Simply Put – How LinkedIn Company Pages Work
Simply Put – How LinkedIn Company Pages Work

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LinkedIn has proved over the years to be a unique and highly effective marketing tool. Originally aimed at high level executives as a means to connect to one another across the globe, it is now a networking program for people of all industries and employment levels. Including small businesses and sole proprietors that need help hooking up with others in their niche.

But the site is more than a platform for one on one networking. It is also a way for a company to represent itself on a professional level, and LinkedIn Company Pages help you to do that.

How Do Company Pages On LinkedIn Work?

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Think of it as standard Business to Business marketing, but on a social level. Setting one up is easy, as it takes you through step by step, all along the way. You just start by opening the account under your business name, which will give you a set profile for people to follow.

Next, you start filling in the details. A cover photo or logo is allowed, as is a section for regular updates and an About Us section near the bottom. You should put the proper amount of effort into each of these sections. They are ultimately the attention grabbers, as well as the summary of who your company is and what it does.

When writing your summary, you should aim to be succinct but informative. Even though you are aiming things at other companies and professionals, resist the urge to be too technical. Keep your working simple, to the point and descriptive. Fill it with keywords; SEO is important even on social media sites, as the internal search engine will use them to put your profile up in results.

Likewise, your cover photo should be carefully selected. If you are a well known brand you can use your logo. But a standard header might be more visually appealing.

Once you have filled out all of that information, it is time to build your Product and Services page. This is another very important area, as it lets you show off what ultimately drives your business. Pictures that link to products or services for sale will show up in this small box. Put your most popular product, or the one you want to push the hardest, first, then the rest in descending order of importance.

Market Your LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn Business Marketing

Now that you are all set up, it is time to get the word out. Start simple by having everyone who works for or contracts with your company follow the page. They can also include it in personal LinkedIn profiles, on site signatures and in official email signatures.

On all sites and product pages you should have access to a Follow button for your profile. You should also have a share button where people can quickly repost your content on their profiles, right along with Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Reddit, ect (sites like Yonoo are very helpful for that). Linkedin Ads are supported for company pages as well.

Finally, begin utilizing the Products and Services section and ask customers who buy your product to review and rate it.


People wrongly think of LinkedIn as only a professional networking platform. But it is so much more than that. LinkedIn Company Pages allow you to connect on a business level with other companies, customers and professionals. Which makes perfect sense, as the professionals who frequent the site are also active consumers looking for products to buy.

Make sure you don’t underestimate the power of this platform. Set up your page well, update regularly and give people plenty of chances to follow your account.

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