New York: Mayor Bloomberg Announces Largest Seizure of Illegal Guns in History
New York: Mayor Bloomberg Announces Largest Seizure of Illegal Guns in History

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday morning announced the city’s largest seizure of illegal guns in its history.

At a press conference, Bloomberg said there were more than 250 “out of state gun-trafficking operations” that were seized by police. 

There were 19 arrests made in the operation, breaking up a major gun-running ring in North and South Carolina. Around half of the guns were from the two states.

They include assault weapons and automatic weapons.

He said the Carolinas have “weak laws” that allow criminals to purchase guns at ease.

Bloomberg said that such laws put people in New York City at risk, saying that his administration has pursued at concerted effort to reduce gun crime.

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“There is no doubt that the seizure of these guns has saved lives,” Bloomberg said.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelley said there is “no clearer picture” of the threats posed to New Yorkers and police officers than of the 250 guns that were seized.

A 26-year-old aspiring rapper from North Carolina, Matthew Best, who posted several guns on Instagram, was one of the targets in the case. He boasted on YouTube of “packing more guns than the Air Force.”

The NYPD said that an SKS semi-automatic was in bag of a 22-year-old woman, who was among those arrested.

  • greg smith

    I think Bloomberg is a stupid piece of s*** Dictator wannabee.

    • pateriot

      He needs to wipe that “R” behind his name out and change it to the party of Big Brother, racism, and National Socialism (“D”). His indifference to the Constitution and Liberty puts him on par with our current P(OS)OTUS. Perhaps is vying for a cabinet position in the HSA.

  • Aaron Mason

    Of the 6000+ annual firearm deaths in America, a full 80% are directly
    related to marijuana prohibition. Guns don’t kill people, prohibition
    does. We all know marijuana is harmless, we need to stop wasting our
    tax dollars and police time on this stupid BS.

    • 2alago

      do you have a stat for that I can use?

  • 2alago

    Nanny Bloomie fails to consider supply and demand. The reason the guns are coming to NYC is because they have an endless supply of criminals demanding them. If Blooser and the NYpeeDee got CRIMINALS off the streets and kept them that way, there would be nobody to buy them. “weak laws” is crap. There is nowhere in the United States that a criminal can legally buy a gun, and any gun bought from a FFL dealer in his store or at a show requires a background check. If A dealer completes a legal transaction, that person they sold it to was approved by the FBI. If THAT person turns around and sells it to a criminal, the dealer has no more culpability than Toyota has if a drunk driver buys a second hand camry. Hizzonah’s plan is to bring NY style laws to the rest of the country so that our crime rates rise to match thus making them look better. If “access” to guns was driving the crime rate, please look up the FBI Crime Stats by state and then explain Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

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