Kenan Adams Kinard Identified as Second Suspect in WWII Veteran Murder
Kenan Adams Kinard Identified as Second Suspect in WWII Veteran Murder

Kenan Adams Kinard, who was born sometime in 1997, was identified as the second suspect in the beating death of Delbert Belton, a World War II veteran, in Spokane, Washington.

Alex Rozier of KHQ-TV reported on his Twitter feed that Kinard is still on the run. Court documents viewed by local station KREM-TV confirmed that Kinard is the other suspect.

It was earlier reported that Kinard was possibly driving a stolen vehicle.

The other suspect, 16-year-old Demetrius Glenn, turned himself into police on Friday. He was charged with murder and robbery.

Belton served during the Battle of Okinawa in World War II, taking a bullet in the leg. He was assaulted in his vehicle outside of a lounge.

“It does appear random,” Spokane police Lt. Mark Griffiths told CNN of the incident. “It appears [Belton] was assaulted in the parking lot and there was no indication that he would have known these people prior to the assault.” 

Reports said that the two suspects beat Belton with flashlights.

“He didn’t drive a big fancy car. He didn’t dress in expensive clothes. He didn’t have a lot of money. He had very little money,” daughter-in-law Barbara Belton told the network. “What did they think they were going to get from this man?”


  • Toucan Sam
  • Bethany Jackson

    wow how NOT surprising. typical criminal with no regard for others. wish these people would learn how to bring up their kids. disgusting

  • Richard

    Yet another son of Barack Obama

    • Helios_Mattera

      Can we cut out the racist BS. Evil knows no race. I mean I could go on a diatribe about white boys shooting up schools, blowing up parades, and going on sniper-like shooting sprees. The fact is we live in a culture that glorifies violence – then we look surprised when our young men act out on it. There are real problems in this country and they know no race. The over emphasis on sex & violence in our media is one culprit. Encouraging young men to be violent and overly macho w/o morals or compassion is the other.

      • Alan

        We need to stop pretending that young black men are not, what? 14 times more likely to commit murder… MURDER…. than young white men? And other violent crimes? Just look at the statistics. Even MLK, Jr. said in 1961, “”Do you know that Negroes are 10 percent of the population of St. Louis
        and are responsible for 58% of its crimes? We’ve got to face that. And
        we’ve got to do something about our moral standards.” Each young black man who commits a terrible crime has a choice of whether or not to do it. It’s not the culture, it’s not TV, it’s not Whitey, it’s his own choice. If he doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong, then he needs to spend the rest of his worthless life in prison. I’m tired of everyone making excuses for these animals.

  • steve

    I’m sure he has sons in all “57” states

  • Kathleen R

    typically he looks like another pos…

  • Malworthy

    I believe I will leave all the racist commentary to you fine folks. These punks suffer from the now widespread malady of lacking respect for others. Your racist commentary just furthers that misguided apprehension that race should be used as a yardstick for targets of violence. In other words, your lack of respect is showing almost as badly as is that of these stupid punks.

    • GunRights4US

      It’s high time folks starting calling a spade … a spade.

  • JettieG

    Young vets are out to find him. He’d be better off if he turned himself in to the cops.

  • Hoof Hearted

    “Man” wanted for murder? I’m sure if the victim was armed and the tables turned, this “man” would have transformed into an innocent, angelic 14year old–for propaganda purposes.

  • Leonard Schweitzer

    I hope some vets find him before the police then the tax payers will not have to feed Him for 50 or 60 years.

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