Jakiyah McKoy Wins Miss Hispanic Delaware, But Gets Stripped of Crown
Jakiyah McKoy Wins Miss Hispanic Delaware, But Gets Stripped of Crown

Jakiyah McKoy won Miss Chiquita Delaware (Miss Hispanic Delaware), but was stripped of her crown after organizers said that her parents failed to provide proof of Hispanic heritage.

McKoy won the August 31 contest but it was a controversial win.

“There was uproar when the winner was announced because, according to the public, she was not the best representative of a Latin beauty,” reported El Tiempo.

Maria Perez, president of Nuestras Raices Delaware, the sponsoring organization, said that McKoy’s parents didn’t provide any documentation, and one of the requirements is at least 25 percent Latino heritage.

“Her parents were asked to bring in documentation,” she told Latino Rebels. “Of all of the documentation brought in, there was nothing that confirmed Dominican heritage.”

“We can’t have her be the queen if she doesn’t have the proper documentation,” she said. “It’s not the first time that we’ve been confronted with the [burden of proof]. It’s happened in the past and they’ve brought in the proof and we were satisfied with it.”

McKoy’s mother was supposed to bring in a birth certificate but the family brought in a state documentation of guardianship instead. The alleged source of Hispanic heritage in the family is McKoy’s grandmother, who is dead. The family requested a formal inquiry by the state of New York into the grandmother’s heritage, but nothing came up.

“There is no information on this deceased woman,” said Perez.

“Color has nothing to do with it,” she said. “We’re all Latinos. That’s why we’re so beautiful because we come in all different colors.”

Past winners have included combined heritage such as Puerto Rican and Italian and French and Puerto Rican and French, according to Perez. 

Iris Torres, director of Miss Chiquita Delaware , elaborated in an editorial in El Tiempo.

“The recent issue of El Tiempo Hispano with 2013 Little Miss Hispanic Jakiyah McKoy on the cover has not only brought a negative perception of Nuestras Raíces, but it has put our mission and vision in jeopardy in the eyes of the community,” she wrote.

“Nonetheless, we understand that any organization risks being put under scrutiny, but the perception that the community thinks the reason Jakiyah lost her crown is because Nuestras Raíces didn’t think she was Latina looking enough is unacceptable and false.”

Torres emphasized that McKoy lost her title because her family couldn’t provide proof of Hispanic descent.

“The current Little Miss Hispanic, Meriana Ayala, has blonde hair and very fair skin,” she said. ” She is also required to provide documentation to confirm her Hispanic lineage.”

‘It has been left open to the grandmother that if she provides documentation to confirm Jakiyah’s Hispanic lineage, would be reinstated and we would have our first dual queens,” she added.

An online petition asks for the organization to let McKoy keep her crown.

“Jakiyah McKoy won the Little Miss Hispanic Delaware pageant but the sponsoring organization, Nuestras Raices Delaware, has blocked her win after an outcry from people claiming that, because she is Black, she is ‘not the best representative of Latin beauty,'” writes Daniel José Older, the petition organizer.

“The title is now pending while the committee'”investigates’ Jakiyah’s heritage. Meanwhile, none of the other competitors were subject to such an investigation,” he said. “This petition is to demand that Jakiyah McKoy keep her rightfully won crown, because her beauty represents us all.”

The petition has 1,134 supporters as of September 27 at 6:37 p.m. EDT.

Also, writer Icess Fernandez Rojas has written an open letter to McKoy and “the little black Latinas.”

She writes:

“How do you deal with things when things happen. (And we both know what those things are.) Handle them like the princess you are, nena. With grace and strength. Don’t take no for an answer but don’t get loud and crazy in front of them , that’s what they expect.  You must be better than you are and better than what people expect you to be.

“At this point you may think that this color is a burden. Not at all. This is a gift, your super power, your secret weapon. Because you will know what it’s like to be different and discriminated against, you will be able to recognize it when it happens to someone else. You’ll be able to lift them up as I am doing with you. And then they will pay it back with someone else and so on and so on. This super power means you have the potential to stop this ugliness just by being you. If that is not a gift, I don’t know what is.

“Jakiyah, I want to leave you with this. You will have an amazing life. There is more beauty in the world than there is ugliness. Just follow what is true and good in this world and things will work out. It may not be an easy journey but, as you already know, that doesn’t make it any less worth the trip.”

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  • Lizz40

    I’m one quarter Afro-Cuban and can’t prove it. It’s a sad part of the African American experience, but I can also see it from the pagent officials. They can’t just have anyone going for this title. There has to be rules. Her mother should have searched for the proof before her daughter ran. And if she couldn’t find it then she should not have entered her daughter in the contest.

    • liz ANDERSON

      What about DNA? Wouldn’t that prove it?

      • Lizz40

        DNA can’t prove it. This is why: Afro-Cubans are of African decent. Which is why Hispanic, Latino is not a race. So if you take an African American and a Afro-Cuban, the DNA will be the same. It will most likely show the DNA of West Africans and some Europeans. There is no way to distinguish between the two.

        Afro-Cubans are just Africans dropped off in Cuba to be slaves. They tend to be mixed, but not all of them. Add in the fact that the fair-skinned Cubans are in reality of European decent. Latinos who’ve had their DNA analyzed have been discovered to be more than 50 percent European. Some in the 75 percent range. The rest has been shown to be Native American(Mexicans).

        • liz ANDERSON

          ok thanks! Everyone should know this! That’s what makes it so unfair for this girl to lose her crown!

    • SomeSugarSomeSpice

      Exactly, if the rules were son unfair why register the kid? If the parents feel that their child is being victimized, they have the power to put a stop to it, by simply showing the proof, not by capitalizing and putting their own kid through such uncomfortable position. If she was my child, I would have brought up the proof, so my child her take her rightful place as queen with no debate….the fact they are fueling this “race” controversy, makes wonder if in fact her parents are not hiding something.

  • Michael Kosak

    what?? she’s undocumented??? and just because of that they want to strip her of the crown THAT’S RACISS

    • JustAnotherPerson

      RACIST really ALL winners are required to provide documentation of their lineage!!! ALL parents that entered their daughter into the pageant read and signed an agreement. So it wasn’t a shocker when they asked for it and if they were RACIST they wouldn’t of allowed her to participate from the beginning. The pageant directors mistake was believing that a grown ADULT wouldn’t lie about what nationality their child is. Everyone was given a fair chance. In this world their are rules and consequence to those that break them. It wasn’t the childs fault it was the parents. So if you to talk trash direct it that way. They were the one that were deceiving from the beginning. Why do you think know one from the little girls family still hasn’t stepped up and provided the right documentation and its almost a month later even after being told several time to bring in the documentation to get re-crowned. Its not fair that these people took the time out the help these little girl in so many ways, treat them like family and then get dragged in the dirt for doing what they are suppose to.

  • Nora Rich

    They let the girl into the contest, and she won, she should be able to keep the crown

  • Deborah Miles

    why are we still be racist when it comes to darker skin person if they felt that way check her out b4 she won! get it togther people what msg is this sending check all contestant b4 they compete not after this darker skin child won color was the only reason she was question!

    • Hector

      You really sounded like a black racist right about know. This is the “Hispanic Pageant” . I am sure if my beautiful Latin girls of color would compete in the “Afro American” pageant racist blacks would complain about this also. We would certainly make an impact because of our culture. Not the color of our skin.. Only ignorant people think that.

      • Kung Fu

        Umm really? If she is Hispanic… I don’t see where Afro American pageant and your hispanic kids comes in.

        P.S ya’ll are a bunch of hypocrites… I hope when they ask ya’ll for allu documents you all have them

        • JustAnotherPerson

          Im not sure if you are aware but all Hispanic don’t need documentation. for instance Puerto Rico is apart of the United States and Hispanics are not the only people that need to provide documentation to get into the united states!!! Also there are many different types of Hispanics like from Spain, Mexico, El Salvador, Dominica Republic, Peru etc….

    • Hector

      As I gotten older I have learned that blacks are more racist than any other kind. I wish I would of known this when my latin parents was marching for your rights. I would of told them to stop.

    • JustAnotherPerson

      Your right they should of asked before hand for the required documents. But when the parents signed their daughters up they were aware that they would need the documents at some point. No one thought that a parent would lie about their childs nationality!! You learn from your mistakes!!!

    • Guest

      every one has his are her opinion and I would feel the same way if a hispanic child was judge for her color we all need to stop putting up these barriers and for your information my family is part hispanic so b4 u judge ask both sides of my family has been judge because of their race so re read what I said and now who looks stupid and say what you please she was judge by her color and all races some of us are darker than other’s and Hector you of all person should know the feeling so I have been misjudged by both of my heritage and it still does feel good and if you had read her entire article it stated she was the only one was treated like that and I am both hispanic & black so I guess I am 1/2 racist

  • Q-TIN

    Well she should still be able to keep it since they failed to look it up before the competition like they should have, IDC if she’s full japanese she won it and she should keep it.

  • Lady Dama

    Damn I’m pure Puerto Rican, I chose to marry an Afro american man whom I love dearly, my boys were both born in La Isal De Encanto (PR) one in Bayamon & the other in Ceiba, My son has a daughter with an Afro American Queen, So Your trying to tell me that one day my grand Daughter can’t enter this Dumb ass pageant. Than Later For you and your Miss Chiquita Delaware beauty pageant!! Take the Damn Crown and shove it where the sun Don’t shine!!!!!!!!

    • JustAnotherPerson

      The issue had nothing to do with her being black it was the fact that she could not prove her Hispanic lineage. The pageant participants have to be 25% Hispanic so that means your hispanic/ black granddaughter would be allowed to participate in the dumb ass pageant. Maybe you should of did some research and spoke to the many pageant queen winners that grew from the great experience the pageant gave them. THEY BEGIN AS STRANGERS AND END AS FAMILY. Its just a shame that because of one parents mistake everyone else has to pay for. Its so ridiculous how far a lie is being taken. So sad that not matter how we try to come together someone is always there to pull us back apart.

  • HelioGalvan

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  • maria rolle

    Give her the crown she won it .the right way. put your self in her place if you have a heart.

  • Joseph111

    it is a sad day in America, the land where all men are created equal, that we have this racist contest.
    if this had been a contest for just white children, there would have been riots in the streets, but people seem to think its okay to have a contest for hispanic girls, and disqualify a black girl.
    where’s the outrage?

  • Jenna

    how dare they take that babies crown! these little girls go up there and are amazing! they cant tell someone they cant win if you are not something. that makes no since. you should be ashamed of y’alls selfs! you have these pageants to teach these girls loyalty, pride, joy, and a voice. and just cause the winner y’all wanted didnt win, dosnt mean you can change the rules!

  • gwbnyc


  • Gary W

    I can’t believe such a racist attitude would try to promote itself. The girl won so
    the promoters and officials should give her the title. I can’t believe adults
    would promote raceism like this setting this kind of an example with such young
    children. What are you thinking? Give her the title she won and stop pretending
    there isn’t politics and color involved, if it weren’t this all would be a non
    issue. Do whats right!

    • JustAnotherPerson


  • Joseph JF

    This organization needs to be sued for discrimination. Why is the difference about color? However, whenever I have visited a graveyard I don’t see any difference at all.

    • JustAnotherPerson

      OMG you are so right..they should sue a non profit organization for following the rules that the parents signed from the beginning. How about they sue the parents for all the bs they are being put through because they didn’t tell the truth!!

  • Chrystal Johnson

    The thing for me is, once she’s proven her hispanic heritage, why is it that she has to be part of a DUAL CROWN win?????? Were any of the other contestants subject to sharing their crown??? The ‘stand in’ replacement was not the original winner, she is just that, a stand in. Once the original young lady is given back her crown, she should stand alone, JUST LIKE every other contestant who’s won this pageant. P.s. Everyone knows the decision to strip her of her crown is about race.. Sad… Just like african americans with skin tone issues within race, hispanics the same thing.. Guess the cats out of the bag now…

    • JustAnotherPerson

      Yes..when there is a tie that’s exactly what would happen they both would have their own crowns but share a title.. and NO its far from a race thing or else why would the percentage be only 25% hispanic and not 100%…Your sad to think that…AND until this day she still hasn’t proven her hispanic heritage. I WONDER WHY (not really)

      • SomeSugarSomeSpice

        The rules were not made up at crowning after she won, her family knew
        the rules when they registered. Other contestant in prior years had to
        show proof as well (and they did try to make themselves look as the poor
        victims of some sort of race biased). If they did like the rules of the pageant, then don’t register
        for the pageant and expose your kid to it. Why can’t her parents show proof and not continue to make their own child suffer. Where is the proof?

  • borderraven

    A colored person being racially discriminated by colored people?

  • John Rah

    If they take that crown from that baby, they all need to burn in HELL. They missed the POINT entirely!

  • TheTruthWillSetYouFree

    Was she was stripped of her crown because of the
    COLOR of her skin or she is an ILLEGAL alien?

    • JustAnotherPerson

      Because she could not provide proof that she was at least 25% Hispanic

  • lapazjim

    What do you know Latino on Latino racism.Now this has to be a new one!!!

  • Bwana Bob

    No problem, all she has to do is ask Obama how to get the documentation they want, he’s an expert at providing that type of thing.

    • SomeSugarSomeSpice

      And just like Obama, all that needed to be done was show proof! There is very simple fix.

  • SomeSugarSomeSpice

    Next year, please have every girl turn in their 25% proof prior to the pageant.

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