Tish James Declared Winner in Public Advocate Runoff
Tish James Declared Winner in Public Advocate Runoff

NEW YORK—Letitia James beat out Daniel Squadron to secure the Democratic nomination in the Public Advocate’s runoff race on Tuesday night, according to election night results posted by the Associated Press.

With 99 percent of the precincts reporting, James has 60 percent of the votes to Squadron’s 40 percent. 

James will be the first African American woman to hold a citywide elected post.

“Congratulations to Tish James, our next Public Advocate,” Squadron said in a statement. “We ran this campaign making the case that the Public Advocate’s office can be essential to our city-getting results for New Yorkers who need them. For New Yorkers without a voice, without high-powered lobbyists, without Cit Hall on speed dial. For people with no place else to turn. Their families need a strong Public Advocate.”

He continued “Although I did not win tonight, I will keep doing what I’ve always done in public office-fighting for New Yorkers and a city I truly love.”

Squadron will be eligible to run for another term as a State Senator in 2014. 

As expected, voter turnout was exceptionally low for the race. Under 200,000 turned out to the polls.

The office of the Public Advocate was the only race with a runoff, and cost the city $13 million. The budget for the Public Advocate’s office is $2.2 million per year.

The New York City Board of Election will recanvass on Wednesday morning, checking the election night totals with the machines. They will wait one week, as required by law, and count the absentee ballots.  

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