Injured Biker Edwin Mieses aka Jay Meezee Slammed on Facebook
Injured Biker Edwin Mieses aka Jay Meezee Slammed on Facebook

NEW YORK—A man from Lawrence, Mass. lies in a coma in a New York City hospital, possibly paralyzed for life. He was run over by an SUV on Henry Hudson Parkway Sunday while riding his motorcycle.

What happened before the car hit him is not clear. There is a video, taken by one of the motorcyclists and uploaded to YouTube, but the video is out of focus and too far away from the incident to come to certain conclusions. 

The man was part of a group of bikers who were in town to hold an event without a permit. According to the video, they surrounded the black Range Rover on Henry Hudson Parkway while still in motion. One of the bikers then slowed down in front of the SUV, causing the two vehicles to collide.

After the incident, the bikers and the SUV stopped. The bikers seemed confused, many motionless, watching to see what was going on. The video shows one biker, who was at least 16 yards from the SUV, get off his bike and walk toward the vehicle. What was happening around the vehicle at the time is not clear from the video, but police said that bikers had started to damage the car. 

At that moment, the SUV driver suddenly drove forward, hitting biker Edwin Mieses Jr., who goes by the name Jay Meezee. Mieses’ legs were broken, and according to his family he has spinal injuries.

Facebook Feedback 

On a Facebook page titled “Justice for Jay Meezee,” his aunt, Delilah Domenech said the video showed he had witnessed an accident (the collision) and got off his bike to help the biker that had been hit.

“He was on the ground attending to an injured person and was run over like an animal,” she said.

The page has received thousands of comments, most of them negative. 

Vincent Tona, a New Yorker, who watched the video on YouTube, said, “Why was Jay getting off his bike to go help his friend. … when his friend was still riding his bike after it made contact with the RR? Why would he get off his bike if an accident never actually happened? Pause and see [the other biker] at 0:30-0:31 still riding. … Jay got off his bike to join the gang in terrorizing the man and his family…”

After the car had hit Mieses, the bikers then chased the SUV a few miles up the road to 174th Street and started to beat up the driver. 

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People from all over the US and even as far away as Germany, expressed their anger over this incident. 

Facebook user Jenn Dalton wrote, “I will pray for his children because they are the ones hurt. I will pray for the 2-year-old little girl that saw her father BEATEN by your nephew’s friends. I will pray that, that little girl will forget what she saw and heard and pray that she isn’t scared every time her father isn’t in her sight.”

Who is the Victim? 

The Justice For Jay Meezee page administrator responded to a host of negative comments by saying: “The media is trying to paint the man driving the Range Rover as the victim. Yet, Jay Meezee is in a coma and paralyzed unable to walk again along with a list of severe injuries sustained.”

Stacy Ortego, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, said “Where have you read that he was trying to harm anyone? Because, I sure haven’t seen it. Or are you just assuming that because he’s a biker?”

Augustus Chang said, “Jay Meezee was driving without a license and previously ticketed 16 times in several different states. Look at these videos … They were uploaded by Jay Meezee himself and shows him running red lights, driving dangerously and antagonizing other drivers on the road. I’m not sure what a ‘family man’ would be doing putting himself and others at risk like this.”

Dante A Milton commented on the whole discussion: “I find the remarks in response to this accident to be offensive, inhuman, and so far removed from the example of how we are supposed to be carrying ourselves.”


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  • august west
  • davidvoth

    Mieses isn’t licensed to operate any kind of motor vehicle anywhere because he is a chronic bad driver. He played stupid games, he won stupid prizes.

    • John Hurd

      Basically, I agree with you. I don’t think “bad driver” is the way to describe him, though. Bad drivers are people who WANT to drive well but aren’t good at it….who get confused or have trouble focusing. Mieses PURPOSELY broke all the rules all the time. A real renegade. I’d like to see videos of how this “family man” drove with his kid onboard.


    We need more asian men in range rover drivers to come live in my state (florida).

    • Auric Goldfinger

      I’m not Asian, but my next vehicle will be a Ranger Rover!
      Wonder if there is a terrain setting for running over scumbags!

    • Farks Rose

      No so much Asian but any man who will protect their family.

  • elleanna

    Mieses got off his bike to join in on attacking the Rover. These bikers are coc ky arrogant a holes. The original biker that got nipped stopped in front of the Rover for no reason while looking back at him with arrogance. Too bad he didn’t get ran over too.

  • elleanna

    Heard on the news that Mieses has around 15 driving offenses. Well now lets see how much damage and arrogance he has in his hoveround power chair. Too bad, he’s the bad guy so I don’t give a sh it.

    • NefGrot

      LOL! I love it.

  • Guest

    Alex Lien and his wife and 2 year old was in their SUV on Henry Hudson Parkway in New York….when he was confronted with a 30+ motorcycle gang. After a presumed traffic accident, the gang chased Alex down for several miles, broke the windows out of the rear where his 2 year old was sitting, dragged Alex out of the SUV and beat him up and cut up his face with knives in front of his wife and two year old…

    Alex, in protecting his family, tried to escape (after voluntarily stopping in the first accident and after calling 911 with no response from NYPD for 20+minutes) and ran over one of the bikers in the process, who is now in a medically induced coma….

    The biggest travesty of this obvious perverse of justice is that the family of one of the bikers has obtained Gloria Allred, assuming they plan on suing Alex to get “justice”

    I normally don’t get involved in other people’s problem.. but…

    This is just plain sick….If this isn’t some sorted twisted logic of human decency and in which a gang of assailants is suddenly claiming to be the “victim” and trying to profit off of a real victim, Alex, I don’t know what is…

    Alex, his wife, and his two year old daughter could have EASILY been YOUR husband, father, wife, daughter, son….

    Alex deserves justice…These punks deserve to go to jail. These punks deserve to pay for their crimes. These punks definitely don’t deserve to profit off of the crimes they committed.. Please don’t let these punks win…

    Alex and his family needs your support right now…

    Regardless of what you want to believe that happened before, theres is no possible way any sane individual could possibly spin that 30 people beating a 140lb man in front of his 2 year old daughter and wife and cutting him up with a knife is justified, despite what some of the “punks” are now claiming to be “victims”…

  • Nknk

    I was booted off the Facebook page for jay meezee 3 times for posting wht I saw in the video to b the truth. These bikers need to have the book thrown at them. Had jay been obeying the law, he would be walking now…..his licence was revoked until 2017. So he has no one to blame but himself!!

    • NefGrot

      “Had Jay been obeying the law, he would be walking now.”. EXACTLY. That is the bottom line here.

    • whodywei

      LOL…Jay Meezee has been breaking the law since he was 12.

  • jaymeezezgothis

    George Zimmerman driving a Range Rover. America’s perfect combo.

  • vincent.medici

    Videos the biker thugs don’t want you to see:

  • stranger

    There are to acts. One is bad driving, the other is gangsterism. For the later, to terrorise a family, especially one with a child involved, is unforgiveable, whatever his reasons maybe. I understand Meezee family’s attempted actions to gain sympathy because he is seriously injured, BUT does that mean he exonerate him from his deliberate and willful attempt to cause harm to the family. Yes, he is injured BUT that doesnt change the fact that he is wrong. I hope the family recognises that simple logic.

  • Mya Anderson

    The operator of that Facebook page is a pathetic piece of trash soliciting strangers for money all the while FLAT OUT IGNORING the windfall of people all over the world asking her to explain herself, explain her nephews behavior, explain his criminal record while claiming he is a Christian man and proclaiming that they are a religious family (she has since removed this “update”), explain the videos that the gang of thugs weren’t quick enough at removing online and are now circulating everywhere. I urge everyone to check out her poor attempt at turning this man into some sort of saint and a victim and tell her how you really feel! I don’t know who she thinks she is, but she sure has a lot of audacity trying to portray this biker as a victim, a saint, a religious person…anything but what he REALLY IS…a thug.

  • PdxTony

    Edwin Mieses, 32, never got a driver’s license in the Bay State, the Registry of Motor Vehicles said, but he was frequently nabbed behind the wheel, and even sentenced to jail for driving without a license, court records show. Mieses has a pending case out of Lawrence District Court for driving suspended, subsequent offense, said Carrie Kimball Monihan, spokeswoman for the Essex County District Attorney’s Office. Mieses also has 15 guilty findings for criminal offenses including distribution of cocaine, possession of a firearm without a permit, knowingly receiving stolen property, resisting arrest and several motor vehicle violations, court records show.

    Mieses was sentenced to jail in 2004 for distribution of cocaine, in 2001 for operating without a license, in 2000 for possession of a firearm, and in 1999 for possession of marijuana, receiving stolen property, destruction of property and attaching plates, according to court records.

    You decide,…

  • JayMeezee
  • Woolie Moolie

    The truth is, Jay Meezee was just turning his life around. He was an aspiring rapper. His greatest hit, happened to be a Range Rover.

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