Alexian Lien, SUV Driver, Attacked by Motorcycle Gang in NYC (+Video)
Alexian Lien, SUV Driver, Attacked by Motorcycle Gang in NYC (+Video)

NEW YORK—Alexian Lien, a Manhattan man, was chased in his Range Rover by an apparent motorcycle gang in Upper Manhattan on the West Side Highway over the weekend. He was later beaten and slashed with a knife before he was sent to the hospital.

UPDATE: The family of Lien released a statement on Thursday about the incident. Also of the bikers who suffered injury in the incident is reportedly in a coma.

Lien was with his wife, Rosalyn Ng, and their 5-month-old child for a drive on Sunday when one driver cut him off and slammed on the brakes before Lien’s SUV bumped the back tire.

Several bikers then started to attack his vehicle and Lien fled, the New York Daily News reported

A few of the bikers then laid their motorcycles down before Lien bolted, running over several bikes.

“He feared for his life and the lives of his wife and daughter,” a police source told the New York Post.

The bikers then chased him before catching up with his car.

A second attack took place in the Washington Heights neighborhood. One of the bikers smashed the driver’s side window and slashed Lien. 

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said there were as many as 30 bikers in the group. “He’s taken out of the car. He is assaulted,” Kelly said.

Video footage taken by one of the bikers shows the group bashing his SUV and smashing the rear window.

Lien was punched and slashed in the face with a knife after he was dragged out of his vehicle, reported the News and the Post. He and his family were sent to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital following the attack.

Lien, who called 911, had to get stitches and he suffered two black eyes.

No suspects have been arrested.

According to reports, the bike rally may have been organized via the HollywoodStuntz blog and was not a charity ride. One of the bikers had a New Rochelle motorcycle club jacket.

The video can be viewed below (WARNING; somewhat disturbing footage):

  • MM06840
  • 劉育容

    i wish my people would just get along with other races and stop making other asians look like wimps

    • have2say

      I’d love to see your reaction when you’re surrounded by those hooligans.

  • George McDowell

    All these scumbags will be identified and prosecuted. And you can bet that the next time they get in front of someone’s car, the potential victim with stomp on the accelerator. No reason to play nice with scumbag motorcyclists.

    • Wolfgang Weicheier

      OK glad we have that out on the table. The next time you turn left or pull out in front of a motorcyclist, expect the worst.

  • Apollo BeforeitsNews

    I live in NY and I have seen them a few times ridding around. They usually block off traffic so all of them can travel together. I never knew who they were, or what they do. I am completely shocked that they I have never been stopped by the police, you would think that an army of motorcyclists in broad day light would be noticed.

    • frankensteinsANODIZEDbolts

      It’s long overdue to start an advertising campaign that exposes these fools, so that the innocent public becomes aware and learns that if they find themselves in a swarm, to seek escape ASAP.

  • Ray Flower

    criminals. mob mentality. and they seem to be upset that this guy didn’t bow down to them. But what can you say, maybe their mothers didn’t love them enough to raise them right.
    Right from the start they are driving to close to this car. Stupid stupid people. They deserve to get locked up for a long time.

  • Jaycito Trucka la Trucka

    Bikers all of them putting in jail for 10 years at least, for example, just for learn how riding out the street. Thanks.

  • Wolfgang Weicheier

    Liar. He rammed a motorcycle from behind, paralyzed a motorcyclist and committed two more hit and runs before he was pulled from his car. This is not China, we do not plow through traffic in Range Rovers here.

    • al

      The biker cut him off and stopped abruptly, most likely so that the bikers in front could do their stupid tricks back and forth on a busy highway. Unfortunately, the biker misjudged the relative speed and distance of the Range Rover, and got knocked down. The driver stops (you can see that in the video). Argument ensues, and the RR driver is probably antagonized for a good 5-10 seconds, which leads him to escape in self-defense. If the driver was truly a psychopath, there would be no hesitation in plowing down the rest of the bikers left and right throughout the video. Instead, he was more concern for the safety of his family, including the 2-year old. I agree with you that his is not China, and if you find the full video on LiveLeak, you’ll see the bikers also riding on sidewalks, against traffic, blocking traffic, and generally disregarding all traffic laws in America. They’re driving like animals.

      • host123

        Escaped in self defense and mow 2 more riders?. How can you proved your life is in danger by running over people. He was never physically hurt before he run over 2 bikes.They chase him and beat him up because he run over 2 bikes and leave the accident scene.

        • have2say

          Accept it, no good things happens to hooligans.

          • host123

            I agree. The person who chased and beat him were hooligans. But the person he ran over is not a hooligan. I’ve seen some car drivers just barge their way through line of bikes on the road without regards that somebody can get hurt.

          • have2say

            BTW, I read a report that says the police has confirmed that Lien was beaten before he ran over the bikers and that footage of the evidence was erased by one of the bikers. They tempered with evidence.

          • host123

            Look at the video where he was beaten. There are so many cars in front of him that is why he got caught and get stuck. You got it all wrong. I have a feeling he intentionally hit the biker in front of him that stop him. Cause if I hit somebody by accident I would be worried what happened to him. This guy took off instead, in the process, he ran over 2 more bikes, got one guy paralyzed. The person who stop in front of his car was not the one who got paralyzed. the person who chased him after that were different people.

  • host123

    It is obvious the reason they chase him and beat him up because he mowed 2 bikers and left the scene. The footage on TV news shows the beating then he run over 2 bikers which is not what happened. How would you expect a person to react when your friend got ran over by a car and ran away. He was not physically hurt before the chase. If he by accident hit one of the bikers, wouldnt it be right to stop and check ?

    • have2say

      If the bikers have behaved in a civilized manner, none of this would have happened.

      The footage shows one motorcyclist brake hard in front the the car and seems to get bumped by it.

      • host123

        The footage show one biker stop in front of him cause I think he want him to stop.Most bikers do this to slow the vehicle down to let their other member pass the car in a parade because they dont want to break their line. But obviously the Suv driver dont think it is right for him to slow down and let all the motorcycle pass him.

        It is still not enough reason to run over people.We cant be all like this, we just shoot everybody , because we think we are in danger.

        • mano22

          Was the biker police patrol? Part of a funeral procession? Did the bikers rent the strip of highway from the city? If no, then the biker didn’t have ANY RIGHT to stop traffic. It’s not just the SUV drive who thinks this, but all law-abiding citizens.

          Lien didn’t purposely want to drive over anyone. He wanted to remove himself from a dangerous situation created by the bikers. You can see a biker hitting his car when it’s stopped on the video. The violence is what leads him to drive off. The injured biker was part of this violent group and in the immediate path of the driver.

          Don’t even start preaching about following the law, because Lien was doing just that. You cannot say the same about these bikers. Just look at their other videos on Youtube and LiveLeak. Even the crushed man had his license revoked, had DWI, had an arrest record for aggression, etc etc. These are imbeciles who thought grandstanding against a SUV would force it to bow down to their crotch rockets. These are entitled children. These bikers are bullies, plain and simple.

          • have2say

            Yes it’s pretty obvious they were trying to intimidate other road users. Everyone can tell unless one chooses not to.

        • have2say

          Sorry I disagree with you & I would have likely done the same thing as well. We’re looking at about 30 punks to a young family of 3, common sense would drive anyone to flee!

  • yati

    I commend the driver for his composer. You can bet that I would wiped out a lot more bikers if my wife and child was in my car.

  • Farhad Cassim

    That paralyzed man and all these pathetic no-good-for-nothings are fools to turn on a man with his wife and his kid around him. And they should all expect to see the wrath of society through the might of the law and a strong rebuke from society.

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