Demetrius Glenn, 16, Identified as Suspect in WWII Veteran Murder
Demetrius Glenn, 16, Identified as Suspect in WWII Veteran Murder

Demetrius Glenn, a 16-year-old from Spokane, Wash., was identified as one of the suspects in the fatal beating of World War II veteran Delbert Belton, it was reported. The other suspect, Kenan Adams Kinard, who is around the same age, is still at large.

Alex Rozier of KHQ-TV reported that Glenn is facing first-degree murder and robbery charges.

He was arrested on Friday morning. Rozier said that he turned himself in to police custody, according to KHQ. Another local station, KREM-TV, confirmed the suspect’s identity as Glenn.

KHQ reported that court documents said his name was also spelt Demetruis Glenn, but was later corrected to Demetrius.

“I’m told by juvenile court that if the court decides to charge Glenn as an adult then he may make his first appearance on Monday,” Rozier wrote on Twitter. He is now on the juvenile docket but will likely be charged as an adult.

Rozier said the other suspect in the case is Kinard, born in 1997, and is likely driving a stolen vehicle. He is still at large, but Rozier says police are searching for him.

Rozier wrote that Glenn had run-ins with the law, including allegedly taking part in a “riot with a deadly weapon.”

In the incident, police say two young males beat Belton, 88, while he was in his car outside of a lounge. He was discovered with severe head injuries and died on Wednesday.

“It does appear random,” Spokane police Lt. Mark Griffiths told CNN. “It appears [Belton] was assaulted in the parking lot and there was no indication that he would have known these people prior to the assault.” 

On Twitter, an account registered to “Demetruis Glenn,” who shares the same picture that Rozier tweeted, says that he plays “Foot-ball,Run Tracc,Get Money Do What i do [sic].”

A memorial was set up at the crime scene for Belton. Many locals and netizens condemned the senseless violence of the incident.

“Del will be missed. I lived next to him for the past 17 years. He was a good guy. This is totally senseless,” wrote a commenter, Matt Buster, on the KXLY article.

Belton fought in the Battle of Okinawa, and he was shot in the leg. He later worked at an aluminium plant for 30 years.

  • Beard!

    Hey, Demetruis…. how does it feel now that you will soon be on death row?

  • DemDisaster

    Why is this not classified as a hate crime?

    • lars1701c

      Because silly its a black on white crime.

      • I know the truth jerks

        My son is normal like anyother kid happy for toys…not a killer. shame on the hateful msgs.

  • TrixieRose
    • sentry_99

      If that is his….blocc, tracc. Yep, he’s a either a crip or wants to be very badly.

  • SamuelThomas

    Another stoopid kneegrow. Had enough yet?

    • fed_up_white_guy

      Had more than enough. Why are so many people still buying the leftist “we are all equal” bulls**t?

  • stan parker

    can we fry these animals publicly?

    • Hillary Shackley

      They only do that in more civilized places- Muslim places that we send billions of taxpayer money to or even U.S. Fighter jets and tanks- A place that Obama wants to be kinder and gentler to.

    • Kenneth DeWit Jr

      There MONGRELS!

  • copper

    “It does appear random” so said Lt. Mark Griffiths. What a stupid, stupid thing to say. Two black punks beat an older white male to. That isn’t random! They were going to rob him? That isn’t random. Waiting around for a victim to come along, that isn’t random! Dumb ass!
    If this were two white punks who beat an older black male to death do you think Griffiths would be passing it off as merely “random?” Again, what a dumb ass!!

  • Chimpelle Obongo

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  • Kenneth DeWit Jr

    I hope they HANG THIS MONGREL!

  • Commonsense58

    they had better be tried as adults! look at that garbage, hang ’em and hang ’em high! I’m 55 years old my grandfather fought with MacArthur in Phillipenes and is still alive. Let me at them punks! give ’em to me. you put both their age together and I am still older and still toughr than them, let me have them! I will save the taxpayers money and do it with my bare f-ing hands.

  • Timbones

    If there were any justice, this would be a death penalty case.

  • helen

    This just makes me want to cry………then I get mad at these thugs that murdered the poor old man. Why don’t you be men and pick on someone your age, without weapons, just you?? You won’t because you are cowards, you shoot people in the back, beat up old men and women, and have to use a gun or a knife and almost always have to be
    in groups…You’re pussies, all of you, yellow to the core……let’s see how big a man you are in prison……I hope that a lot of men find you very attractive and want to fill your ‘dance card’………bastards….

    • yellahamma

      If they were civilized kids with manly adult guidance in their lives they wouldn’t pick on anybody to begin with.
      Obama , Jesse , Al , hellooo where are you?… your silence speaks volumes.

      Arm yourself , protect yourself, the government surely isn’t going to.

  • cmdriker

    All over this country we have an epidemic black teens murdering and maiming. Heard about the young nurse in memphis , gunned down by 2 black males on monday? (no he wasn’t robbed), or young white men from St Paul, Minn and Washington DC who had their heads caved-in by “knock-out” games perpetrated by young black men?

    And now this man from the greatest generation brought down by these soul-less pieces of garbage.

    Yet our national media elites , like Sharpton , Oprah and Jamie Foxx would have us believe that blacks with hoodies are actually a walking target of white , or “white hispanic” racists. The less-crazy progressives will react to the shooting deaths by ignoring the racial component and focusing on gun control, I guess we have to ban fists and bricks too.

    And yet decent black and whites alike continue on , business as usual , electing and patronizing frauds who keep the rotting culture going

    I wish we could collectively say “stop” , choose better leaders , and put these entertainment hucksters out of business….I doubt this happens. The country is full of apathetic sheep

  • Miso Hornee

    If Barry had a son, would he look like this?

  • Barr Suul

    the sons of Obama

  • Mary Ann Leverence

    Really disgusting!! How brave these kids were, assaulting an 88 year old man–omg, just makes you cry. Just don’t understand mind-set of these people, and it doesn’t matter what color, age, location, whatever–the sheer brutality of these attacks is terrifying. The solution?? Have no idea, worry for my great-grandsons, what kind of world will they live in when they grow up????

  • I know the truth jerks

    Your TMZ reporting is hilarious I rely on the Enquirer before you. My son Demetruis has not been proven guilty in the court of law and this type of reporting has made it about race and is prejudicing everyones view.

  • I know the truth jerks


  • I know the truth jerks

    Just so you know all of you that reported hate comments I reported you, you can voice your opinion without being hateful. Really hang a 16yr boy? his brain is not even fully developed yet according to medical professional. you are ready to condem him and he has even seen a jury.

  • I know the truth jerks

    This is my Demetruis he is a normal boy like all else he was in the wrong place at the wrong time

  • ErnestineBass

    Judging by that photo, just another run-of-the-mill gangsta wannabe punk.

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