Aaryn Gries Evicted From ‘Big Brother’ House Over Allegedly Racist Comments
Aaryn Gries Evicted From ‘Big Brother’ House Over Allegedly Racist Comments

Aaryn Gries, a Texas State University student, got kicked out of the “Big Brother” house on Thursday night over allegedly racist comments.

Gries defended herself in a post-eviction interview with host Julie Chen.

“In the early days of this game, you said some pretty harsh things about your fellow housemates,” Chen said. “How do you respond to that?”

“Being Southern, it’s a stereotype, and I have said some things that have been taken completely out of context and wrong,” Gries said, “and I do not mean to ever come off as racist. That’s not me, and I apologize to anyone that I’ve offended.”

Gries remains on the show in the “jury house,” where she will be sequestered from the outside world until the show ends in September, according to TMZ. Gries’ modeling agency has dropped her over her behavior. 


  • NM

    She didn’t get kicked out because she was racist. She got evicted from the game and THEN Julie Chen ripped her for her racist comments.

  • Crackle

    Agreed! At no point did her nomination or subsequent eviction have to do with her racist and homophobic remarks in the house. Elissa nominated Aaryn because she was a threat and they had a rocky relationship.

    Julie simply brought up the controversial comments in the exit interview for added drama.

    I am so glad that Big Brother confronted her as much as they could.

  • Crackle

    Agreed. Aaryn’s nomination and subsequent eviction had nothing to do with her racist and homophobic remarks. Elissa nominated her because they don’t get along, period.

    Julie confronted Aaryn about her controversial comments, because there was pressure from the public and to create drama for the audience. I do have to say that Julie kicked some butt in that exit interview, and she did so very gracefully.

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