise filling the air.

“They run lights, they go on the sidewalks, they come up the opposite side of the street, they block traffic, stop traffic, they block the entire highway”” Espaillat said.

Members of the gang also committed acts of violence while in Inwood, Espaillat said, including attacking a car.

Dispatchers for 911 received more than 200 calls about the biker gang across the city on Sunday.

Police were prepared for the biker gathering this year after being taken by surprised last year. The group did not apply for permits.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said that police “did a fair amount of enforcement” to break up the procession. More than 1,000 bikers participated.

Motorcyclist Edwin Mieses Jr., of Lawrence, Mass., who was seriously injured on Sunday when an SUV driver tried to flee from a group of bikers during an altercation, was arrested recently in Massachusetts for driving with a revoked license.

Mieses’s legs were broken and he suffered a spine injury that his family says may leave him paralyzed.

According to police and Massachusetts motor vehicle records, Mieses has not had a valid license to drive in the state since 1999. He also never applied for a motorcycle license.

It is unclear if Mieses had been licensed in any other state. In addition to his most recent arrest on May 24 in Andover, Mass., he had dozens of other violations. Mieses’s attorney had no comment.


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    They should all be charged as a criminal gang that conspired to break the law and cause civil unrest and disobedience by breaching the peace.

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    The most ridiculous thing about all this is that there is now an Android game called “Hollywood Stunts Bike Crew” where you jump motorcycles in front of black SUV’s… funny but sad at the same time.

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