Breast Implant Bombs? Heathrow Airport on High Alert
Breast Implant Bombs? Heathrow Airport on High Alert

London’s Heathrow Airport has been placed on high alert by U.K. officials over fears that female suicide bombers might hide explosives in breast implants.

U.K. experts said there is evidence that al-Qaeda could go after flights out of London

These implants are special, officials added, because if they are injected with another liquid, it could cause an explosion capable of taking down a plane, according to a report from a British tabloid.

“There are genuine fears over this,” a Heathrow airport staff worker told the Daily Mirror tabloid. “We have been told to pay particular attention to females who may have concealed hidden explosives in their breasts.”

“This is particularly difficult for us to pick up but we are on a very high state of alert. It’s led to long queues here at Heathrow – much longer than usual at this time of the year,” the staff member added.

Officials believe that notorious al-Qaeda bombmaker Ibrahim al-Asiri has developed the capability to implant bombs inside people. Asiri, a former chemistry student, has been dubbed the “world’s most dangerous terrorist” by Time magazine due to his bombmaking abilities. Asiri, who is a member of Yemen’s al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula, has developed bombs that can pass through airport detection, officials have said in the past.

He is considered the mastermind behind the attempted assassination of a top Saudi counterterrorism official in 2009, the failed attack on a Detroit-bound plane in 2009, and another plot in 2010.

U.S. government officials said that his bomb plots are why the TSA has ramped up security in recent years–namely the TSA’s controversial body scanners.

There is a great fear that al-Qaeda are planning on using internal devices to try and get through airport scanners.

Explosives expert Andy Oppenheimer told the Mirror: “These explosives could be in breast implants.”

“There is a great fear that al-Qaeda are planning on using internal devices to try and get through airport scanners,” he added.

Independent security expert Paul Beaver said that there are “serious concerns” over the new bombs.

“There are currently deeply serious concerns over body cavities and implants of all kinds – including breast implants – being used to hide explosives,” he told the paper. “It is taking longer to get through Heathrow and other airports in Europe and North America because of these fears. They are taking longer to screen people and there is definitely some sort of profiling going on.”

He added: “The general alert state remains the same in the UK but overseas, the recent Pakistan prison breakouts and foiled attacks in Yemen are raising fears of a new jihadist wave of violence.”

  • Charlie Carlisle

    a tenner says nothing happens. Again. Because it’s all in your imagination.

  • disqus_5mKOt5Iqhl

    What about a derriere implant bombs? Are we worried about derriere bombs as they could be bigger and even more destructive than a breast bomb.

    • IonOtter

      I drop several derriere bombs a day. Some of them quite impressive, if I do say so myself? Quite lethal, too!

  • Undecider

    So they’ve been working on their breast bomb patsy and it’s almost time
    to roll her out? Or will it be a mind controlled and drugged up Muslim
    transsexual? Or is it that airport security is in the mood to feel up
    some boobies?

    • Mohammed Umar Sheriff

      Any part of the body can be cut and replaced by explosives , not just boobs,Moreover if the person is mind-tapped , even the brain can be replaced 😛

  • brad

    I love how we are supposed to be at war with terror and al-Qaeda, yet we give them weapons and money to over throw Egypt, Libya and now Syria. How funny is that.

  • IonOtter

    This is a non-starter. The main portion of the breast would be blown apart, but the blast would be focused in towards the chest cavity, where it would be absorbed by the lungs, and mostly contained by the ribcage. There would be a very loud bang, yes, but the only result would be a horrifying mess in two or three seat rows. No blowing up the plane, no killing other passengers. Just a really spectacular re-make of the movie, “Braindead”.

    • DangerUS?

      Not if the chick lays flat against an airplane wall before exploding. A small hole in the fuselage CAN bring down a plane at great altitude and speed…

    • Inplus

      Ever heard of C4, Semtex or HMX?
      They can be molded to any shape and aimed in any direction.
      The bang would be deafening, the destruction catastrophic.

      If the woman is a trooper and does both breasts???

      I wouldn’t live in fear, but those making light of the theory can be assured a terrorist will get the last laugh.

      By the way, there are classified chemicals in the works that, in very small quantities, will make the above look like fire crackers.

      Not that I condone it, but it’s one of the reasons our government is pissed about the recent military leaks. We want our privacy, but at the same time keep us safe.
      Boston Marathon??

  • DoesAnyoneBelieveThisCrap?

    What a load of tosh!

  • Christopher Marlowe

    Every time I am waiting in line for the TSA, I wonder when people are going to wake up to the charade that is the “War on Terror”. Anyone who sincerely scratches the surface of the well-publicized events on 9/11 and 7/7 will find that the official stories are full of holes. Reality is not full of holes. Lies are. Those “terror attacks” were well-planned psy-ops that were intended to traumatize the public so that they would support this “war on terror”, and so that they would accept this never-ending intrusion upon their privacy.

  • barbara lee

    They were warning about these implants 3 years ago. I remember laughing and posting about it, complete with photos of implants complete with explosives. Great opportunity to grope!

  • larsonam

    It’s not so funny when your husband is on a flight out of Heathrow in the morning. So are a lot of other husbands, wives, mothers, sons… but hey, at least you got your boobies joke out there.

    • D. Koss Uber

      You son, father, wives and mothers are about twice more likely to die from a legitimate plane crash than from a terrorist plot. Plane Crash 11,000,00:1, Terrorist Plot 20,000,000:1, Car accident 8,000:1. Just saying……

      • Carn Dakine

        What a stupid thing to say Koss! Just because the probability is lower, doesn’t mean that it isn’t something we should worry about. Do you worry enough about car accidents that you wear a seat belt? Perhaps you should put that in perspective since you are more than ten times as likely to die of heart disease. Idiot.

        • D. Koss Uber

          When I point out factual evidence in a non-demeaning, nonaggressive manner to perhaps help someone cope with their fear I am an Idiot? Understanding the irrational nature of fear is paramount to conquering it, some would say. Perhaps you fear the truth or know of no other way to think? You can choose to live in a constant state of conditioned fear and worry. I choose not to. I’m ringing a bell right now, time for you to salivate.

  • henrik boldt

    The guys in the military-surveillance-industrial complex who cook up these kinds of new scares must be laughing their socks off at people believing this crap. Truly hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic…

  • An Anarchist’s Voice

    Boobie Trap!

  • scout

    i love how people believe that al-qaeda actually exists.

  • starsystem0359 .

    I couldn`t believe my one tiit just when “kabooomb” !!!!! and flew in to first class

  • Heidi

    It would seem that the “chosen people of god (Lucifer)” really need to keep the West fighting their wars for the conquest of the Middle East.
    I mean how else will the jooish bankers be able to FORCE Iran under their Central Banking scheme?

    Breasts turned into bombs?? Do they really believe we’re that mentally retarded?

    From the book of Titus 1:14 “Not giving heed to Je wish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.”

  • ponerology

    Is this a Terry Gilliam movie? —you know, remember ‘Brazil’? Funny how Gilliam was so prescient, don’t you think?


    Was that way John Holmes did get stopped so often because they thot he had a shotgun in his pants!

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