Kevin San, SF High School Student, Killed in Crash
Kevin San, SF High School Student, Killed in Crash

Kevin San, a student at Lincoln High School in San Francisco, was killed in a Friday morning crash.

San, 16, died after an SUV hit a minivan he was riding in, local media reported. San’s mother and sister were critically injured. 

“Our condolences to the friends and family of Kevin San, the 16 year old Lincoln student who was killed,” tweeted his high school.

“When you lose a child, it just doesn’t get worse than that,” San Francisco Police Chief Greg told NBC.

The rollover accident, which took place on Pine and Gough streets, left several others injured, reported ABC-7.

The crash was “like a bomb, like an explosion,” Tanya Smith, a witness, told ABC.

Footage showed two extremely mangled cars flipped over on their sides.

Suhr said a woman in an SUV was driving around 80 MPH on Pine when it rear ended a minivan. A catering van was also hit in the accident.

“The car was going so fast the officer saw the vehicle cross Polk Street, which is two blocks away, and the car was going so fast they didn’t have time to activate their lights or sirens to get within a block of it before the crash occurred,” said Suhr.

Suhr added: “This is as bad as I’ve seen. This is an ugly crash.”

The driver of the SUV was not seriously injured in the crash, San Francisco fire spokeswoman Mindy Talmadge told CBS.

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