Ohio Trooper Jacob Daymon Hits Couple on Motorcycle (+Video)
Ohio Trooper Jacob Daymon Hits Couple on Motorcycle (+Video)

A dash cam captured the moment went Ohio State Trooper Jacob Daymon crashed his police cruiser into a couple, Amy and Corey Waldman, who were riding on their motorcycle.

Daymon was traveling on U.S. 35 east of Dayton on Aug. 17 when the incident took place, reported WPTV.

His car showed no signs of braking before he hit the couple. They were tossed over his cruiser.

Neither Corey or Amy Waldman were injured seriously in the crash. “I think I went off to the left side. I couldn’t see her at all and we just slid, and slid, and slid. The only time it wouldn’t hurt for two seconds is when my helmet would hit the ground,” Corey said, adding that helmets saved both of their lives.

After he hit the couple, the video shows Daymon backing up to block a lane of traffic. He then got out and asked the couple if they were injured.

It is unclear why Daymon hit the two, but Greene County prosecutor Steve Haller described the video footage as “dramatic,” reported ABC.

According to 2 News, the couple said they are still suffering from their respective injuries, but they forgave the officer. Amy Waldman is still reportedly suffering from a concussion.

The video of the collision is below (Warning: somewhat graphic):

  • Sarebolth

    Big money, no whammies…….STOP.

  • someguysarerude

    Was the cop texting? It was clear that unless he hit the bikers on purpose, he was distracted driving. Was he asleep?
    So, with strong evidence that he was at fault, where are the charges that would be hammered on any other driver who wasn’t with law enforcement???

  • Lord Alderon

    The cop looks like Jethro Bodine and drives like him as well…but I think Jethro would have hit the brakes a bit.

  • Lord Alderon


  • Betty Boop

    The Trooper was cited in a Grand Jury trial on Friday with a $100.00 ticket for “failure to assume assured clear distance”. Total BS! Wonder what I would have gotten if I’d been the one to hit them.

  • gene fugget

    “Neither Corey or Amy Waldman were injured seriously in the crash.” …. Are you kidding ? – have you seen them ?? 50 yards of road rash and broken bones aren’t serious ???

  • gene fugget

    who’s paying for their hospital costs ?

  • SL320

    The best part is when the trooper checks the front of his car for damage, as though that were a priority while two people are in the road suffering from injuries that he caused. Of course, he may have been looking for body parts stuck in the grill….

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