Delbert Belton, WWII Veteran, Beaten to Death by Teens in Spokane; Suspect Arrested
Delbert Belton, WWII Veteran, Beaten to Death by Teens in Spokane; Suspect Arrested

Delbert Belton, a World War II veteran, was beaten to death by two teenagers in Spokane, Washington, it was reported.

KXLY-TV reported that Belton, 89, died Thursday morning in Sacred Heart Medical Center after he was beaten in the Eagles Lodge parking lot near the Eagles Ice-A-Rena.

On Friday, police arrested a teenage suspect in connection with the crime.

The teens, who have not been caught, have been described as African-American between the ages of 16 and 19. They were wearing black clothing and one of them was wearing a “do-rag,” police said.

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The two attacked Belton on Wednesday night, but police have not given motive for the crime.

Police say they received a call about an assault at 8:15 p.m. and later found the victim sitting in his car with serious head injuries, reported The Associated Press.

Belton’s friends said that he survived the Battle of Okinawa during World War II and was wounded. He later worked at an aluminum plant for 30 years.

Friends and family of Belton said that he was “full of life” and enjoyed working on cars and helping others, reported KHQ-TV.

A memorial was set up at the crime scene for Belton.

“Del will be missed. I lived next to him for the past 17 years. He was a good guy. This is totally senseless,” wrote a commenter, Matt Buster, on the KXLY article.

  • sameolbs

    Two thugs. When is Obama going to speak out about this??

    • J. Moore

      Ha. It’s 3 days later, 7:30 am EST and the only MSM network to pick this up is CNN. And no mention of the race of the murderers. You expect OBAMA to pick it up? It doesn’t fit his agenda.

  • whimsicalmama

    at least the anti-gun lobby can’t hop on this bandwagon. when someone wants to commit chaos, they don’t need a gun.
    where is Rev Al on this and the shooting of a young student in Duncan or the beating of the school student by 3 thugs on a bus.
    silence….. even from our leader, can’t he empathize with these victims.
    go to the War on the Horizon website (run by a militant black employee of our DHS and see the blatant calls for black to kill whites and perhaps you can find an explanation of these hate crimes

  • miegaha

    there’s a special place in hell for thugs who beat the elderly

  • Matthew Kelley

    It is indescribable how pathetic of a human being you have to be to victimize anyone, never mind the elderly. RIP Delbert Belton, you are a hero! Something tells me Obama won’t be up in arms over this one. Those could of been your kids Mr. President

    • Darrell Dailey

      GREAT smack in his mug, Matthew! Would love to see O forced to say that could’ve been his kids. O is great at his job, I will admit. Job being to divide the nation, speed up the decline of the U.S., and make us a 3rd world mess. The scum that killed Mr. Belton will never be half the man he was. They will pay for that senseless act one way or another. Time is coming that we may face some kind of war we have seen in other parts of the world already. That is sad. We have the potential to return to the values of the generation Mr. Belton upheld, but time is short.

  • vutsrq

    Don’t jump to conclusions now. Mr. Belton might have disrespected the gentle young men (one of them reportedly just recently bought a kitten) by looking at them. If that is the case, who can argue that the cracker didn’t deserve it?

  • Agnle

    Congrats America.

  • Marines1969

    Wow another black on white killer crime report and nothing on MSM. Typical!

  • Marines1969

    Yet another crime goes unreported by MSM.

  • David

    Isn’t it time the coward who pretends to be president speak out on black on white butchery? I doubt it. Obama is too busy spreading his messages of division and hate.

  • Chuck Conners

    Where are Al and Jesse????

  • Munch Hausen

    Why isn’t this story LEADING Google News? Why did I have to dig to find it? Why isn’t it on NBC, CBS or MSNBC?

    Tragic story of someone who risked his life for America… Disgusting!

  • LMJ313


    Semper Fi and Godspeed, Mr. Belton. Thank you for what you did for this nation.

  • Jayne Cobb

    Damn few are like Mr. Belton … too many are like the punks that killed him.

  • None Ya Biz

    Why do so many black Americans revert to violence and crime? Answer:

    When misguided liberal politicians treat human beings like they treat animals in a zoo…by feeding them, clothing them, housing them, training them and taking care of their medical needs…then why does it surprise us when those human beings revert to animal-like behavior?

    When you no longer have to be responsible for your own actions; when the government takes over those responsibilities for you, you no longer have to behave. Language, cultural differences and poverty don’t cause this. There have been many poor people in this country for centuries who didn’t laugh when they beat up a defenseless women or randomly kill strangers.

    FACT: Today’s black behavior is a direct result of the “new slavery” in which blacks are chained to government handouts, and unfortunately, America has one political party who is more than happy to be their Master and put them in chains, the Democrats!

    “Being forced to work, and forced to do your best, will breed in you temperance and self-control, diligence and strength of will, cheerfulness and content, and a hundred virtues which the idle never know.” — Charles Kingsley

  • None Ya Biz

    Every American who isn’t blinded by political correctness knows that a very large percentage of the black community is uneducated, violent, feral, and de-evolving before our very eyes.

    Even Mr. Bill Cosby acknowledged this when he stated: “Black on black crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and a stubborn proclivity towards embracing the most ignorant and juvenile, criminal and self defeating culture and mentality, has done more to to hurt black people than anything ole Whitey ever did.”

    These facts are not “racist” ….. they are “reality”:
    ► Fifty percent of all of the homicides in America are committed by young black males, who make up just four percent of the total population.
    ► Almost seventy-five percent of black babies are born out of wedlock. That means the taxpayers are stuck paying for all of the associated health care costs.
    ► Millions of young Mexican men travel thousands of miles from their homes in Mexico to get jobs in America, yet young black men can’t seem to find jobs….why?

    Honorable black men and women struggled for decades to obtain their civil rights, so why do today’s blacks ignore their civil responsibilities that are associated with those right?

    Sadly, I’ve come to the realization that most blacks don’t want equality, even though they say they do. Equality carries great responsibilities and requires that actions have consequences. I think that what blacks really want is special treatment, as a protected class, who can’t be blamed for any of their bad decisions or behavior.

    More and more whites, like myself, no longer feel any guilt or sympathy towards blacks.

    We’re tired of excuses…..

    • okItsMe

      There won’t be any whites in the next few years if our kids continue to be taught to be pot smokers & gay by the music & entertainment industry and other lobbyist groups. It only makes sense that this would create a situation where the parental generation will be too high to care & their kids think the opposite sex is too yucky to procreate with because they let the TV & Radio, Google, others “raise” their children. Notice the groups that want to do the raising magically have an unspoken agreement that the separation of church and state equals an invasive and wholistic overwriting of the “Christian” values this country masqueraded as being founded upon. These include leftist news organizations where their bias enforces that all talking points are cookie cut to embrace the commons between atheism, gays, and Satanism – “As not to offend” – Then the internet through Google’s paid for as ads (are allowed and supposed to) push the pre-mentioned propaganda (while masquerading and framed as children’s content)all while google being a monopoly in monetizing the web allows them to be on almost all pages defeating the attempt to remain anonymous because they can see strings of traffic from the scripts called upon when raising the “ads” that may then send that info directly to the… CIA??? no not google – invested into by the CIA (a “church separated” US Gov agency that answers to everything as “that’s a secret”) while google was in its infancy.

      Message to those that see the propaganda can see this simplistic equation:
      Black America kills Black America + White America doesn’t procreate = Less to people to rule that are easier to indoctrinate with less resources.

    • Strandwolf

      I agree with the assertions you’ve made except the opening sentence. I believe that is over-the-top. I’m a white male that lives in a minority community that used to be over 90% black. One year back in the 1990s it had the distinction of being the “murder capitol” of the US, per capita of course. Now it’s over 50% latino, and at least 15% Pacific Islander. Youths from each of those ethnicities are in gangs and shooting each other to death. SOME youths. A minority of the minority if you will. “a very large percentage of the black community is uneducated, violent, feral, and de-evolving before our very eyes.” That is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think? Which black communities and approximately what per cent? I hammer the heck out of Trayvon supporters in the YouTube comments section (as ‘Strandwolf’) but let’s seek solutions without unfairly running down those who can be allies.

    • Paul

      What about the white kids who killed the Australian student for “fun,” what’s their “problem?”

      • None Ya Biz

        They were black. The one light skin kid was half black.

  • None Ya Biz

    These senseless acts of violence brought to you courtesy of LIBERAL DEMOCRATS and 60 years of their idiotic “Great Society” programs!!!

    Liberal/Leftist/Progressive politicians have redistributed over $7 trillion since the inception of these moronic programs. DID YOU GET THAT?? OVER $7 TRILLION!!

    And it’s all based on the liberal Democrats PROMISES that these programs would “eradicate poverty in America”. They LIED!!! …. these programs didn’t “eradicate poverty in America”…. they eradicated the family structure in poor neighborhoods!!!

    When you replace PARENTS with GOVERNMENT…this is what you get!! And yet you dopey liberal morons in the MSM keep painting the Democrat party as the party of “compassion”….wtf is wrong with you? There is NOTHING compassionate about making blacks the slaves of big government, all the while destroying their lives.

    “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” — (LBJ touting his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs, LBJ confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One]

    Wake up America!! Liberal Democrats INTENTIONALLY destroyed the black family…. and for purely political reasons!! They are despicable…as are the Republicans for allowing it to happen!!

  • P Val Koch

    Send the attackers to the war zone in the middle east…. these punks probably have never learned about WW II

  • Real Patriot Guard

    Rest In Peace, Real Patriot Belton. What a shame that the country you defended, is home to the low lifes that took your ultimate freedom, and right..your life. May they burn in hell.

  • Dennis Jarvis

    Honestly, the most shocking part about this news piece is that it actually included the punks’ race.

  • Americaweeps

    It remains to be seen if the MSM will pick this up and report on it. My guess is that it’s too racially charged for them to touch it. This poor man survived some of the most savage fighting of the second World War. He and his generation is slowly passing and seem to be taking what was normal and decent about this country with them.

    There’s not a punishment this side of Dante’s-heII that would be too great for these two when they get caught.

  • jamest1148

    You know that good ol’ Al Sharpton and his buddy aren’t going to say one word about this.

  • Sara Kasprowicz

    Hey, AL SHARPTON?!? Got anything to say about this??? You would be all over this story if the ethnicity had been reversed. This is horrible to say the least.

  • The Greatest Man Alive

    Thanks for reporting this. I don’t know what CNN’s problem is.

  • ihateoprah

    Racism, you are aware, aren’t you? Mr. Jackson, Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Crumb, NAACP, ACLU, Mr. President???

  • http://yahoo rider777

    Where is the white advocates to raise hell about this freakin’ hate crime, murderers.

  • Toucan Sam

    I wonder if Obama’s grandfather would have looked like Mr. Belton.

  • JED

    No need for Sharpton or Jackson to be involved here because a couple more of Obama’s sons did this.

  • Wfeather1942

    Viet cong solution to these attackers.

    Cut their achilles tendon so they bleed a little.

    Hang them by their hands so their feet are about 12-18″ off the ground.

    Dont feed the pigs in the pig pen you hanged them in for one week prior.

    Pigs start eating and work their way up!

  • Bowserb

    The GOP’s only major platform plank is anti-abortion. This is an example of two abortions that should have happened. We need don’t ask-don’t tell abortion clinics throughout our cities, and especially in the poor areas. To my thinking, this would be excellent use of our tax money–much better than supporting the unwanted offspring until the get old enough to deal drugs or commit armed robbery, after which we support them with legal assistance and then again in prison. Is it too late to abort these two? Can’t we just flush them down the toilet?

  • disqus_Uw9BS8R4IQ

    Can’t the quality black people, of which there are many, do anything to help these sub-human elements of their race transition thru the remainder of the evolutionary process. You can’t go on believing Sharpton, Jessie, Oprah and other factions that blame it all on the white man!


    When you have a community (blacks) where it’s considered uncool to stick around to father your kids, where 70% of all children born are born into fatherless homes….

    When one third of young black men are incarcerated….when 1/8 of the population commits over half of all murders…..when black white violence is 95%+ black on white….

    It’s time to have a serious discussion as a nation about what the answers are. But first, BLACK LEADERS, including Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama, who have made their way in life by using race as a tool, now need to show real leadership, despite the fact that it will anger many in their base. It’s time for tough talk, and hard decisions, and the leadership needs to come from within.

  • Sickofwhitepeople

    And this from people who make their home on something on wheels. Stop your belly aching…Please.. I guess I have to take more ignorant people to school..When you start posting statistics as you have… please note the source you are using. Can you white people understand it or do I have so say it S-L-O-W-L-Y for you to understand

    • GunRights4US

      FBI published crime statistics prove the numbers stated throughout this thread. Presumably Sickofwhitepeople is black. So keep telling us all about ignorance there … Bro!

  • WillyWonka22

    When the minimum wage allows an income and lifestyle that is below what one can achieve with handouts, this is what you get. Raise the wage to make working more valuable than not working and the added benefit will be growth for the entire economy when consumer spending finally moves upward.

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