How to Quit a Mall Job With Style: Mall Staff Quits, Manager Responds
How to Quit a Mall Job With Style: Mall Staff Quits, Manager Responds

An epic resignation letter greeted a district manager at a Journey store in Rochester, N.Y., on Saturday morning. 

The entire staff at the Market Place Mall store quit on a back-to-school weekend and their joint resignation letter was left not only in plain site on the shuttered store front, but was also posted on Reddit. The district manager, accused in the letter of swearing at employees and generally treating them poorly, had her side of the story told through a third party who got in touch with Gawker. She was not permitted by the company to respond publicly. 

The manager, Jamie, said the claim that she refused someone time off who had requested it because of a cancer-related issue was false. She said the employees were disgruntled for a different reason. The store manager had tried to give the co-manager time off during a back-to-school weekend to get a car inspected. Company policy dictates that work on such high-volume weekends is mandatory. 

The source wrote to Gawker:  “After the 3 walk on the store and leave the note and post to social media, the manager’s (now-ex) boyfriend contacts Jamie and returns approximately $1000 in merchandise that his (now-ex) girlfriend and her cohorts had stolen over the past several months. This was a lot of merchandise.”

The source said Jamie’s life has been seriously impacted by the letter’s spread through social media. “She’s getting threats from people in the company … [and] has to be escorted from stores at night and is being constantly harassed about this by the media.”

  • meeche12

    This story is SO TRUE. I have worked at Journeys for about a year and Jamie was my District Manager. She was very controlling and devious. Over the year I had 5 store managers and 8 co-managers and they all quit because of her treatment of them. And all of them walked out on her in this way of some sort. She abused her “role” daily and everytime somebody quit she accused them of stealing. Also let me add that both Journeys and Journeys Kidz do STOCK counts or check INVENTORY WEEKLY, so if they stole “$1000” worth of merchandise, than this reflects on her MANAGING SKILLS and should show the Corporate heads that she is hiring irresponsible and thieving people

  • Ben_Chasteen

    Years ago I used to work at a store called Gadzooks, the whole company was constantly having issues, from the 2 years I worked there, I couldn’t tell you how many managers I had, plus a handful of District managers. The last DM we had while I was there was fired for doing drugs with a male employee and then sexual harassing him. He was fired right away and soon after the company went bankrupt. On a side note, Journey’s was right next door, and also went through lots of managers.

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