Aaron Alexis, 34, of Texas IDed as Suspect in Washington Navy Yard Shooting: Reports
Aaron Alexis, 34, of Texas IDed as Suspect in Washington Navy Yard Shooting: Reports

Aaron Alexis, a 34-year-old man from Fort Worth, Texas, was identified as the shooting suspect in the rampage that killed 13 people at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday.

The Associated Press, citing law enforcement sources, confirmed Alexis was the alleged gunman. It is unclear what his motive was.

NBC News reported that officials identified him via fingerprints.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Alexis kicked out of the military in 2011 as a result of a 2010 gun arrest in Fort Worth. A 2010 police report said he was arrested when his gun discharged and shot through the ceiling of his home. The Seattle Police Department also said he was arrested in 2004 in Seattle for an “anger-fueled” shooting, taking out the tires of a man’s vehicle.

In Monday’s incident, the suspect allegedly entered the base with another man’s ID card who used to work there, officials said. The name of the man whose ID card was found is now being questioned by the FBI, which took the lead in the investigation earlier on Monday.

There is no information on a connection between Alexis and man whose name was on the ID card he used.

He allegedly shot the security guard with a shotgun and proceeded on through the building. He was also seen with an AR-15 rifle and a semiautomatic 9mm pistol, witnesses told the broadcaster.

The gunman was killed after he fired on a police officer and got into a shootout with law enforcement officials.

NBC Washington reported that Alexis was arrested by the Fort Worth Police Department in 2010 on firearms charges. The Fort Worth Police Department listed a document with the name Aaron Alexis on its website, saying he was arrested in Sept. 4, 2010. 

Nutpisit Suthamtewakul, owner of Happy Bowl Thai in White Settlement, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Alexis was his “best friend.”

“He lived with me three years,” Suthamtewakul added. “I don’t think he’d do this. He has a gun, but I don’t think he’s that stupid. He didn’t seem aggressive to me.”

The paper reported that Alexis was in the Navy between 2007 and 2011.

Alexis grew up in Brooklyn with his mother and father, his aunt Helen Weeks told the Washington Post.

“We haven’t seen him for years,” Weeks said. “I know he was in the military. He served abroad. I think he was doing some kind of computer work.”

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said in a 2 p.m. press conference that 13 people were shot and killed in the incident, including the shooter.

Whether it was a terrorist act, Gray said, “We don’t have any reason to think that at this stage.” 

A shelter-in-place was also put in place around the Navy Yard.

President Barack Obama released a statement about the shooting.

“So we are confronting yet another mass shooting, and today it happened on a military installation in our nation’s capital. It’s a shooting that targeted military and civilian personnel,” Obama said.

“These are men and women going to work, doing their job protecting all of us,” Obama added. “They’re patriots, and they know the dangers of serving abroad, but today they faced the unimaginable violence that they wouldn’t have expected here at home.”

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  • AJW

    what? no facebook page link to shooters profile?

    • George

      I looked. I could not find a facebook page.

      • Neko El Gato

        there’s a picture of him on bustedmugshots

        Name: Aaron Alexis
        Fort Worth,
        Age: 31 years
        Processing Date: 09-04-2010
        Alleged Violation:

      • Gypsy

        I looked too. I remember finding Adam Lanza’s after the Newtown massacre.

      • Lisa

        Someone just made one about 15 minutes ago, and I think it is really sick!!

  • Chewbama

    WH: This is first wave of Syrian invasion

    • teflonron

      Chewbama? LOL.

    • radicallyalyssa

      Shame on you. We get annoyed with liberals politicizing tragedies, and that’s just what you’re doing.

    • Blake

      lol michelle DOES look like chewy

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      Neat trick typing with your head up your bum.

  • Michael Lee Fenton

    This is what we get for Carter closing all the mental health hospitals

    • PubliusK

      That would be interesting if it were not actually Reagan who did just that.

    • Mr_DAA


    • Mr_DAA


      The truth of the matter is that he is a product of a societal segment that abhorred God and Religious practice other than Isslam in America.

      This is not a mental issue. It is a spiritual, or lack thereof issue.

    • ChromeACynic

      That would be REAGAN. If you’re comment on history, know what you are talking about.

      • Michael Lee Fenton

        Funding pulled in 1978 for the year 1980. Now go back and see who took the money? No money no take care of wackos

    • Bill Kratzer

      can’t blame any one person, but you hit the nail on the head for where they need to focus their efforts. I’ll protect my own until the mentally unbalanced and politically paid scaremongers get focused on our place in this world. Time to refocus people, not disarm ourselves. Geez, Heaven help us

      • WillyWonka22

        Bill Kratzer, you cannot follow all “your own” around with a hand on your firearm. The mentally ill have this habit of killing people without warning and unless you can split yourself into enough entities to protect all your own and shoot anyone who looks kinda funny at your own, oh screw it, what is the point of logic and common sense?! Beyond your borders is a world of civilized countries with gun laws (see Australia which changed their laws about 10 years ago to great success), but far be it from smug idiots to learn from “dem furreners”. If Australia is too far from you to contemplate, just check out Canada.

    • Gypsy

      I agree. I’m a huge advocate for the mentally ill, I too suffer with manic depression and anxiety. There is a huge stigma for people with mental issues- It’s okay for someone to have the flu or a cold, but for some reason mental problems go ignored. I truly believe that if we had a better grasp on these people, especially the prisoners who go without treatment, that it would lower the rate of homicides, suicides and heavy drug usage in Americans.

    • richard scalzo

      Where are you getting her had mental issues? Pulled out of thin air?

    • logicdog

      Reagan closed them — you know, the guy who said “I don’t think there really are any homeless people”?

      • Diana Lazarian

        Reagan did not close mental facilities. As Governor of CA he required a limited hold for people with mental disorders with a panel review and the right to an advocate. What’s wrong with you!. Because of Governor Reagan the mentally ill were given some rights. They can be held for 72 hours – then they are allowed a 3 panel review to be held any longer – and another one after that every 14 days. Give me a break!

        • Annie Mackie

          Reagan did in fact close the mental hospitals. And yes he gave them rights, but we’ve had a lot of loones shoot up folks

          • southside mike

            Annie you are absolutely right!

      • http://www.swift2.blogspot.com Swift2

        Correct, I was in California when the right-wing loon took the opportunity of okaying a “deinstitutionalizion” law and vetoing all the spending that it would have taken to set up local centers and “day care” facilities. We could not building up our old gray mental “health” institutions. The drugs were too good by then, and they’re getting better — not to cure, just to make you safe on the streets — but this was the great underlying crime of the Reagan regime. It is no accident that the homeless appeared like a festering sore in the Reagan administration. Sure, they stemmed inflation in a very tough way. Closing the old snake pit institutions was a good thing. But they had to be replaced instead of having such a large number of our homeless the mentally ill.

    • http://clintjcl.tumblr.com/ ClintJCL

      Except that it was Reagan, you lying sack of s**t.

    • banislam

      Since when do republicans get anything right?

  • JT Hickman

    Probably another Chris Dorner they will sweep under the rug…

    • richard scalzo

      Dorner’s rotting in hell where he belongs.

  • http://www.picsofcelebrities.net/blog/2012/05/08/voice-season-finale Cromulent

    Another son of Obama?

    • richard scalzo

      Morons are out I see.

  • PissedOffAmerican

    I just saw an article that will not be run by the Main Street media. The shooter is a cousin of BHO. The Muslim Brotherhood has proclaimed Aaron as a hero, and will be awarding his family a medal via BHO.

    • vorten

      You’re just another racist for Christ. Go Away.

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    • Bill Kratzer

      wheres the link, or are you making this up?

    • klarg

      You can type, too bad you don’t think before typing.

    • John Z

      Just what are you PO’d about. Is it that America is not run the way you would run it, or is it that you were are continually criticized for writing particularly stupid comments? Of course, now that I look, I see that 17 fellow nitwits gave you a thumbs up. I’m not happy with how the administration is running this country, but when I see the stupidity praised, I really fear for this country.

    • MrsM

      Where? Let’s see this article. And, links to conspiracy theory blogs do not count.

    • richard scalzo

      Back under your rock moron.

    • Fred_Evil

      No link to prove your claim?

    • CarlC

      wow, thanks for the update from the Confederate States of WhiteTrashistan…..

    • Truman Golden

      i heard Aaron Alexis was sent by jews/zionists to kill americans and cause few things:
      race wars
      false flag to cause more erosion on our civil liberties.
      maybe blame it on Muslim to keep the war machine going.
      when will americans wake up?

    • http://clintjcl.tumblr.com/ ClintJCL

      If you just saw an article, why couldn’t you be bothered to, y’know, link us to it?

    • southside mike

      It always amazes me when people shoot their mouths off with
      opinions instead of fact, and then become very quiet when asked to back up
      their claims with facts or sources. They parrot what they hear on talk radio or
      the talking heads on TV and take it as gospel, without the slightest doubt as
      to the veracity of their statement(s). Everyone is entitled to an OPINION but
      don’t try to pass them off on me as fact; because I will challenge you every

  • asdasdad

    I have hear Bin Laden came back from hell and possessed this dude. True story.

  • Paula

    He’s 34? Why did all of the eye witnesses report the gunman as in his 50’s?

  • boyd

    dag! now the brothers are acting like white dudes.

    monkey see monkey do.

  • Flávio Prieto

    Some crazy people going around … why not enforce a better control on guns?

    • Bill Kratzer

      why not enforce a better control over the licensing of the incompetent professionals that let the crazies loose on society? they had him in the system once, what did they do? bus him to DC with the other crazy politicians not doing their job?

      • Flávio Prieto

        Agreed, although one thing does not exclude the other!

      • WillyWonka22

        Those dumb liberals want to re-instate funding for mental health when all you need to do is build more prisons! Now that you have cut funding for food stamps, you free up more prison money. But don’t take the guns away, you might resemble pathetic pansy-countries like Australia or Canada.

  • Hussein

    infidel amerika

    • Patriotalpha

      I’m a damn proud Chris tian infidel!

  • gene456

    Here’s his picture(get rid of the spaces):

    bustedmugshots (dot) com / image / get / listing / mug-shot-45611151 (dot) jpg
    He looks like someone’s son to me.

  • gene456

    You can his picture at bustedmugshots (dot) com.
    Gee, he looks just like someone’s son to me.

    • karendelandywalker

      Yea, you tried that one below. No one is biting.

    • southside mike

      I read in that “imaginary newspaper that all the GOP read”, that he is Boehner’s illegitimate son with a darker tan

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  • Blake

    another case of workplace violence?

    • MrComments

      If he targeted specific people he worked with, or only people he worked with, yes.

    • Bill Kratzer

      just the truth and nothing but the Truth Please

  • notanobamaliar

    Who be da shooter? This is a mug shot of Aaron Alexis taken at Ft. Worth, TX on 9-4-2010.

  • ultraelf

    ok then do they have this person’s photo?

  • lewtwo

    Summary: Nobody knows nothin.

  • notanobamaliar

    Has anyone heard a condemnation comment for Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson so far? Don’t hold your breath.

  • Truman Golden

    Aaron hired by zionists to cause race wars and maybe blame it muslims to keep the war machine going and distract us for the push to war wit syria.

    • Clevelandchick

      Oh shut up.

  • Earl Scott

    Once again it is a less than white PERSON out THERE killing people. And we are NOT supposed to profile these people as KILLERS. WHAT A COUNTRY!!

  • $27121859

    You live in Texas for two years and you are from there? He was at the Naval Air Station in Ft worth as a navy member.

  • http://www.swift2.blogspot.com Swift2

    Discharged from the military because he discharged a firearm? Think maybe he shouldn’t have had a weapon after that?

  • Carolyn Jordan

    I’m getting a little tired of these street theater psyops. The one done in Boston was outrageously transparent and now this. Maybe Obama can use his production team to make a film of Bombing Syria but not really do it for real. The media could report it as real, but nobody gets hurt.

  • southside mike

    Arrested in 2010 for a gun violation….should be a felon, and in jail, but is out free to kill

    Felon has at least 3 guns. HOW? There are laws against that?

    DC has strict anti-gun laws, which again didn’t work. Solution: Let’s create more. That way people like him will have more to break.

    Simple solution:
    he should have been in jail for 2010 violation.

    • Jake Frizzell

      The only real solution would be legalized ‘open carry’.

    • WillyWonka22

      Thanks for the information regarding the inability to get into DC without passing through metal detectors and getting frisked at all the entry points. Local gun laws always trump the ability to cross into another county or state to buy a gun and just bring it into DC. That is what you are implying, no?

  • Reinhart

    But… but… that was a “Gun Free Zone”……?!?

  • SOG1077

    Hey, he looks like Obama’s son, if he would have had one.

  • SOG1077

    Did it not work out well for Alexis in the military having a black commander-in-chief? I want to know who held this black man down and caused him to have this tragic meltdown.

  • Joseph Flannagan

    More workplace violence – will it ever end? Why do the military have to call the police ? – SURELY THEY COULD HAVE BLASTED THE SH*T OUT OF THIS MORON. Or is there a similar policy here as with Fort Hood that the personnel are not allowed to carry weapons.

  • Jake Frizzell

    One must wonder what this guy’s real qualifications are, especially considering his past history. Did he do this ‘for Trayvon’?

  • Ernie Bertino

    One look at the shape of his brain pan and anybody can see he was MK Ultra.

  • Best_Blue

    Since Aaron is not a Muslim, its not a terrorist attack. no matter how many were killed.
    For it being eligible to be called as a ‘Terrorist Attack’ Muslim should be involved some how.
    Regards: Western Media and Govt.

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